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Thursday, July 15, 2004

10 July 2004

Coming to the hot hot 15 July. Oh my, July oledi half way gone.

CORRECTION: The TORAYAKI (2 July 2004 post) should be DORAYAKI. Thanks Fukumoto sensei for telling me the mistake today. No wonder I can't find the work torayaki in dictionary. :P Now thinking this word, make me laugh. Cause TORA means tiger, and YAKI means grill or roast. So that will make it become GRILLED TIGER. Hohoho...Know wat is on my mind? One of the 'Tiger' in Tokyo turned into his 30 last week. I wonder how will this 'Grilled tiger' taste then. Dun worry, I am too far to do tat... But I'm not sure bout the DEVILS in Tokyo... Heeee...

Going to Gion matsuri (Gion festival) now, be rite back.

I'm back. After process the picture for the Gion festival, should post this 10 July things out before I make my delay work more n more.


After watching 2 movies with Fukumoto sensei on Saturday, went to have dinner with her. We walked and walked, and finally we bumped into an interesting shop. Oozawa. I actually got the homepage address from my sensei. Somehow, couldn't reach into it. And this link is just a very simple homepage telling very little information in Japanese. Oh well, for those who r in Kansai who wants to try it, at least u can refer to the address on the link then.

This shop is kind a unique tempura shop. U will know wat I mean when u see the pics then.

We were lead to a very typical Japanese room. Wooo... all with tatami. But that is not so special, the part that interest me is seat with aisle to put ur leg, and u can actually see the kitchen below ur eyesight. Pretty little room huh. Yap, I like it very much.

What more they have little Japanese garden in the shop for u to enjoy and relax. Nice scene. Make u more comfortable with the meal.

This is a close look of the kitchen. The frying pan is covered with aluminium plate to avoid the splitting of oil to the customers. That time, only me n my sensei are the customer. Feel like we booked the whole place. :P

Now this is another room for them to serve the customers. But without the kitchen. The lady owner there was so nice, tat she even leaded us to the upper floor to see around. From the window, u can see the Shiragawa flow with the green Japanese maple leaves reflection. The hydrangea is blossoming too, even though it is goin to be the end soon.

Oops, my mine is floating. Better get back...

The lady then do the frying in front of us. It is a very relaxing atmosphere where we were chatting around while I was busy taking the pictures.

Finally, here it is, my vegetable tempura set. Actually this is the special one prepare for me as I dun eat meat. :) With the miso soup, pickles, appetizer and tea as a set.

My teacher have almost the same thing, except the main meal is a bowl of shrimp and vege mixture deep fried cracker. They called it Kakiage. The lady then went away silently while me n my sensei started with the eating and busy talking. :P

Ahhh... wat a good meal. 1500yen (RM52.00) per person. Reasonable for a good atmosphere like tat.

Midarashi dango

After the meal. We walked for a while around that area. Gion (link in Japanese) is a very typical Kyoto style place. A feeling of elegance.

We then walk thru a yatai (stall) that sells midarashidango. Many people line up, and remembering the very good one I tried in the welcome party last time, made me wanted to try again even though I was kind of full tat time. Oh well, gals always have 2nd stomach for dessert. :P And man always have 2nd stomach for ramen (Chinese noodle in soup). That's wat they always say in Japan.

This is the look of the yatai. The gal was very busy grilling the dango.

Look kind of cute to see the small white ball line up in a red red charcoal. Ohhhh help... we dun want to get burn... (I guess tat is wat on the mine of dango then). In Japan, they even have the anime character for the song called the Dango Sankyodai (the 3 Round Dumpling Brothers). And here is the cute lyrics of the song. But as it is very late now ( almost 2am), I have to delay the translation in a few days time. So, please wait.

And here is the final look of different version of Midarashidango. With a lot of soybean powder topping it. Fukumoto sensei was very kind to help me to hold it. Thank u sensei.

How bout the taste?? I recommend u better dun try it. The dango is too hard. Hmm.. very disappointed. Oh well... I just wonder why they have such a long Q especially in weekends, I suppose because the stall is in Gion district.

Ok, time for me to stop. Till then, tata.


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