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Friday, July 02, 2004

2 July 2004

Hehe... after bising-bising(disturb) my fren for sometimes, kind of figure out how to do my posting in a very basic way. Will give a try now. Thanks a lot KK, for helping this...:)

Sake Brewery

Went to a famous Sake (Japanese wine) brewery area in Kyoto. Called Fushimi. Actually we went for looking at the places, as going to be a part-time tour guide on next Thursday. Didn't expect to have a good chance to learn quite a few things on sake. :P Here are a few pics which I took yesterday.

The 1st pic is a sake which make from 60% polished rice. It is called Ginjo sake in general. Below it is the short explanation for this wine. It's only sold in the Okura Memorial Hall that we went. Alcohol content : 16%. Sweet taste, in fact a very mild salty taste for me, which is quite different from the normal Sake. I would say it's a bit similar like Tuak (a traditional wine in Sarawak). Priced 2100 yen (RM74). In fact, the company that produce this, Gekkeikan, is a brand with 360 years history.

Another product from Gekkeikan. This is one of the Japanese tsukemono (pickle). Japan have many type of pickle, this type they called it Narazuke (dun really know why, but maybe because it is origin from Nara. Lazy to find more info today). But this kind of pickle use sake lees to do the fermentation. The picture was gourd pickle. Crunchy. Not too bad taste for me. But my frens didn't like it as the sake taste too strong. Note the toothpick at side? Hehe... this is actually a tasting sample.

Wow! Been the first time I take alcohol after didn't have it for 3 months. Guess I want to know this precious sake taste too much.

Ok, sorry for those who can't take alcohol. Put it on as it is a very close part of Japanese life with sake. Think would be quite fun to know a bit of Japanese wine.

Wagashi (Japanese sweets): 1

Torayaki. This is the name for this Wagashi (Japanese sweets). Usually it is red bean paste for the filling. (Which is not my flavour). Now this one is quite unique as it uses Maccha (green tea powder) cream. I am a maccha maniac, guess the post on maccha post will be from time to time then. :P This one, I was expecting to be delicious, too bad so-so. (But it's a treat by my teacher. Heee...). Oh well, maybe next time I can find a better one.

Oops, long post for my first time. Still not good at it. Hope I can do it better. Enjoy reading. Got to stop now. Tomorrow will post snacks tat bought by my lab members as a souvenir. Yummy yummy...

Till then, tata.


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Dear Sister:

Congrate on your own website to show the world your experience in foods....Keep it up and make it more interesting!!!

Anda mesti boleh! You sure can !!



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