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Sunday, July 04, 2004

4 July 2004

It's 11 July today. Has been delayed for a few days to post the pics. Got part-time job for last week. Too tired to deal the pics. But still, late better than nothing. ;) Here are the foods for these few days. Many pics though...

My Diet Meal

As u can see on the top, it's a pretty heavy brunch. Instead, that's my normal breakfast for school days. Usually Saturday and Sunday, I just make my 2 meals into 1, cause lazy to wake up early. Ok, for the left top is the plate with chocolate, fruit (plum) and salad (cucumber only for this time). Next, my water (usually 2 glasses). The spicy sauce in the bottle (very famous brand in China, called Lau Gan Ma). Of course, a huge bowl of soup (usually is miso soup with a lot of vege). Then my yogurt with honey and soybean flour (interval with milk with honey and soybean flour). Below the yogurt is the nori (seaweed) and tofu (momen type). Then finally a pack of natto (Japanese fermented soybean).

Now this is how I make my tofu natto sushi. It is a very important meal for me as I take little carbohydrate during my diet. First I mash the tofu. Then I mix the natto with the soysauce and mustard that come with the pack. Next, I mix the 2 things evenly.

After that, I put the tofu natto mixture on the nori ( I didn't mix for this picture cause want to show the natto and tofu separately). With kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and the spicy sauce as topping, I roll the whole thing and put into my mouth. Mmmmm... the taste is so irresistible.

Natto has a very unique smell and taste. In fact, the texture give a very slimy mouthfeel. Actually I only started to like natto after came to Japan for 2 years. I tried it for once when I reached in Japan, but the smell was too strong. And I don't really like slimy stuff. So until then, I never gave it a 2nd try. It was last year summer that when homestayed in my Japanese teacher's house that I started to like it. From then, I just feel something lost if I didn't take natto for a few days. Hehe... addicted liao... I will find some information later on bout this food. It is a very healthy food.

Mr. Donut again... :P

Ok, I break my own rule. Should be only going to Mr. Donut the next month, but as I didn't had a good one yesterday, it became a great stress on me. And so, after my gym, on the way pass thru this temptation, I decided to go in for my favorite maccha donut.

While I was paying for my donuts, someone tab my shoulder. He was a middle-aged man. He gave me 2 point cards. Kind of surprise to bump into this. Hehe... seem like my decicion of buying donut is a right one. :P (Ok, maybe I am giving excuse for myself).

Now, how do this card work? For every 200yen (RM7.02), one will be given 1 point card. After u collect 10 of them, u will be able to exchange with the stuff that u like for that month. Which means one have to buy at least 2000 (RM70.20) yen of donut before get the stuff.

For this month series, it is the Pon De Lion gift. Not much to my interest actually. But the cushion is kind of cute, isn't it? So from these 3 things, u can choose one if u got 10 point cards.

Ok, back to the donut. Yummy yummy... I got my Maccha donut... :) 126yen (RM4.42) for normal price. The left one is maple muffin, which usually costs 147 yen (RM5.16). One of my favorite too. And during this promotion time, 2 for only 210 yen (RM7.37). Good deal rite? Hehe...

The maccha donut is one of the best donut in Mr. Donut (my personal opinion). Very tasty for both the pastry and the filling. It is maccha cream with milk jelly. Hmm... even mentioning it now making me hungry.... grrrrrr... (Maybe I should prepare for my dinner now.)


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