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Sunday, July 18, 2004

15 July 2004 (1)

Tako Senbei

Aso brought some Tako Senbei (octopus cracker) to school. Dun know how she get them.

I got one from her. This is the look of the package. I like the drawing. Seem likes it is from a place called Enoshima.

Inside got 2 packs of crackers. Each pack with 2 crackers. The taste was good. Salty spicy. But got some tako inside, so I have to be very careful to discard the small pieces away. But I doubt I have swallowed some of them though. :(

After eating the cracker, here we go, WH and me, towards the Gion Matsuri (Gion festival)(Japanese). :D

Here are 2 of the English site that introduce Gion Matsuri.Gion Matsuri Kyoto Japan and Gion Matsuri.

Starbucks Maccha Frappucino

Very sunny n hot day, so we dun even have to worry bout raining. Sweat keeps coming out though... sticky body... yarkkkk! Envy WH is the type tat dun sweat.

Before I go into the topic of Gion, want to introduce a new favorite drink of mine. I like it very much now though I hv only tried it for the 1st time on Gion matsuri.

WH is deeply addicted to Maccha Frappucino (Green tea milk shake with cream topping) from Starbuck Japan, as showing in this pic. This Starbuck site have both English and Japanese, but the Japanese version shows a more complete information. The Maccha Frap is in the Japanese version, but not in the English version. Here is another good site called Starbucks Links showing the price of each product (in Japanese only).

WH pays her 'fee' to Starbuck every weekend for this Maccha Frap. Has been repeatedly telling us how good this drink is. Well, as I am a big fan on Maccha product, and after I know it is non-coffeine contented, for sure I am not goin to left the chance to try it. So the first thing we reached the city centre, was to go for the Maccha Frap. ;)

The place was damn pack. Luckily we only waited for a while before we can get a sit. After taking the photo, WH have oledi finish half of hers. She ordered Tall (12oz). 440yen (RM15.37). I ordered the same. My first sip on the milk shake only... mmmm... typical kind of Uji Maccha fragrance goes thru my throat. Now, slowly mix with some cream, and have another sip again... Woooo... the taste was enhanced so much. The maccha goes very well w the cream blending. For those of u in Japan who hasn't tried before, and if u r a maccha lover, dun miss it. It is really recommended. I think I will be like WH who pay my fee to Starbuck now, as I am paying my fee to Mr. Donut. :( Sigh...

The Tall size was a bit too much for me, but WH was thinking of having the 2nd one although she didn't cause we might want to eat something else in the matsuri then. See how insane she is into this Maccha Frap? :P

Btw, can anyone of u tell me whether Starbucks in M'sia is offering this Maccha Frap or not? I am curious to know. Thanks.

Gion Matsuri (1) : The scene n people

The main road closed from 6pm as pedestrian. Left and right is for 1 way thru only. See the guards standing on the middle of the road with the red stand as border line for the walking. It is a very good system actually to make the flow go smooth for a huge flood of people like this. M'sia should have this kind of system too. I remembered last time when I went to Bukit Bintang for new year countdown, I was almost drawn in the 2 ways flood. Get hesitate if I want to go for that again, kind of weary and unsafe for me. Behind is the Hoko that is goin to go into a parade called Yama Junko on 17th July each year.

Here is a close look on one of the hoko called Naginatahoko (Long Sword Hoko) out of total 32. And this Naginatahoko is always the lead in the hoko float for the parade. Can u see the Long Sword on the pole?

I took another pic of the hoko from different angle. A contrast between the hoko with the chouchin (paper lantern) that decorating the street in Shijo.

Many people wear yukata (summer wear kimono) and jinbei (usually for men, but seen young gal wearing gal style jinbei too these 2 years). I try to take some pics on them, but difficult as people keep moving on. And I do look really silly following their back to take the pics.

Then I notice a few high school gal ( I didn't ask, but I believe they r). I was wondering if should ask them to let me take their pics or not. WH was laughing at me seeing tat I am making myself confuse. Eventually, I encourage myself to approach them. No harm if being rejected mar. :P Surprisingly, they are more than happy for me to take it. And even they know I will put on the net, they won't mind. They seems to be even more happy when knowing tat.

Here are the 5 sweet gals. Any voting for ur preference? :P

After tat, I saw a couple with good yukata. I like the guy's yukata, simple but nice. So here are the pic of my trailing. :P

After I get out from the Matsuri, I suggested to go the other way to get home, to avoid the crowd on train. We were on the way for our dinner before WH quick eyesight saw this lady standing besides me. Wooo... kimono in summer! Wat more with her very good Japanese hairstyle for kimono. She is waiting to cross the road, so do we. So, quickly get out my camera and ask if I can take a shot on her. She was very kind for letting me to do it even though the light has turned green. Done. The only pic I hv. Luckily it turned out good. :)


Before we bumped into the kimono lady, we actually went to Takashimaya (in Japanese) to look for some food. A higher class of depato in Japan.

It's coming to 8.00pm, and they r closing soon. Many food counters were having discount time for the unsold food. Here is one of them tat giving 30% discount.

Saw this roast beef pack. I guess it's too uncook for most of the M'sian, at least definitely not for my mum. Normal price 1050yen (RM36.67). After discount 735yen (RM25.67).

This is one of the side dish tat bought by WH during the promotion time in another stall. 525yen (RM18.34) for 3 side dishes. I tried this renkon (lotus root), nice taste. Not sure bout the other.

Pibinba House Ishiyaki Tengoku

Finally, we reach the place where we want to have a dinner after a long hr walk for the evening. It is a Korean mix rice fast food store. I like this place, cheap and good food for a student like me. :P

I ordered the normal Pibinba (Pibin means mix, Ba means rice), 490yen (RM17.11). Can see the 2 spoons, easier for u to mix the rice. But according to my Korean fren, Park, in Korea they dun have 2 spoons for tat. Guess it is the unique style in this shop then. The thing inside the korean call it namuru if I am not mistaken. Dun really know wat the meaning is. Can u see the red paste on side of the top? It is the spicy paste of Korea called Kochujang. My favorite actually. This was the amount gave by the shop, but I can add as much as I want then. For me, I put more than 5 times of this paste than this pic. :P Just the rite for me. They also have one raw egg for u to mix with the rice.

Here are the look of the mixed Pibinba by fish fish. :) Red enough? Hehe... it makes my appetite turn so good by only seeing the colour. But for my frens who dun really eat spicy thing, they always back off when see the colour of my rice. The were complaining my toungue is no more sensitive in tasting spicy thing. :P Maybe they r rite. Heeee...

This is the Ren Myon (cold noodle in Korean). WH ordered this cause she dun feel like taking something hot in summer. She dun really enjoy this one as the noodle was a bit too hard for her. I forgot the price. Should be 590yen (RM20.61). She told me till the half way of eating, the noodle was so cold that her toungue got numb and can't feel taste anymore. Poor gal... heee... kind of regretted to bring her here. Should have tried to introduce her to other shop than. Sorry WH.

But really have to apologise to WH for making her patiently waited for me the whole evening to take the pics on the matsuri, especially on the food. And thanks her so much for the patience too.

Ok, the result of her waiting, the pics will shown in the next post. Stay tune. ;)



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