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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

20 July 2004

Today is 27 July. While I am damn busy with my paper submitting, Wai Wai n Hui Min r goin back to M'sia then to UK for a good holidays. Gals just wanna hv some fun, yah!! The 2 gals goin to have lots of good food. >_< Dun even want to think bout it, make me miserable only... Anyway gals, hv a good fun then ar. Show me some good foods pic later... Especially the one in UK. High class English afternoon tea. ;)

Ok, get back to my food topic updating.

Glico ice cream

A graduate from our lab who now working in Glico sent us ice cream for Ochugen (a midyear present to express gratitude). Of course, the ice cream brand is Glico. The series that he sent to us is the 'After meal series'. Well, the first time I knew bout this ice cream was bcoz of KK. He was the one who told me tat besides Haagen Dazs, there was another good ice cream from Japan, but much cheaper than Haagen Dazs. (Or was it Wai Wai?) Mix up liao. I was doubt at first, but after tried, do quite believe wat he said.

Instead tat guy's passionate on this ice cream was kind of deep, he sometimes stock up them in his freezer. :P Even take it during the winter!! So wat is ur favorite now in KL ar?

But hey, thanks anyway. U know wat, all my lab people didn't know bout this ice cream when they saw it. Heee... feel proud to tell them tat I had it since 2 years ago. :P

Ok, here is the ice cream. Does it flash u back to ur favorite rum raisin, KK? Tat's my favourite too. And I like the double choc too. Wai wai's favorite on tat. But too bad, the gift this time dun have tat. :(

I chose the rum raisin sandwich. The biscuit were good. Of course like the filling too, but a bit different from the cup style. I still think the taste of the cup style was much better. Can taste the round rum raisin one by one. This sandwich version, the raisins were kind of crash and put in the middle of the sandwich actually. Oh well, it's free, so still enjoy it very much.

Well, among the gift, still have the grape flavour tat I want to try. Guess wat? :P My sensei he can't take sweet thing now because of his teeth problem, so he said I can has his one as well. Yippieeee!! Hehe... yap, I am going to have it next week. Wait for my pic then.

Ok, u can have a look at the other flavours from here. Any tat make u dripping now? :P Heee... I still can't find the double choco, I do hope they still produce this flavor.



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