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Friday, July 23, 2004

18 July 2004

Saw in the ad. tat got some sort of event on in Fushimi Inari Shrine on Sunday. So, called Sylvia and here the 2 of us went to the place.


Pew pew pew pew... Chee chee chee chee... Kee Kee Kee Kee... Bee bee bee bee... I dun know, it seems like a concert with a lot of instruments. Can't really catch out which one sing the Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass... Anyway, wat I am trying to say, these cicadas r really active noisemaker when comes to the summer. They can start at 4am and end at 1am...

I was walking to the station near our school to take a train. Passed thru the school fountain place. Something caught my eyesight. Green n brown in colour. See the pic!! It's cicada getting out from its house. Wooooo... never know they can look so light green. Am I lucky or wat?? Heeee... so glad I chose to get out from the lab 5 min ealier, or else I will miss out this good scene. Pretty little creature huh. ;) I like this pic actually. Kind of good contrast. :P

Fushimi Inari Jinja (Shrine)

Reached the station for the shrine around 6pm. Sylvia came too a short while later. Here we off to the Fushimi Inari Jinja ! (only in Japanese)

We passed thru many yatai on the way to the jinja. Saw one of the stall having tasting for my favourite warabi mochi (Japanese dessert original from Kyoto, they called this kind of dessert Kyogashi). The cutting for the tasting were ridiculously BIG! I tried one of the normal one, and the maccha one. Sylvia did so too. Our conclusion was the maccha taste better. So we bought one package. Here is the look. Can't see the greenish warabi mochi huh. Well, all covered by the Kinako (soy bean powder). They dun use the black sugar honey for this one as the warabi mochi itself have been added the sugar. Very soft. Even though it is not from the real warabi powder, it's still nice to eat. Btw, I tried to find a link to introduce this thing, but just can't get one. :(

After we finished the warabi mochi, the music has started. Oic, they have the Bon Odori on. The day is still bright even though it's over 7pm. Try to take a few pics before it's too dark. This one is not too bad. Can u see the crowd dancing in a circle with the singer in the middle? They start from 6.30pm till 9.30pm non-stop. Hehe... After taken a few pics, me n Sylvia also jump in to join the dance for a while.

The sky r getting really dark now. Good time for me to take the lite up scene. Contrast of red and black. Hot n mystery. Heeee... Good theme for summer. Can u see the little red thing on the top of the hill? It's called the Torii (a gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine).

I then tried to catch a few pics on the red couchin (lantern). Most turn out to be blur cause of the wind. But this one was quite ok.

I felt like taking the lite up scene from the hill top. So I asked sylvia to wait for me for a while, so I can go up there. Here I passed thru the thousand torii in this shinto shrine. Btw, Fushimi Inari Jinja is very famous with it's thousand torii that accompany u all the way when u do some kind of hiking to visit each of the little shrine all over the hills. A very good place to do the hiking actually. But it's kind of getting scary when go at nite. U see clear torii on this pic cause I use flash. Just imaging urself walking in the dark with all this thing on. Btw, tat time I was alone, although got people coming and goin in at least 2. :P

I walked and walked, come to half the way, thought I can take the skyview pics now. :( Nope, have to get to the top at least. But tat will take another 1 h. And sylvia been waiting for me down there more than 15 min oledi. So, have to give up n run down to meet her. Oh well, maybe next year. I did twice for hiking here, but never do it at nite. Really want to do it at least once. Next year will be my final chance I guess.

On the way back, I took another pic of the torii vs chouchin. Which one looks prettier?

We decided we had enough and wanted to look for dinner. While we were eating the warabi mochi, the family seating in front us were having some sort of bird. Know wat it is from the pic? It's call Suzume. We call it Sparrow... Eeearrrrkkkkk!! With the head on... We dun eat little birds with head on in Malaysia, do we?? Even the quails also with head on.

Ok, another thing to claim here. Is this pic look delicious to you? Well, u can't eat it anyway. Cause it's a wax model. :P

We found a small eating shop nearby. Got the omusoba (omelette noodle) and the shioyaki soba (stir fry noodle with salt). So we decided to give them a try without even notice wat is the shop name called. :P Here is the pic of the owner preparing our order.

Here is the Omusoba. When the cook noodle come to our big hotplate, I try to add mayonnaise and ketchup to make the pic looks better. SPLASH!! Oops, the hole of the ketchup was stuck, and I put too much energy try to squeeze them out, and this is my product. Omusoba with BIG SPLASH of the ketchup. :P Hv to take it as it is. Cheeese... my dear omusoba, u actually looks good on this red thing. Heee...

The taste, not too bad. Enough flavour.

Now this one I like it better. We waited for quite a while for this one cause the owner prepared the wrong thing, and he has to redo it again. Nice guy, keep saying sorry to us for the delaying. It's salty enough, but not enough pepper. So, I get the pepper from the owner and sprinkle a lot on the noodle. BRAVO! The taste is so nice. Even Sylvia like it very much. :)

Wooo... we sure had a good time. But we r more looking forward for the buffet lunch and karaoke for tomorrow. Yippie!!


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