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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

8 July 2004

Today is 13 July. :) And I have 2 things to be hooray about. Heee... 1st, I finish my expenses limitation lifestyle for 1 month finally yesterday. It is like my challenging project. And yap, I did it. With 10,000yen (RM350.57) as my maximum expenses target, I managed to have 1720yen (RM60.65) left after doing all the balance. Yippie!! Hee... finally back to normal this month. Kind of fun doing tat actually. It's a tv programme call Saving Battle (only in Japanese) that inspirate me. See how they utilize fully the 10,000yen for living one month, make me want to challenge myself.

2nd, I finally learnt how to do my tagging for the pics today. Hehe... This I hv to thanks Wai Wai a lot for teaching me. Thanks dear. Muckkkk... So happy to see my cute little 'Kuishinbo~Meow~' in the photos. Getting to feel more like a food blog now.

Ok, back to continue my writing. And it's coming to the 8 July topics.

4th Day Bentou

Today, dun hv much special for the bentou. All sandwich. I didn't hv one, as the staff ask me to buy my own one. Yummy... I bought onigiri (rice ball) and dessert. Didn't take the pics for that cause I hv to be the tour guide translator for that day. But still, I catch a min for taking the outlook of the sandwich box. Kind of Japanese rite? But dun be cheated by its outlook, it is just merely western sandwich inside.

Uchiage (the closing) party

As we hv been working hard these few days for the arubaito. We were rewarded with some kind of closing party for our work. Only the students joining it. The administrators of the conference went to the banquet. They chose a place called Saisenya (in Japanese only). It is actually an Izakaya (a Japanese-style bar). This is my first time to there, maybe will be the last time as well. Too bad... cause they are going to close the shop permanently after 31st July. Wat a pity!! :( They actually offer good food with reasonable price. Here are the foods we had that nite (didn't take a few pics of them).

First, we had Japanese style beanā€starch vermicelli salad as zensai (appetizer). I like this one very much. Just to the right sourness and saltiness.

I then ordered a glass of pineapple juice. Didn't had any juice since I started my diet more than 3 months ago. Yummy... so glad I had it that night. It was a good one. In fact, I slurp 2 of them. :P

The dished were serve in a good speed. This one is the sashimi (sliced raw fish). Clock wise, inside got the wakame (seaweed), hotate (scallop), tako (octopus), maguro (tuna) and the other 2 white meat fish that I don't know the name (I think one of them is the hamachi or young yellowtail). The green leave is the shiso (a beefsteak plant)or rather scientific name Perilla frutescens . I didn't like the taste when I first tried it 4 years ago. But now I kind of like the unique taste of this plant. Especially go well with the sour plum for sushi. :P (Told u I am a sour food addictor).

This mix plate are the common dish that goes well with beer or Japanese wine. Starting from the egg cake in clock wise, comes the fried octopus leg, fried chicken, shishamo (a smelt fish), potato salad, edamame (young soybean), tomato slices and finally the middle one is the salted raw squid. I love the edamame, can't stop having one follow by another...

This one is the normal hotdog and potato. Didn't eat the hotdog, but the potato was good. Brittle outside, powdery inside.

This is the fish marinate. But I only took the top part crispy onion.

Now this one is very worth a mention. In fact, this is my first time try it. It is called tororodon (rice topping with grated long yam). The below bowl is the unmix tororodon with raw egg and seaweed topping it. After adding the soysauce, u mix everything together and it becomes something like the upper bowl. It is slimy. That's why I never try it until that nite. To my surprise it tasted good. Hehe... I think I am getting acceptable with the slimy stuff. The Japanese believe slimy food to be very healthy food... Ex. natto.

I like pickle. But not the egg plant pickle. Taste weird. But the one in this shop gave me another surprise again. It was good. With the taste and the biting feeling. Glad I tried it. Another type of pickle that very worth the mention is the mini gourd pickle. I never seen this pickle before actually. It taste really good. A bit taste like the cucumber pickle, but not so... Hard to describe.

They ordered the fried chicken separately again. I forgot to take the picture until my fren want to take the final piece then I remember. And I think my sudden screaming did make his hand moved away. :P Sorry... had to let me take the pic first before he can put into his mouth. Seem to be very oily for me. Of course I didn't take it cause it's meat!

They called this beef yukke. I think it is a kind of korean food. Raw beef with somekind of marinate. Hope I am right. Also took this pic only when my fren had it halfway. :P

I like agedashi tofu (deep fried bean curd plus some kind of sauce) very much. But this one was just so so. Dun like the batter coating it. But the tofu was not too bad.

Yesh... finally come to the dessert. We ordered one vanilla ice cream and one strawberry sherbet. I love the sherbet. It was really good. Can taste the strawberry flesh inside it. The vanilla ice was just normal. These r the only 2 food that I know the price that nite. Sherbet 190yen (RM6.63), vanilla ice 300yen (RM10.47). If I have more space in my stomach tat time, I will go for 2. Too bad, I can't...

This is a good dinner. Considering I dun have to pay a cent for it. Hmm... wonder if I got this kind of chance again. :P

Ok, tat's all for today. Very long blog. Have to go and do my walking now. Haven't do my sport for many days... No good gal.



At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehee... u r trying to 'patent' ur stuffs, huh?? :D u r welcomed, dear. ^_^ -wai wai

At 9:56 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hi.. can you teach me.. how to tag your pictures..?? thanks in advance.

At 1:40 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hi Mrs Tweety, welcome. :) Sure... it will be my pleasure. I learnt it from my fren too. First, after u resize ur pics until the size u want, go to photo editting software such as Adobe photoshop, Photo Studio etc... I use Photo Studio for the tagging. Easier. Open ur picture file, then use the word typing function to type the word u want. When u satisfied, safe it. And ur pic will hv ur tag on. Try it. If u hv anything not clear, please ask me again. I will try to make the explanation clearer then. Happy trying. :)

At 4:51 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hi, Fish fish.. thanks for teaching me.. but i am using Hello for my photo editing.. so i guess i cannot tag my photos lor.. but thanks anyhow.. i learn something new everyday from other bloggers.
So wat are you studying in Japan..??? You sound like you are having an interesting time.

At 7:20 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Mrs Tweety, was just goin to tell u I hv replied ur comment on the tag. Glad u got it now. oops, I dun know bout the Hello software, anyway, still hope u will be able to get the tagging for ur pics. :) Btw, tweety is my favorite bird. I had one with a very big head at hometown. :P

Oh, I am studying Food Technology in Japan now. Yah... I tried to do a balance between study n fun. But seem like I am having too much fun lately... making my study far behind. Chou yabai! (super dangerous)...


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