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Friday, July 16, 2004

11 July 2004

Oops, it's 16 July, the happy friday again. Instead it is a really happy day for me, though in the morning when I c the blood type divination, O type blood rank the last.

I got my pay for the arubaito today. 1st time receive cash like this after work. All the while, my working experience only provide me with bank acc payment. Hmmm... so I can't really see the cash. :P This time, even though it is not so much, feel a great satisfaction. Wat happy more is the organisor give me a little bit more for my 'hard work' on the translation. Well, I dun really mind much actually, in fact, I learnt a lot from the tour guide work too. :)

One of the strongest explanation from the tour guide gal when we passed thru the Kamogawa (Kamo river) was a guy called Ishikawa Goemon who attempted to assassinate the ruler of Japan at that time, Toyomi Hideyoshi. Ishikawa Goemon were executed in a caldron of boiling oil at Sanjokawara. Wat a shock!! Boiled human in oil??? That time, I thought something was wrong with my ears.

My Curry Noodle

Ok, back to my food topic on 11 July. It's Sunday. I woke up kind of late. So might as well have brunch. I look thru my freeze... ahhh... the left over soup that I didn't eat on Friday cause of the sudden closing party. Hmmm... Thinking of changing it into something else...

So, get a piece of Kouya Tofu (Hard dry tofu) and add into the boiling soup. Then add in my favorite Egg Tofu. After a while, I add in the Japanese instant curry cube and also the curry powder that brought from M'sia to spice up the soup. Then, I pour the soup on top of the instant deep fry noodle.

Dang Dang!! Here is my big bowl of fish fish brand Curry Noodle. How bout the taste?? Mamamia!! The soup is thick, the egg is smooth... Finish the whole big bowl by myself. Can't see the noodle in this pic cause I put too much ingredient rather than the noodle. :P Burpppp!!! Shiawase (wat a blessing)... Heeee...


At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah~~ oishisou!! (looked delicious). If i am not mistaken, u made this soup for me b4. i really liked it very much though it's a bit spicy for me. :P Do make it for me again next time i visit u, ff!! -wai wai


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