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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

6 July 2004

Today is 12 July. Got 2 huge pails of apparatus for me to wash... :( Ok, get back to my delayed blog.

2nd day bentou

As I required for the vegetarian bentou after my 1st day arubaito, the staff ordered for me. :) Kind of excited to see the menu they have for me.

What present in front of me is a cute blue bentou box. I like this one better than the yesterday one. Maybe becoz I like blue more. :P The word on the bentou box means elegance. And behind the bentou box is the mikan (Japanese orange) juice. Ok, let's see how elegant the stuff inside...

Hmm... I had a look at my frens' first. Sandwich!! Not again. Somehow I have a bad feeling that mine is going to be the similar as well. The half right of the bentou do look better though. At least more vege as compared to the 1st day.

Here I opened my bentou. :( Yap... I am right, it's sandwich again. Not that I dun like sandwich, but after having it consecutively for 3 meals, kind of get tired of it. I am more to a rice person. Arggghhh... Too much carbohydrate for a meal. The vege were so so. What I like the most is the 2 little pieces of cucumber pickle that u can see under the sandwich. Wish they give me more... It will fit well with the rice... but with the sandwich, kind of awkward. Oh well... it's free... so I shouldn't complaint too much. But I did require for a Japanese meal for my 3rd day arubaito then. :P

Green Tea Ceremony

In the conference, they have the green tea ceremony for 6 & 7 July. And so, during the free time of the working time, we take turn to join the tea ceremony. WH, Park, Minami & me went together for the ceremony. It is an Urasenke sect. A very famous sect in the tea ceremony of Japan.

This is the guy who made the tea for us. He has 18 years of experience in making tea already. Wow!!

This is the look of the tea that prepared by him. Can't really see the different if one dun know much bout tea ceremony. But my fren beside me who is also learning the tea told me the bubble of the tea was spreaded very evenly and tiny. When I tried it, yap... very smooth... Good tea.

While I was talking to the man, he was so kind that he offered 4 of us another bowl of tea. Heeee... of course I take it. :P But I know I am going to be imsonia tonite... Oh well, just once in a while. ;)

Miracle Fruit

After the tea, with a great satisfaction of the dessert and the tea that we had, WH suggested us to go for the miracle fruit exhibition that had a booth in the conference. I had always wanted to try it ever since I know it, so without thinking more, here we off for it. :)

This is how a look of a miracle fruit tree. Not a really tall one. But with hot red fruit. Hehe...

This is a near look of the miracle fruit. Not a really big one. About the side of an almond chocolate.

Now, why is it call Miracle Fruit? Cause the fruit itself rarely have any taste, but after u let ur taste bud go around the flesh of the fruit for 1min or so, miracle things happen. U can drink a bottle of 100% lemon juice without any sourness in ur mouth.

Yap, I tried it. In fact, the lemon juice and plan yogurt were too sweet for me after I had the fruit. As I am a heavy sour addictor, I prefer not to loss the sourness actually. I dun know why, but my toungue get numb after spreading the fruit around my taste. Suppose my toungue is too sensitive, cause other people dun have tat feeling. Hmmm...

If u got the chance, must try it. Fun actually...

Nite Time Ice Cream

Me n Park went back to school after the arubaito. And we were told that we can have the ice cream inside the freezer. Hehe... Of course I took it even though it is almost midnite. :P

This is the look of mine. Chocolate flavour. Yummy, my favorite. Wat I didn't know that it is actually a 'fortune telling' ice cream. Interesting.

As u can see, mind is the 3 hearts. I didn't check wat is the meaning as I have throw away the cover before I knew it from my fren. 3 hearts... i suppose it is connected to some kind of romance?? (Wicked smile...) Oh well...

As my fren one, she chose the strawberry flavour. It was the strawberry jam actually. So hers look much prettier than mine even though she has had it half way. A sad face... dun know whether it is a sad divination. Well... Who cares so much. As long as the ice cream are good. And yap, they were good. ;)

Ok, cont. later for the next post. Ciao.


At 4:55 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hey fishfish
I always thought that chado is for ladies only! I didnt find out until today that it has always been men who practiced chado in the past. :p

At 6:01 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hi Pinkcocoa: Nope nope, chado can be for men or women. And the energy of men beating the tea for foaming very useful. The texture becomes so fine. U feel elegant when attending Japanese chado. ;)


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