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Saturday, July 03, 2004

3 July 2004

Snacks Souvenir

As I mentioned, my junior went with one of the lab sensei (teacher) to a conference in Awajishima (an small island in Japan). Here are the 3 kinds of snacks they bought back.

Top is the outlook of an onion cookies. Middle is a sudachi (a kind of citrus) cookies packaging. Bottom is how they look without the package and container. Kind of cute to see from the outer part huh. But nothing special of the cookies. The onion cookies has a good onion smell, but can't really taste the onion. It was sweet in fact. I prefer the sudachi better, at least I can smell and taste the citrus.

Now this one is my favorite. The onion senbei (cracker). Hehe... it didn't look good on table, so I asked my fren to help me to hold it for me to take the picture. (How kind of her). The 2nd pic is how it looks inside. See the brownish dots on the senbei, the onion. Very good taste. And very good smell as well. I just can't stop once I start taking it. But can't really take too much cause need to share among the lab members.

If u notice, it is onion that used as the ingredient in the snack for souvenir. Yap, Awajishima is a famous place for onion plantation. In fact, u can smell the onion pungency everywhere when u are there. I was there 2 years ago. And took a curry rice with onion inside... Too sweet... Curry that is sweet just seem to be something wrong for a spicy lover like me.

Mister Donut

Now, this is not a name of a gentleman. Hehe... it is actually a famous donut franchise store in Japan. Their motto is 'World's Best Coffee & Fresh Donuts'. I dun know how true for the coffee as I never tried them (I am allergic to caffeine). But, they definitely have very good donuts for a very reasonable price.

Interior look of the branch I went today. It is in self service style. Some are counter order. I prefer self service as I can choose the one I like. :P They are not merely donut, but including muffins, pies, jelly and even a few types of Chinese dim sum.

I finished my gym and was damn hungry when I pass through the shop. And they are on the monthly sales. 105yen (RM3.70) for every donut. Hmm... the temptation is too strong. Ok, let it be my dinner for today then. So decided to forget bout the calories and here I am with the mango boat(left) and D-pop(right). The mango boat was a last minute decicion as it was quoted 'New and time limited product'. And I am very weak at seeing this kind of mark. So decided to forget bout my Maccha donut this month. But kind of regretted of changing my mind. The taste was not as good as it looks. Oh well, nvm, no try never know mar...

Normal price of the mango boat is 147yen (RM5.20). It's new, so I dun know the calories inside. But the D-pop is 290kcal with normal price 210yen(Rm7.40). So I usually wait until the monthly sales to buy my favorite donuts. I like D-pop very much as it has 6 flavours on one bite size. Clockwise from the upper left is angel cream (very yummy), golden chocolate, old fashion, choco fashion, coconut chocolate and strawberry ring (least like).

Ok, kind a lot for today. Mata (see u again).


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