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Friday, August 13, 2004

13 August 2004

Didn't realise it is Friday the 13th, until now. I was planning to do some posting for the food talk today. But this morning, changed my mind. Have 1 bad news and 1 good news to share with those of you that were same primary school and same secondary school as me.

The bad news first. Sis told me this morning tat Min Fui's father past away on 12 August morning. Still quite a sudden news even though I have know her father's condition few months before. Called her. She is strong enough, sound calm in the phone. I guess the whole family have prepared for the worst. Get thinner when I saw her in Kuching during June... Please accept my condolence once more, my dear Min Fui. May your father lay in peace.

The good news next. Our little fren, Kui Fern (KFC) will be having her Master graduation ceremony tomorrow (14 August) from Unimas. The news bout the convocation is in Sarawak Tribune today. It's has been a very hard time for her these few years, with the study n etc. Really glad that she can proudly stand in front of the stage tomorrow. Congratulations! My dear. I guess by the time you see this blog, you will know that 'secret admirer' that sent you the flower thru Chun Lian is me. I hope you like the flower. Must be a very busy day for you. Got many flowers and blessing in the convo? I believe so. Just want to say "Do believe a brighter future is waiting for you".

Good nite everyone.


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