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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

9 July 2004

Coming to the 15 July oledi. And still hv a lot of delayed post to do. Tonite one is goin to be a more short writing with a lot of pics cause very tired oledi. We had another closing party for the arubaito. Yap, FOC again. And this time with the teachers joining as well.


This is the name of the Izakaya that we went. Near the main campus area. About 1hr from my campus. My comment on this izakaya: poor service and not good foods most of them. We waited for more than 30 min before they started to serve the meal. Very rare for an izakaya. :( Anyway, just to share with ur all the food we had.

We 1st arranged to this room. Look good? But then they changed us to the 3rd floor room. Not too bad though, even got karaoke system, but none of us sang tat day.

We had 2 types of appetizer to choose. This one is the dish that made from okara (tofu refuse). One of my favourite dish. Healthy. The one in this shop was good.

The 2nd one is the sweet and sour pork. I tasted the onion inside, too sweet. Should be more sour.

This is the beef marinate. I only took the cucumber. Too strong beef flavour on it. My fren said the beef was a bit hard, but as we were all starving with the super slow speed in serving, my frens finish the whole thing before the next meal come up.

Now, this is the yakisoba (stir fry Chinese mee). One of the best I had that nite. But only had little only as many of us share one. After this dish, we have to waited for another 15 min again. Terrible!

And when this potato come up, I just dun care whether it is delicious or not. As long as it can fill up my stomach. Poor Mizunoya, he was the one who arranged to hv dinner in this place, and never expected it to be this kind of situation. He forgot tat day was Friday, Japanese gather in izakaya for eating, drinking and chatting. So besides our big group, there are at least a few more big group who were there at the same time. He was so guilty that he become one of the waiter to serve us the food tat nite. Seeing him in a hard time, just couldn't bear to make complain. So, i went to the other table who were busy talking and drinking, and grab their potato to munch. :P

This is the karaage. Slightly different from the shop Saisenya we went yesterday.

I didn't tried this yakitori (grilled chicken). But frens told me it is the best food on tat nite. I believe so cause she almost had 7-8 sticks on tat. With total 3 plates were ordered.

I ordered the kushiage (skewer fry). But the waiter placed it to wrong place, and other took it. So I reordered and they gave the wrong one with mix vege + meat. Oh well, too lazy to wait, so just take as it was. Only took the egg plant on the right most and the pimento at the 2nd from left. Not a bad taste though.

Then, they have the octopus leg fried coming up. Dun know bout the taste, didn't eat.

Almost the same time, the serve up the rice ball, with 2 flavour. The sake (salmon) and umeshiso (sour plum with beefsteak plant taste). I took one of the umeshiso flavour. Now I become quite full... Hmm...

The ironic part is when we all feeling quite full, then the food come up non-stop. I guess some of the other group has finish the dinner, and they have more staffs to serve us now. This was the tofu steak I ordered. I like it very much. Frens too full oledi, so I finish 2 big pieces of them.

Then, the fried cheese oso come up. This one just so so. Maybe last nite I had a very good one in Saisenya. Feel even more pity now tat Saisenya is goin to close from August. Should have know tat place earlier. :(

This egg cake was not bad. I had one of them. Not really spongy, but good taste.

This is one of the famous dish in this shop. Special though, but too oily. It's called mochimentai. A combination of rice cake with spicy fish egg.

And finally I had the natto fried. This is another dish tat I like besides the yakisoba. Never know natto can taste so good by doing it this way. Must try to make one at home next time.

After I stop taking the food, then the salad comes out...

We went to catch the last train to home when the leftover unserve dish coming up one by one. I wonder anyone goin to take away, cause it's going to be a big waste if they dun do so.

Oops... I totally forgot tat we didn't ordered any dessert on tat nite. Only when we came out from the shop then my fren said we forgot to order the maccha ice cream... aarrgghhh... nvm, just presume it would taste so-so then. :P

Another free dinner. And the bentou tat I brought for dinner at school have to put into the freeze then.

Ok, end for today. Very dizzy now. Tata nite-nite.


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