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Monday, July 26, 2004

19 July 2004 (2)


After the buffet, Sylvia n me went to Jeugia (one of the famous CD chain store in Kansai area). I hv to buy the CD in order to earn my 1000 yen coupon. Tomolo will be a last day for my stamp book expiry. :( So hv to buy it today. Got Mr. Children and Exile album. Mr. Children latest single called 'Sign' is really good. But didn't buy the single. Wait for the album. Exile is a famous dance group. Like their dancing very much. Finally, with the coupon, bought another special selection of Mr. Children 92-95. Never bought his CD before, my 1st time actually, even though I know his existance since high school. :P


Then, we went to Uniqlo to buy some cloth. Very famous shop in Japan for cloth. Reasonable price if compare to the ridiculously high price for clothes in Japan. Bought 3 pants and 3 T-shirt. Settle for my summer wear.

Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba

Feel so much better after the shopping. Now, hv energy to sing with sylvia then. We didn't go to the karaoke place we always to. Instead, we just go into one of the shop tat we always pass, but never go in before. It's called Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba.
And how we glad we choose the rite place. :)

See this drink menu? It's free drinking from this menu. Day time in weekends, until 7pm, it's 140 yen per 30 min. And if u r a student (including university level), u have 30 yen discount. So me n Sylvia chose to sing for 2 hrs. We paid only 440yen (RM15.24) each person including free drink in a room.

What I like bout this karaoke place, it's the DAM system tat they use. This little game player looking thing is the remote control for our karaoke box.

With only one touch, here is the screen shown.

Sylvia:"Yong, this one very good lar. Very easy to control. Interesting..."

Yap, I totally agree... In fact we have a great fun trying to figure out song from this controller. U can either key in ur song according to latest songs, singers, songs, oldies, duet, 100 latest sang songs from the karaoke or simply key in the number from the song books. I chose the last one for most of my songs, cause I sang almost all Mandarin song, only a few Japanese songs. heee...

Sylvia is the more to western type gal. So she looks more to the English song and also she sang a few Japanese song too. Glad to have her as my kaki makan, nyanyi and trekking (partner in eating, singing and hiking).

Now, this is how the look of the karaoke box. The Mandarin song tat I sing tat moment is 'Ru Feng' (Like a wind), by Faye Wong. Famous Chinese singer in Japan. See the translation they do in japanese? They pronounce very funny if u really want to follow the lyric then. :P They have a lot of English n Korean songs too. Oso the Philippine songs.

After u finish one song, the box will show u how many calories u burnt for the song. In some places, they even have the scoring system for u. But I doubt how accurate they are. Oh well, as long as we r having our fun.

Arr ar... wat a good time.


We thought we wouldn't be able to eat anymore thing after the lunch buffet. But we were wrong. Oh, ok... it's dinner time, so all the food has been digested. :P

After the karaoke, we went to this English pub called Hub. One thing I like bout it because of the food n the huge cocktail. But I dun like to go during peak time cause too smoky.

It's dinner time, not many people. It's only getting merry when the nite getting darker. I used to come to this pub, but has been a long while before I come again with sylvia. She is a 1st timer there. She kind of doubt when I told her there r good food inside there.

I recommended this Omusoba. 530yen (RM18.35). As sylvia just had one last nite, n she like it. She kind of into it to try a 2nd one.

After waited a short while, here it is. look much better compare to the yesterday one. So Sylvia tried.

Sylvia:"Mmmmm...... soooo nice. Ai yor, very good lar... Much better than the one last nite."

Sylvia:"U know wat Yong? I am more touch when eat this plate of Omusoba compare to the high class buffet we had in noon."

Hehe... I kind of embarrass (for the buffet) n happy (for this Omusoba) at the same time. But really glad she likes it. So at 1st when Sylvia only suggested to have only omusoba... then she asked me again wat is recommended. I told her the hot spicy potato is good.

Sylvia:"Hehe... Yong ar... do u think we can have another plate of potato??"

Wicked smile on her face...

FF:"Yap... why not?"

(Hehe... yippie!! Actually I was waiting for her to say tat. Have really wanted to eat the spicy potato. Miss it sooooo much).

So there she off to the counter to order.

Then she back with 2 big glasses of cold water. Waited waited n waited, finally my dear Mr. Spicy come. Ooooo... still look the hot n spicy s usual. We can hardly wait for me to finish taking the snap as quick so that we can put our fingers on them.

Once put in the mouth, miracle thing happen... You just can't stop urself from take piece follow by another piece. I ordered a plate of chili sauce, which is very hard to get in Japan... and yap they have it in Hub. :) And sylvia stick to the ketchup.

It taste much better than the spicy wedges from KFC. Maybe because it is more crunchy outside. And for a big portion like tat for 350yen (RM12.12), it is very reasonable price in Japan.

Know wat I'm thinking now? I wish I am munching those Mr. Spicy now... ;)

Thanks Sylvia dear, for a nice holiday spent. (Btw, forgot to mention, 19 July is a public holiday in Japan).

Tata nite nite.


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