I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

20 July 2004

Today is 27 July. While I am damn busy with my paper submitting, Wai Wai n Hui Min r goin back to M'sia then to UK for a good holidays. Gals just wanna hv some fun, yah!! The 2 gals goin to have lots of good food. >_< Dun even want to think bout it, make me miserable only... Anyway gals, hv a good fun then ar. Show me some good foods pic later... Especially the one in UK. High class English afternoon tea. ;)

Ok, get back to my food topic updating.

Glico ice cream

A graduate from our lab who now working in Glico sent us ice cream for Ochugen (a midyear present to express gratitude). Of course, the ice cream brand is Glico. The series that he sent to us is the 'After meal series'. Well, the first time I knew bout this ice cream was bcoz of KK. He was the one who told me tat besides Haagen Dazs, there was another good ice cream from Japan, but much cheaper than Haagen Dazs. (Or was it Wai Wai?) Mix up liao. I was doubt at first, but after tried, do quite believe wat he said.

Instead tat guy's passionate on this ice cream was kind of deep, he sometimes stock up them in his freezer. :P Even take it during the winter!! So wat is ur favorite now in KL ar?

But hey, thanks anyway. U know wat, all my lab people didn't know bout this ice cream when they saw it. Heee... feel proud to tell them tat I had it since 2 years ago. :P

Ok, here is the ice cream. Does it flash u back to ur favorite rum raisin, KK? Tat's my favourite too. And I like the double choc too. Wai wai's favorite on tat. But too bad, the gift this time dun have tat. :(

I chose the rum raisin sandwich. The biscuit were good. Of course like the filling too, but a bit different from the cup style. I still think the taste of the cup style was much better. Can taste the round rum raisin one by one. This sandwich version, the raisins were kind of crash and put in the middle of the sandwich actually. Oh well, it's free, so still enjoy it very much.

Well, among the gift, still have the grape flavour tat I want to try. Guess wat? :P My sensei he can't take sweet thing now because of his teeth problem, so he said I can has his one as well. Yippieeee!! Hehe... yap, I am going to have it next week. Wait for my pic then.

Ok, u can have a look at the other flavours from here. Any tat make u dripping now? :P Heee... I still can't find the double choco, I do hope they still produce this flavor.


Monday, July 26, 2004

19 July 2004 (2)


After the buffet, Sylvia n me went to Jeugia (one of the famous CD chain store in Kansai area). I hv to buy the CD in order to earn my 1000 yen coupon. Tomolo will be a last day for my stamp book expiry. :( So hv to buy it today. Got Mr. Children and Exile album. Mr. Children latest single called 'Sign' is really good. But didn't buy the single. Wait for the album. Exile is a famous dance group. Like their dancing very much. Finally, with the coupon, bought another special selection of Mr. Children 92-95. Never bought his CD before, my 1st time actually, even though I know his existance since high school. :P


Then, we went to Uniqlo to buy some cloth. Very famous shop in Japan for cloth. Reasonable price if compare to the ridiculously high price for clothes in Japan. Bought 3 pants and 3 T-shirt. Settle for my summer wear.

Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba

Feel so much better after the shopping. Now, hv energy to sing with sylvia then. We didn't go to the karaoke place we always to. Instead, we just go into one of the shop tat we always pass, but never go in before. It's called Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba.
And how we glad we choose the rite place. :)

See this drink menu? It's free drinking from this menu. Day time in weekends, until 7pm, it's 140 yen per 30 min. And if u r a student (including university level), u have 30 yen discount. So me n Sylvia chose to sing for 2 hrs. We paid only 440yen (RM15.24) each person including free drink in a room.

What I like bout this karaoke place, it's the DAM system tat they use. This little game player looking thing is the remote control for our karaoke box.

With only one touch, here is the screen shown.

Sylvia:"Yong, this one very good lar. Very easy to control. Interesting..."

Yap, I totally agree... In fact we have a great fun trying to figure out song from this controller. U can either key in ur song according to latest songs, singers, songs, oldies, duet, 100 latest sang songs from the karaoke or simply key in the number from the song books. I chose the last one for most of my songs, cause I sang almost all Mandarin song, only a few Japanese songs. heee...

Sylvia is the more to western type gal. So she looks more to the English song and also she sang a few Japanese song too. Glad to have her as my kaki makan, nyanyi and trekking (partner in eating, singing and hiking).

Now, this is how the look of the karaoke box. The Mandarin song tat I sing tat moment is 'Ru Feng' (Like a wind), by Faye Wong. Famous Chinese singer in Japan. See the translation they do in japanese? They pronounce very funny if u really want to follow the lyric then. :P They have a lot of English n Korean songs too. Oso the Philippine songs.

After u finish one song, the box will show u how many calories u burnt for the song. In some places, they even have the scoring system for u. But I doubt how accurate they are. Oh well, as long as we r having our fun.

Arr ar... wat a good time.


We thought we wouldn't be able to eat anymore thing after the lunch buffet. But we were wrong. Oh, ok... it's dinner time, so all the food has been digested. :P

After the karaoke, we went to this English pub called Hub. One thing I like bout it because of the food n the huge cocktail. But I dun like to go during peak time cause too smoky.

It's dinner time, not many people. It's only getting merry when the nite getting darker. I used to come to this pub, but has been a long while before I come again with sylvia. She is a 1st timer there. She kind of doubt when I told her there r good food inside there.

I recommended this Omusoba. 530yen (RM18.35). As sylvia just had one last nite, n she like it. She kind of into it to try a 2nd one.

After waited a short while, here it is. look much better compare to the yesterday one. So Sylvia tried.

Sylvia:"Mmmmm...... soooo nice. Ai yor, very good lar... Much better than the one last nite."

Sylvia:"U know wat Yong? I am more touch when eat this plate of Omusoba compare to the high class buffet we had in noon."

Hehe... I kind of embarrass (for the buffet) n happy (for this Omusoba) at the same time. But really glad she likes it. So at 1st when Sylvia only suggested to have only omusoba... then she asked me again wat is recommended. I told her the hot spicy potato is good.

Sylvia:"Hehe... Yong ar... do u think we can have another plate of potato??"

Wicked smile on her face...

FF:"Yap... why not?"

(Hehe... yippie!! Actually I was waiting for her to say tat. Have really wanted to eat the spicy potato. Miss it sooooo much).

So there she off to the counter to order.

Then she back with 2 big glasses of cold water. Waited waited n waited, finally my dear Mr. Spicy come. Ooooo... still look the hot n spicy s usual. We can hardly wait for me to finish taking the snap as quick so that we can put our fingers on them.

Once put in the mouth, miracle thing happen... You just can't stop urself from take piece follow by another piece. I ordered a plate of chili sauce, which is very hard to get in Japan... and yap they have it in Hub. :) And sylvia stick to the ketchup.

It taste much better than the spicy wedges from KFC. Maybe because it is more crunchy outside. And for a big portion like tat for 350yen (RM12.12), it is very reasonable price in Japan.

Know wat I'm thinking now? I wish I am munching those Mr. Spicy now... ;)

Thanks Sylvia dear, for a nice holiday spent. (Btw, forgot to mention, 19 July is a public holiday in Japan).

Tata nite nite.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

19 July 2004 (1)

Orizzonte lunch buffet

Like I said yesterday, Sylvia n me went to a hotel's restaurant to have lunch buffet. It's Kyoto Hotel Okura . This is my 3rd time there. And the restaurant was in 17th floor, called Orizzonte, my 2nd time there. The 1st time I went to this hotel was for my prof. retiring ceremony. It cost 20,000yen (RM689.50) each person for the banquet. 2nd time with my host family. And now with Sylvia. Heee... the most relaxing time.

The buffet was from 11.30am-2.30pm. 3465yen (RM119.46) per head, no time limit. (Expensive :P). As a reward for myself during the part time job. Here are the pics tat I took during the buffet.

Here is how it looks inside. We were there before 11.30am. But by then, oledi a few groups were there waiting too. Hmmm seem like a hot spot for food. Last time when I went with my host family, we couldn't get a seat cause was full, we didn't do booking beforehand. Waited for 1 hr. See the mirror wall on the right side? Look to the most front one. The sweet lady reflect in the mirror is sylvia. Hehe... she was busy reading something and taking food when I am busy with my photographing.

After quite some time

Sylvia:"Yong ar... I think u better start taking ur food now lar... dun just busy with ur photo taking..."
FF:"Ok, ok. Finish this final pic 1st."


The salad bar. Front row: 3 kinds of salad dressing. Middle row, right to left: Chinese style bean-starch vermicelli salad, beans salad, potato salad and pumpkin salad. Upper row, right to left: lady's finger, green leaves salad, red n yellow tomato, broccoli and cauliflower. My favorite is the vermicelli salad, pumpkin salad and the yellow tomato. Yummy.

Next to the salad bar is the bread corner. Left: Croissant. Middle: French loaf. Right: butter roll. Only took the croissant. Very good.

This is the green tea soba (buckwheat noodle) with grated long yam as topping. Tried one. Taste much better with the wasabi. :P

A curry more like a western style. 2 little bowls down there is the pickles for u to eat with the curry. Left is called Fukushinzuke (a name for the pickling style) and right is Rakkyo (a pickled scallion). The fukushinzuke here is only so so. But I love the rakkyo (one of my most favorite pickle, but not everyone like it actually). Ate whole bowl of curry because of tat even though I dun really like not spicy curry. :P

Didn't take anything from this Italian corner. As u can see, it's all meat!! I suppose it will be good for meat lovers though.

This is another meat corner in Chinese cooking style. The chili sauce fried prawn and the sweet n sour meat ball. Sylvia said it was just so so.

Heee... handsome chef rite? I like his smile very much actually. When I asked if I can take his pictures? He got blush. And just keep smiling while preparing the grilled beef. He was kind of confuse whether he should look at my camera or continue his work. So I told him, 'just be natural'. Heee... and here is my product. Not bad huh. ;) Btw, the grilled beef was good, according to my host family last time.

I tried the ice cream corner last time. But not this time. Cause stomach too full for me to fill in anymore when I realised I forgot bout the ice cream again. :P Anyway, they have 3 sherbets and 3 ice creams. And u can put the topping according to ur own preference. good attraction for kids.

Now, actually I hv the pics of the chef who prepare this cold pork shabu-shabu (thin slices of meet parboiled in hot soup. usually is beef, but this is a pork version). But he is too unnatural in the pics, so I decided to draw him out.

I dun like the cold dish. Taste kind of weird. So do sylvia, said they tasted funny. Oh well, maybe we r M'sian, not so used to the cold cold dishes. :P

Now this is the corner I ate the most for this time. Why? Cause almost all the food mainly meat or seafood. So the only corner that I can take anything is the dessert and fruit corner. I think I ate this corner much more than the main dish. Oh well, as long as I enjoy it. :P But not the warabi mochi on the front rite. Taste not good this one. Too bad. I like the cake, except the pink color one. The desserts in the glasses r good too. Especially the mousse with the red dragonfruit cubes topping it. I like the green tea pudding too, but not sylvia. Sylvia loves the mousse and the croissant very much, and she makes a combination of the 2. I tried too... mmmm... yummy!! Good thought gal. ;)

Here is the first dish of mine for the buffet. Look very healthy rite?

This is the donut and dango (Japanese dumpling). Dango was only so so. But I just love the donut, especially the big one. It is the pumkin donut with choco filling inside. Ate 2 of them. :P

And my finaly plate was the fruit. Not bad for a buffet to have American cherry and the honey dew huh. The only fruit tat I didn't take is the frozen Lychee. Just taste too weird for me who get used to fresh lychee.

Sylvia:"Mmm... the lychee taste very good"

FF:" Really mer? I thought it taste weird... something just not rite bout it."

Sylvia:"Well, considering it's Japan, not bad we can hv lychee here. Haven't had for quite some time.

FF:"Oh, ok. But I still prefer fresh one. Just feel so strange on a frozen one..."

Then Sylvia has a second one...

Sylvia:"Yark! I think u r rite... It taste good for the 1st one, but not the 2nd..."

and there, Sylvia stopped on the lychee after tat.

C... I was rite... :)

By the time we realised, we have been in tat place for 2.5 hrs.Wooo... the 2 gal just chat too much I guess. The staffs there were so nice tat they offer to take picture for the both of us. How sweet.

Before we went off, here is the view we had in our seat. Nice one rite? :)

A lunch too full. I guess I am 120% reloaded. Until cannot walk and want muntah (vomit). Ai yor... pay money get suffer... Will stop for buffet for a little while now. :P

Friday, July 23, 2004

18 July 2004

Saw in the ad. tat got some sort of event on in Fushimi Inari Shrine on Sunday. So, called Sylvia and here the 2 of us went to the place.


Pew pew pew pew... Chee chee chee chee... Kee Kee Kee Kee... Bee bee bee bee... I dun know, it seems like a concert with a lot of instruments. Can't really catch out which one sing the Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass... Anyway, wat I am trying to say, these cicadas r really active noisemaker when comes to the summer. They can start at 4am and end at 1am...

I was walking to the station near our school to take a train. Passed thru the school fountain place. Something caught my eyesight. Green n brown in colour. See the pic!! It's cicada getting out from its house. Wooooo... never know they can look so light green. Am I lucky or wat?? Heeee... so glad I chose to get out from the lab 5 min ealier, or else I will miss out this good scene. Pretty little creature huh. ;) I like this pic actually. Kind of good contrast. :P

Fushimi Inari Jinja (Shrine)

Reached the station for the shrine around 6pm. Sylvia came too a short while later. Here we off to the Fushimi Inari Jinja ! (only in Japanese)

We passed thru many yatai on the way to the jinja. Saw one of the stall having tasting for my favourite warabi mochi (Japanese dessert original from Kyoto, they called this kind of dessert Kyogashi). The cutting for the tasting were ridiculously BIG! I tried one of the normal one, and the maccha one. Sylvia did so too. Our conclusion was the maccha taste better. So we bought one package. Here is the look. Can't see the greenish warabi mochi huh. Well, all covered by the Kinako (soy bean powder). They dun use the black sugar honey for this one as the warabi mochi itself have been added the sugar. Very soft. Even though it is not from the real warabi powder, it's still nice to eat. Btw, I tried to find a link to introduce this thing, but just can't get one. :(

After we finished the warabi mochi, the music has started. Oic, they have the Bon Odori on. The day is still bright even though it's over 7pm. Try to take a few pics before it's too dark. This one is not too bad. Can u see the crowd dancing in a circle with the singer in the middle? They start from 6.30pm till 9.30pm non-stop. Hehe... After taken a few pics, me n Sylvia also jump in to join the dance for a while.

The sky r getting really dark now. Good time for me to take the lite up scene. Contrast of red and black. Hot n mystery. Heeee... Good theme for summer. Can u see the little red thing on the top of the hill? It's called the Torii (a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine).

I then tried to catch a few pics on the red couchin (lantern). Most turn out to be blur cause of the wind. But this one was quite ok.

I felt like taking the lite up scene from the hill top. So I asked sylvia to wait for me for a while, so I can go up there. Here I passed thru the thousand torii in this shinto shrine. Btw, Fushimi Inari Jinja is very famous with it's thousand torii that accompany u all the way when u do some kind of hiking to visit each of the little shrine all over the hills. A very good place to do the hiking actually. But it's kind of getting scary when go at nite. U see clear torii on this pic cause I use flash. Just imaging urself walking in the dark with all this thing on. Btw, tat time I was alone, although got people coming and goin in at least 2. :P

I walked and walked, come to half the way, thought I can take the skyview pics now. :( Nope, have to get to the top at least. But tat will take another 1 h. And sylvia been waiting for me down there more than 15 min oledi. So, have to give up n run down to meet her. Oh well, maybe next year. I did twice for hiking here, but never do it at nite. Really want to do it at least once. Next year will be my final chance I guess.

On the way back, I took another pic of the torii vs chouchin. Which one looks prettier?

We decided we had enough and wanted to look for dinner. While we were eating the warabi mochi, the family seating in front us were having some sort of bird. Know wat it is from the pic? It's call Suzume. We call it Sparrow... Eeearrrrkkkkk!! With the head on... We dun eat little birds with head on in Malaysia, do we?? Even the quails also with head on.

Ok, another thing to claim here. Is this pic look delicious to you? Well, u can't eat it anyway. Cause it's a wax model. :P

We found a small eating shop nearby. Got the omusoba (omelette noodle) and the shioyaki soba (stir fry noodle with salt). So we decided to give them a try without even notice wat is the shop name called. :P Here is the pic of the owner preparing our order.

Here is the Omusoba. When the cook noodle come to our big hotplate, I try to add mayonnaise and ketchup to make the pic looks better. SPLASH!! Oops, the hole of the ketchup was stuck, and I put too much energy try to squeeze them out, and this is my product. Omusoba with BIG SPLASH of the ketchup. :P Hv to take it as it is. Cheeese... my dear omusoba, u actually looks good on this red thing. Heee...

The taste, not too bad. Enough flavour.

Now this one I like it better. We waited for quite a while for this one cause the owner prepared the wrong thing, and he has to redo it again. Nice guy, keep saying sorry to us for the delaying. It's salty enough, but not enough pepper. So, I get the pepper from the owner and sprinkle a lot on the noodle. BRAVO! The taste is so nice. Even Sylvia like it very much. :)

Wooo... we sure had a good time. But we r more looking forward for the buffet lunch and karaoke for tomorrow. Yippie!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

17 July 2004

Fish fish brand Goya Beehoon

Woke up at 10.30am at that Saturday. First thing on my mind was to do the fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) with goya (bittergourd) tat I have wanted to try since few days ago. Just somehow got the idea wanted to try how this bitter stuff will taste if cook with my favorite beehoon.

Dang Dang!! Here is the look of the goya beehoon. It looks good, isn't it? I was not sure bout the taste until my first sampling on it. YUMMY!! Kind of surprise it turned out to be very success. Heeee... had a great breakfast. Chou manzoku (very satisfy)! For those who r not afraid of bitter food, must try this. ;)

High CHO lunch

I went to the supermarket to buy some grocery around 2pm afterthat. Was looking for the moving van that selling meron pan (honeydew shaped bread), but dun know why this week he is not there. Ok, so I turned in Al Plaza to look for some bakery. Just have a very strong urge to crave bread tat time.

Saw this Danish Meron. The counter have tasting for tat. And another one is the tasting for cream pastry with almond topping. Hmmm... both taste good. But finally still stick to the Danish Meron. I guess the calories will be much much higher than the normal meron pan (the normal one is oledi high calories stuff), but nvm once a while. Heeee... :P The shape of this one a bit destroy as I put it in my back while I was cycling to the lab.

Before reached the lab, I went to another smaller supermarket called Ozaki to buy foods for daily stocking. I like this super cause the price are very reasonable and even cheap sometimes, but one weak point of it is the lack of varities of stuffs.

Few kinds of ice cream were put nearby the counter. 84yen (RM2.91) for each of them. Hmmm... cheap. Oops... Choco ice cream!! Arrrgghhh... got the Danish Meron oledi. But wanted to eat the ice cream so must on this damn hot day. Heeee... think think think... it belongs to me finally. The taste? So irresistable. Yummy...

Fresh fruits

Feel so guilty after taking very high calories for my late lunch. So went to the sport club to work out for 2 hrs. Hopefully it will help. After tat, stop by in another supermarket nearby the sport club. One of my free time interest is stroll around the super to look for some interesting foods. :P

Summer time, many kinds of fruit on the racks. From left to right, they call it Mother Ball, Muskmelon and Golden Kiwi. Except the Kiwi is from New Zealand, the other 2 r local from Japan.

Now, this is the mini grapes I call them. In Japanese, I guess they call it Deravea. Can't find the translation in English. I guess it might be a French word or wat. Any idea? I like the taste of this very much. Though small, very easy to eat. All u have to do is just suck the flesh into ur mouth, and the skin will get off easily. The grapes in Japan is different for the US. They have much thicker skin, so u dun eat the skin. Luckily, it's not difficult to suck the flesh from the skin.

Another of my big favourite fruit. Momo (peach). Kind of expensive. I got a more not so fresh one in Ozaki for 198yen (RM6.85) for 4. :) Seeing these momo, remind me very much of the Tohoku trip tat I went last year with Wai Wai. We went to homestay in Fukumoto's sensei's husband's place. Will try to put some of the pics up later then. Hv to ask the permission from sensei n wai wai whether if I can put their lovely pics up or not. Heee...

Ok, enough for today. Hv to stop now. Very tired, time to zzzz...

Tata nite nite.

16 July 2004

Almond tart

Yesterday, while me n WH went to the Gion Matsuri, the lab's people devided the almond tart that was brought by the company people to our lab as souvenir. Just the rite time for me, cause I didn't prepare enough food for my lunch. So, an addition to my CHO source.

Yummy. I dun really like almond usually, but this one was good. Very crunchy. Wat more got my favourite caramel inside. Or maybe becoz I am very hungry tat time? :P Watever it is...


Sunday, July 18, 2004

15 July 2004 (2)

Gion Matsuri (2) : The yatai (street stall) n foods

The main place that we visited in the matsuri was the yatai area. WH, do u know my fren tat went to the yatai actually found the omusoba (omelette stir fry Chinese noodle)? How come we couldn't see one tat nite? :( Oh well, maybe it's not my luck then.

Here are some of the yatai's pics and the foods that I wanted to show ur all.

The first one we bumped into is this ringo ame (apple sweet) yatai. Thinking it would be fun to show how they made this sweet.

Here are the close look of the Ringo Ame. It is actually fresh red apple (big n small) that was coated with hot red thick syrup gravy. Then they were let to cold until the coating harden. Very red huh... I tried once before 3 years ago, too sweet, and my teeth got very numb with the apple. So never take anymore since then. But the kids and the young gals love this stuff. I didn't check the price, should be 300yen (RM10.48) for a big one if I am not mistaken.

Next, we past thru a Yakisoba (stir fry noodle) yatai. Poor guy. See how the sweat keep coming out from his forehead. Must be damn hot for him. I wonder how the noodle will taste? More salty than it suppose to be?? :P Just kidding.

Then, we came to a yatai that selling mini Taiyaki(a fish‐shaped pancake filled with bean jam). The usual one is big Taiyaki. Modified taiyaki also have custard, white bean paste or chocolate cream inside. Usually my favorite are the modified, not the original red bean paste. Dun really like red bean. Btw, Azuki is the name for the red bean in Japanese. Nice name though... sound like a gal's name.

We passed thru many Frankfurter yatai. This one caught my side. Long Frankfurter. The picture say everything. Look delicious? Sylvia told me she had it, :( was her reaction. Ok, got the meaning. But the 2 guys in yatai were very funny guys, making me laugh when they saw me taking their pics.

Now, this one is dedicated to PC. PC, u told me u like Takoyaki the most. Ok, I bet u never come across this one yet. Here u r, hope u enjoy seeing it. ;)

See this great amount of cooked Iidako? These are small octopus. Relative to the normal big octopus. My sister love this. She always order for this one when she went to the Sushi King with me in KLCC. This one is much bigger than the one have in Sushi King though. Now, wat happen next to this Iidako?

The whole Iidako was drop one by one into the grilling ball to make the Takoyaki. Here is the pic of the ready one. Which one do u prefer? The normal round round one, or the one with those legs crawling out from the ball to slip into ur throat? :P Btw, it is 500yen (RM17.46) for 5. Want to try one?

The Takoyaki above and this Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) are both the famous dishes in Osaka. One must eat these 2 when they come to Osaka. Instead, when u go to Osaka, u can see bunches of them.

This is a close look of the uncook version. U can put any kind of ingredient u want into it. But the normal one is usually with cabbage and pork. Let it grill on the hot plate for quite sometime before turn it over in one go with 2 big flat spoons.

Then after the other side almost cook, the Okonomiyaki sauce with mayonnaise, grind dry seaweed and katsuobushi (sliced dry bonito) were then spread on the top. I like to eat this sometime, but not so much, as I dun really like the sauce too much (kind of sweety taste for me). But for those who like the sauce, this food is highly recommended. This one oso 500yen (RM17.46) for 1.

Besides the food yatai. They have the non-food yatai too. Like this one. They call it the Kingyo Sukui (Gold fish scooping). Not only kids like this, but the adult too. Some of the modified form even included crabs, eel and toys for kids.

Here is the close look how u hold one bowl in one hand, and another hand hold a paper scoop try to get the fish. As it is made from paper, sooner or later it will tear off.

In the end, the hole will be too big for u to be able to scoop up anymore. Then ur game stop. The stall owner will then give u certain amount of the gold fish if u want to bring back.

I put on picture of Yakitori before in the Kureshima dinner for closing party. This one is the yatai version. Much bigger stick compare to the normal one in shops.

The next is another version of grilling stuff. This is the grilled beef yatai. Sir, which one would u like? Chicken or beef? Hehe... sound like the stewardess on the flight.

This is the last yatai tat I am goin to show. The grilled whole squid. WH like squid very much, but she didn't buy any. Many stall selling this in the matsuri, but the outlook of the squid in this stall seem to be more appealing for me.

This is a near pic of the squid grilling on the hot plate. Shhhhhh... Shhaaaaaa... can hear the sound of the water evaporating from the squid.

Then, here are the ready to sell gang. They r like saying to the people tat passing by... 'Come... come to take me go with u...'. Hehe...

Ok, hope u all enjoy the pics of yatai in Gion. Got to stop now. Till next time.