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Monday, July 05, 2004

5 July 2004

I helped my sensei for the international conference that held in Kyoto. From 5-9 July. But I only worked from 5-8 July. In fact, these few days arubaito give me a great chance to have a lot of materials for my blog. :P Happyyyy... Also, extra income from the arubaito... Happyyyy more...

1st day arubaito (part-time job)

We were provided lunch for everyday arubaito. This is how the outlook of the 1st day bentou (lunch box). Cute little box huh.

When open inside, this is how it looks. A lot of meat. Good for those who are meat eater. But not for a herbivor like me... :(

And so, I went to the person in charge and told them it was impossible for me to take the bentou. They didn't know I am a vegetarian so didn't prepare beforehand. So, they asked me to go to eat alone in the restaurant. And so I went, and bought a sandwich set lunch and eating alone there (sob sob... kind of lonely). And the sandwich was expensive. They dun allow only buy the sandwich, must with the set lunch, so without any other choice, with permission for the person in charge, I had to take it. As u can see on top, sandwich + lemom tart + fruit + tea for 1500 yen (RM52.67).

Welcome party

We were invited too to the welcome party in the conference after our working time for 1st day. Normal food... sandwich (Again!), sushi, spaghetti, salad and other meaty stuff. Nothing much special. But a few things there really worth a mention.

First, is the midarashi dango (a type of Japanese sweets). This is how it looks on the big pot of sweet and salty sticky gravy. My fren told me the gravy is made from soysauce and salt.

I had midarashi dango for a few times, not really to my favorite. So, without any expectation, I just give it a try. Mamamia... Wow!! This one is really good. The dumpling itself was soft and munchy, and the gravy is just to the right balance, not too sweet, not too salty. And it turned up I had 3 sticks for that nite. Even to my own surprise... :P

From the experience of midarashi dango, I was looking forward to having a really good takoyaki (octopus ball) then. But to my disappointment, this one is just only so so. Oh well... I didn't in time to take the picture of how they made it cause by the time I remembered, it was over. Hehe... sorry... Next time.

We also tried the kakigori (flake ice with flavored syrup). This one show how the staff preparing for it. The red bottle is the strawberry flavour and the green one is the honeydew flavour.

My fren went to get the strawberry one. I tried and didn't like it so much. A very strong artificial colouring drink. Oh well, tried it once in a very long time.

Then, I went to get the other flavour to try. This one is better than the strawberry. Hehe... in fact... I dun really like strawberry flavour stuff too much. I prefer fresh strawberry.

Ok, got to stop now. Will continue the other tomorrow or later then. Time for my favorite programme and dinner... Tata.


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