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Sunday, July 25, 2004

19 July 2004 (1)

Orizzonte lunch buffet

Like I said yesterday, Sylvia n me went to a hotel's restaurant to have lunch buffet. It's Kyoto Hotel Okura . This is my 3rd time there. And the restaurant was in 17th floor, called Orizzonte, my 2nd time there. The 1st time I went to this hotel was for my prof. retiring ceremony. It cost 20,000yen (RM689.50) each person for the banquet. 2nd time with my host family. And now with Sylvia. Heee... the most relaxing time.

The buffet was from 11.30am-2.30pm. 3465yen (RM119.46) per head, no time limit. (Expensive :P). As a reward for myself during the part time job. Here are the pics tat I took during the buffet.

Here is how it looks inside. We were there before 11.30am. But by then, oledi a few groups were there waiting too. Hmmm seem like a hot spot for food. Last time when I went with my host family, we couldn't get a seat cause was full, we didn't do booking beforehand. Waited for 1 hr. See the mirror wall on the right side? Look to the most front one. The sweet lady reflect in the mirror is sylvia. Hehe... she was busy reading something and taking food when I am busy with my photographing.

After quite some time

Sylvia:"Yong ar... I think u better start taking ur food now lar... dun just busy with ur photo taking..."
FF:"Ok, ok. Finish this final pic 1st."


The salad bar. Front row: 3 kinds of salad dressing. Middle row, right to left: Chinese style bean-starch vermicelli salad, beans salad, potato salad and pumpkin salad. Upper row, right to left: lady's finger, green leaves salad, red n yellow tomato, broccoli and cauliflower. My favorite is the vermicelli salad, pumpkin salad and the yellow tomato. Yummy.

Next to the salad bar is the bread corner. Left: Croissant. Middle: French loaf. Right: butter roll. Only took the croissant. Very good.

This is the green tea soba (buckwheat noodle) with grated long yam as topping. Tried one. Taste much better with the wasabi. :P

A curry more like a western style. 2 little bowls down there is the pickles for u to eat with the curry. Left is called Fukushinzuke (a name for the pickling style) and right is Rakkyo (a pickled scallion). The fukushinzuke here is only so so. But I love the rakkyo (one of my most favorite pickle, but not everyone like it actually). Ate whole bowl of curry because of tat even though I dun really like not spicy curry. :P

Didn't take anything from this Italian corner. As u can see, it's all meat!! I suppose it will be good for meat lovers though.

This is another meat corner in Chinese cooking style. The chili sauce fried prawn and the sweet n sour meat ball. Sylvia said it was just so so.

Heee... handsome chef rite? I like his smile very much actually. When I asked if I can take his pictures? He got blush. And just keep smiling while preparing the grilled beef. He was kind of confuse whether he should look at my camera or continue his work. So I told him, 'just be natural'. Heee... and here is my product. Not bad huh. ;) Btw, the grilled beef was good, according to my host family last time.

I tried the ice cream corner last time. But not this time. Cause stomach too full for me to fill in anymore when I realised I forgot bout the ice cream again. :P Anyway, they have 3 sherbets and 3 ice creams. And u can put the topping according to ur own preference. good attraction for kids.

Now, actually I hv the pics of the chef who prepare this cold pork shabu-shabu (thin slices of meet parboiled in hot soup. usually is beef, but this is a pork version). But he is too unnatural in the pics, so I decided to draw him out.

I dun like the cold dish. Taste kind of weird. So do sylvia, said they tasted funny. Oh well, maybe we r M'sian, not so used to the cold cold dishes. :P

Now this is the corner I ate the most for this time. Why? Cause almost all the food mainly meat or seafood. So the only corner that I can take anything is the dessert and fruit corner. I think I ate this corner much more than the main dish. Oh well, as long as I enjoy it. :P But not the warabi mochi on the front rite. Taste not good this one. Too bad. I like the cake, except the pink color one. The desserts in the glasses r good too. Especially the mousse with the red dragonfruit cubes topping it. I like the green tea pudding too, but not sylvia. Sylvia loves the mousse and the croissant very much, and she makes a combination of the 2. I tried too... mmmm... yummy!! Good thought gal. ;)

Here is the first dish of mine for the buffet. Look very healthy rite?

This is the donut and dango (Japanese dumpling). Dango was only so so. But I just love the donut, especially the big one. It is the pumkin donut with choco filling inside. Ate 2 of them. :P

And my finaly plate was the fruit. Not bad for a buffet to have American cherry and the honey dew huh. The only fruit tat I didn't take is the frozen Lychee. Just taste too weird for me who get used to fresh lychee.

Sylvia:"Mmm... the lychee taste very good"

FF:" Really mer? I thought it taste weird... something just not rite bout it."

Sylvia:"Well, considering it's Japan, not bad we can hv lychee here. Haven't had for quite some time.

FF:"Oh, ok. But I still prefer fresh one. Just feel so strange on a frozen one..."

Then Sylvia has a second one...

Sylvia:"Yark! I think u r rite... It taste good for the 1st one, but not the 2nd..."

and there, Sylvia stopped on the lychee after tat.

C... I was rite... :)

By the time we realised, we have been in tat place for 2.5 hrs.Wooo... the 2 gal just chat too much I guess. The staffs there were so nice tat they offer to take picture for the both of us. How sweet.

Before we went off, here is the view we had in our seat. Nice one rite? :)

A lunch too full. I guess I am 120% reloaded. Until cannot walk and want muntah (vomit). Ai yor... pay money get suffer... Will stop for buffet for a little while now. :P


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