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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

17 July 2004

Fish fish brand Goya Beehoon

Woke up at 10.30am at that Saturday. First thing on my mind was to do the fried beehoon (rice vermicelli) with goya (bittergourd) tat I have wanted to try since few days ago. Just somehow got the idea wanted to try how this bitter stuff will taste if cook with my favorite beehoon.

Dang Dang!! Here is the look of the goya beehoon. It looks good, isn't it? I was not sure bout the taste until my first sampling on it. YUMMY!! Kind of surprise it turned out to be very success. Heeee... had a great breakfast. Chou manzoku (very satisfy)! For those who r not afraid of bitter food, must try this. ;)

High CHO lunch

I went to the supermarket to buy some grocery around 2pm afterthat. Was looking for the moving van that selling meron pan (honeydew shaped bread), but dun know why this week he is not there. Ok, so I turned in Al Plaza to look for some bakery. Just have a very strong urge to crave bread tat time.

Saw this Danish Meron. The counter have tasting for tat. And another one is the tasting for cream pastry with almond topping. Hmmm... both taste good. But finally still stick to the Danish Meron. I guess the calories will be much much higher than the normal meron pan (the normal one is oledi high calories stuff), but nvm once a while. Heeee... :P The shape of this one a bit destroy as I put it in my back while I was cycling to the lab.

Before reached the lab, I went to another smaller supermarket called Ozaki to buy foods for daily stocking. I like this super cause the price are very reasonable and even cheap sometimes, but one weak point of it is the lack of varities of stuffs.

Few kinds of ice cream were put nearby the counter. 84yen (RM2.91) for each of them. Hmmm... cheap. Oops... Choco ice cream!! Arrrgghhh... got the Danish Meron oledi. But wanted to eat the ice cream so must on this damn hot day. Heeee... think think think... it belongs to me finally. The taste? So irresistable. Yummy...

Fresh fruits

Feel so guilty after taking very high calories for my late lunch. So went to the sport club to work out for 2 hrs. Hopefully it will help. After tat, stop by in another supermarket nearby the sport club. One of my free time interest is stroll around the super to look for some interesting foods. :P

Summer time, many kinds of fruit on the racks. From left to right, they call it Mother Ball, Muskmelon and Golden Kiwi. Except the Kiwi is from New Zealand, the other 2 r local from Japan.

Now, this is the mini grapes I call them. In Japanese, I guess they call it Deravea. Can't find the translation in English. I guess it might be a French word or wat. Any idea? I like the taste of this very much. Though small, very easy to eat. All u have to do is just suck the flesh into ur mouth, and the skin will get off easily. The grapes in Japan is different for the US. They have much thicker skin, so u dun eat the skin. Luckily, it's not difficult to suck the flesh from the skin.

Another of my big favourite fruit. Momo (peach). Kind of expensive. I got a more not so fresh one in Ozaki for 198yen (RM6.85) for 4. :) Seeing these momo, remind me very much of the Tohoku trip tat I went last year with Wai Wai. We went to homestay in Fukumoto's sensei's husband's place. Will try to put some of the pics up later then. Hv to ask the permission from sensei n wai wai whether if I can put their lovely pics up or not. Heee...

Ok, enough for today. Hv to stop now. Very tired, time to zzzz...

Tata nite nite.


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