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Saturday, July 17, 2004

14 July 2004

Went to buy my toothpaste n soap. Out of stock at home. Before to the housewares store, I stopped by in a depato (department store) called Al Plaza to see if any interesting stuff. Yap... I got it. Here they are...

Tropical Fruits

Our tropical fruits are on the rack. Wow!! Quite a few kinds actually. So, it's really summer kind of feeling now. :) First, this is the first fruit that captured my sight. The big whole coconuts. Only 2 were on the rack that time. They called it 'Yashi no Mi'. This one from Hawaii. 1 for 580yen (RM20.26). Hmmm... we can buy at least 10 with that price. :P Oh well, imported stuff mar. The right is my favourite mangosteen. 198yen (RM6.92) for 1. From Thailand. The mangosteen seem to be fresh. But I didn't buy, too expensive. I saw in other shop before where it is even smaller, very unfresh look, with price double of this.

Next... Dang Dang!! Our King of the Fruit... Durian. Made in Thailand. Hmm... I dun eat Thai durian. Like M'sia durian much better. The sad fact is Thailand durian export very well to other countries, but not ours... What is really wrong? Among the durian stuff, my most favourite are the stir fry spicy durian flower and tempoyak (fermented durian paste). Hmmm... saliva dripping again when think bout it. Too bad everytime back to M'sia, it's not the season. Oh well... maybe next time. It's quoted 1980yen (RM69.17). Epxensive? Not really, I've seen in other shop 8000yen (RM279.47) for 1. Hmmm... wonder if anyone buying it.

This one is my favourite papaya. From the Philippine. Look kind of fresh with good yellow colour. 480yen (RM16.77) for one. Hmm... forget bout my papaya milk then. Arrghh... wish I can have one now.

The pineapple is from Philippine too. The brand Dole is a famous brand original from Hawaii. But also got a big hit worldwide. And have a big success in Japan. This one is 580yen (RM20.26). Expensive for me. Cause the supermarket near my school sometimes when have special price, only 198yen (RM6.92) for one. :) And tat's the time I buy it. Not too bad taste except u can feel that it is not the one ripen on the plant, but instead have been cut earlier in green for export.

The best pineapple that I have ever tried, was the one that offered by Abang Shajat, when I was having my industrial training in Sarawak Pepper Marketing Board. According to him, he brought it from his hometown Bintangor (if I dun remember the place wrong. :P). The pineapple was totally ripen on the plant. The flesh was deep orange colour. It is not a very big pineapple. Instead much smaller, and thinner than the usual round and big type. But the taste... Mmmm... sweet like honey. One must try it before know wat I am talking. It's nothing like the usual pineapple we buy in the market, not even the one in Kuching. I wonder the next time I see him, can I follow him back to there to eat enough enough. :P

The final 2 are the starfruit(front of pic) and the mango (bit behind). The starfruits were small, and damn expensive, 498yen (RM17.40), for a person like me who has been having big honey starfruit for everyday when I was in primary school. These are greeny yellow, and those I had were deep orange. My father's fren own the orchard, so we bought from him very cheap. I guess the side effect of it is I was so satiated of starfruit that since secondary till now, I dun even want to touch a single piece anymore. Sighhhh...

The mango is 980yen (RM34.24) for one. From Thailand too I guess. Or maybe Philippine. Didn't write. Never bought any mango to eat in Japan yet, too expensive, even though I am crazy bout mango. I have seen the even more ridiculous mango price in Japan. Mango that cultivate in Japan itself. That one I will talk bout it when I go to take a pic on it then. Everytime when I go back to Kuching, my mum will buy a lot for me. I can eat 3 at one time by myself. (Even just after main meal) :P Big eater? Indeed... I am. That's why I call this site Kuishinbo. ;)

Yellow Egg Plant

Heee... after the Al Plaza, I went to the opposite houseware store, Daiki (used to call Better Life, dun know since when they change the name) to buy my stuffs. And wat caught my attention was this yellow fruity things. Look like a banana huh... Nope, it's not. It is actually a nasu (egg plant). Anyone seen the yellow one back in M'sia? If yes, please let me know. Think it is quite pretty actually. The board was written 'Interesting egg plant, 998yen (RM34.86), can eat as salad'. Hmmm... i was almost attempted to buy it, but managed to control myself when think bout the consequence tat this pretty plant will finally be dead. >_< No way... Farewell, my dear Nasu. Sob Sob...

Wasasbi Chocolate

When went back to the lab, Aso passed me something. Green little cubes. Oh, at first I thought it is my favourite maccha chocolate. Then she showed me the wrapper... WASABI! Oh... Wasabi choc. Hmm... tat's interesting. Never had one yet.

Here is the close look of the choc. I put one into my mouth. It melted. Let the taste stay for a while in my toungue before I swallowed it. :( Disappointingly, it was delicious, but I rarely can feel the wasabi existance. Hmm... I was hoping to get something like it goes from ur mouth to the nose and hit right up to the brain before ur brain tells u to show ur tear drop. Hehe... like the look i always have when having too much wasabi on my sushi. :P

Ok, tat's all for today's food. Tomorrow will be the great GION FESTIVAL. ;)

Tata. Time for me to go back n sleep liao.


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