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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

7 July 2004

3rd Day Bentou

Hehe... I got the bentou I want for today. Japanese style.

The bentou box doesn't look as attractive as the yesterday one. But as it is a Japanese style, I was very looking forward to its inner beauty. :P

I see my fren's one first. Hmm... rice. Yummy... Seem to be kind a lot of seafood than meat. Yap, I was right. 3 types of salmon cooking. A salmon croquette, salmon marinate and salmon fry. Plus the prawn n fishball. Hmm... Now I wonder wat will mine be.

Tarataaa.... This is my bentou. Rice same as the others. But with the dish totally different. I love the lotus root most. The paprika was good too. But I don't like taro. And the Chinese yam was overcook, too soft. I prefer it to be crunchy. But still, it is much better than sandwich. :) Wish they have the egg for me, but none for the 3 days. Oh well...

After my lunch, I saw these Bourbon mini on the desk. Heee... so I took 2 as my dessert after meal. Yummy yummy. Bourbon is my favorite sweets brand in Japan. Not too expensive and very delicious. These 2 are the mini choc. Top is the choco cream, and bottom is the milk choco. Smoothie outside, crispy inside.

Tea Ceremony again!

One of the old lady invited us to go again for the tea ceremony. And she told us no ticket is ok, we are welcome. So this time, I went with one of my sensei and Souma. Didn't have time to take good picture yesterday, so grab the chance to take better pics.

We chose another angle in the tea room. This time, I face the side of the person who makes the tea. Simple pretty elegant little room huh... This is the concept of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

This time is a lady who serves us the tea. I didn't know that she is the wife of the professor who is designated to host the conference. Pretty lady. :) Forgot to ask her how many years she learn the ceremony.

Ok, back to the tea talk. First, she get ready a tea bowl. The pattern of the bowl is the ginkgo leaves. Souma told me it is the symbol of the Urasenke sect. She is also learning this sect, and is more than 8 years already. Woooo....

Then, she puts the green tea powder into the bowl. It is one of the difficult task of how much powder should be added.

Next, she pour the hot water into the tea powder. Only hot water, not boiling water. As it will spoil the taste to the tea.

Finally, she use a tea whisk to beat the tea vigorously until the bubble forming. The image of the ready tea has been showed on 6 July post.

Before the serving of tea, we were given a Japanese dessert. Same as the yesterday one. As it is summer now, so the dessert was also a summer dessert. The lady show me how the package of the dessert. Such a refined outlook.

Then, she gave me the real dessert. Usually, they dun serve with the package on, instead with a Japanese dessert paper. It is a blue colour ayu (sweetfish). This fish is delicious in summer time. But this one is only the imitation. With red bean paste as the flesh and citron jelly as the bone. I like the jelly very much, good taste and nice smell.

Yap, we had 2 bowls of tea again today. Make it 4 in total. :P

After we finished, we went around the garden and getting ready to back to the hall. Oops... I saw something long and dark. Wait a minute, isn't that a snake?? Yap, I bumped into a snake. Quite long, around 2m.

Then my fren told me it is a Japanese striped snake. Not a poisonous type. In fact, it was kind of a good snake, as it stayed still for me to take the pics. Then, I go closer, very close to its back to take the pics in another angle.

After I finished, I think the snake know that I have had enough that it slide away slowly. :P

Ok, tat's all for today. Time for my favorite show now. A new drama, SmapXSmap and Ainori. Tata.


At 5:00 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hey fishfish
me again! hehe.
I want to be invited to cha no yu!!!!! :p The sweets look so cute. Do you know the proper orders of the tea ceremony? *sigh* chado is too expensive ar. oh well. I also cannot remember all the japanese term -_-|||
Ahhhh. That snake is soooooo long. *yikes*
btw, very delicious looking bento you have there!

At 6:04 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Nope, Pinkcocoa, I dun really know the order of tea ceremony. I just follow wat my frens did. 2 gals in my lab r learning chado, one of them hv been learning for 8 years. She even has the qualification to teach people now. *envy* fish fish no such talent n patient for this. :P Btw, I love the snake, it is so cute. Still remember how it stayed still until I finish my photographing. ;)


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