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Sunday, July 18, 2004

15 July 2004 (2)

Gion Matsuri (2) : The yatai (street stall) n foods

The main place that we visited in the matsuri was the yatai area. WH, do u know my fren tat went to the yatai actually found the omusoba (omelette stir fry Chinese noodle)? How come we couldn't see one tat nite? :( Oh well, maybe it's not my luck then.

Here are some of the yatai's pics and the foods that I wanted to show ur all.

The first one we bumped into is this ringo ame (apple sweet) yatai. Thinking it would be fun to show how they made this sweet.

Here are the close look of the Ringo Ame. It is actually fresh red apple (big n small) that was coated with hot red thick syrup gravy. Then they were let to cold until the coating harden. Very red huh... I tried once before 3 years ago, too sweet, and my teeth got very numb with the apple. So never take anymore since then. But the kids and the young gals love this stuff. I didn't check the price, should be 300yen (RM10.48) for a big one if I am not mistaken.

Next, we past thru a Yakisoba (stir fry noodle) yatai. Poor guy. See how the sweat keep coming out from his forehead. Must be damn hot for him. I wonder how the noodle will taste? More salty than it suppose to be?? :P Just kidding.

Then, we came to a yatai that selling mini Taiyaki(a fish‐shaped pancake filled with bean jam). The usual one is big Taiyaki. Modified taiyaki also have custard, white bean paste or chocolate cream inside. Usually my favorite are the modified, not the original red bean paste. Dun really like red bean. Btw, Azuki is the name for the red bean in Japanese. Nice name though... sound like a gal's name.

We passed thru many Frankfurter yatai. This one caught my side. Long Frankfurter. The picture say everything. Look delicious? Sylvia told me she had it, :( was her reaction. Ok, got the meaning. But the 2 guys in yatai were very funny guys, making me laugh when they saw me taking their pics.

Now, this one is dedicated to PC. PC, u told me u like Takoyaki the most. Ok, I bet u never come across this one yet. Here u r, hope u enjoy seeing it. ;)

See this great amount of cooked Iidako? These are small octopus. Relative to the normal big octopus. My sister love this. She always order for this one when she went to the Sushi King with me in KLCC. This one is much bigger than the one have in Sushi King though. Now, wat happen next to this Iidako?

The whole Iidako was drop one by one into the grilling ball to make the Takoyaki. Here is the pic of the ready one. Which one do u prefer? The normal round round one, or the one with those legs crawling out from the ball to slip into ur throat? :P Btw, it is 500yen (RM17.46) for 5. Want to try one?

The Takoyaki above and this Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) are both the famous dishes in Osaka. One must eat these 2 when they come to Osaka. Instead, when u go to Osaka, u can see bunches of them.

This is a close look of the uncook version. U can put any kind of ingredient u want into it. But the normal one is usually with cabbage and pork. Let it grill on the hot plate for quite sometime before turn it over in one go with 2 big flat spoons.

Then after the other side almost cook, the Okonomiyaki sauce with mayonnaise, grind dry seaweed and katsuobushi (sliced dry bonito) were then spread on the top. I like to eat this sometime, but not so much, as I dun really like the sauce too much (kind of sweety taste for me). But for those who like the sauce, this food is highly recommended. This one oso 500yen (RM17.46) for 1.

Besides the food yatai. They have the non-food yatai too. Like this one. They call it the Kingyo Sukui (Gold fish scooping). Not only kids like this, but the adult too. Some of the modified form even included crabs, eel and toys for kids.

Here is the close look how u hold one bowl in one hand, and another hand hold a paper scoop try to get the fish. As it is made from paper, sooner or later it will tear off.

In the end, the hole will be too big for u to be able to scoop up anymore. Then ur game stop. The stall owner will then give u certain amount of the gold fish if u want to bring back.

I put on picture of Yakitori before in the Kureshima dinner for closing party. This one is the yatai version. Much bigger stick compare to the normal one in shops.

The next is another version of grilling stuff. This is the grilled beef yatai. Sir, which one would u like? Chicken or beef? Hehe... sound like the stewardess on the flight.

This is the last yatai tat I am goin to show. The grilled whole squid. WH like squid very much, but she didn't buy any. Many stall selling this in the matsuri, but the outlook of the squid in this stall seem to be more appealing for me.

This is a near pic of the squid grilling on the hot plate. Shhhhhh... Shhaaaaaa... can hear the sound of the water evaporating from the squid.

Then, here are the ready to sell gang. They r like saying to the people tat passing by... 'Come... come to take me go with u...'. Hehe...

Ok, hope u all enjoy the pics of yatai in Gion. Got to stop now. Till next time.



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Yaaya..I like festival...
Iam not Japanese..but I like Japanese culture...include anime & manga...

BTW, Nice Pic..


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