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Sunday, August 01, 2004

22 July 2004

It's the 1st day of Ogos oledi today. I was thinkin of doin my lab today, then went there n realised the water supply was off. :P Totally forgot after my 3-day trip to Kyoto. Oh well...

Yap, I went to Nagasaki (in Japanese) at Kyushu from 29-31 July. Took a lot of pics there. Goin to talk bout it after I finish these few unpublish topics 1st. :P Delaying too much. So please, be patient. Heee...

Curry House - Spicy

I went to main campus for a short meeting on 22 July , Thursday. Called Narsa (a fren from Mongol) to hv lunch together as she is joinin the meeting too. We went to this Curry House - Spicy,
one of my favorite franchise store in Kansai area mainly. The branch tat we went is the place where Narsa is doin her baito (part time).

Narsa ordered the fried prawn curry. 680 yen (RM23.25). She has spiciness level 3 (Got 3 levels, with level one the mildest), and small portion for her rice (tat give a 50yen discount). Hehe... see the pics? Not too small rite?

As for me, I asked for the summer vegetable curry. Only out in summer time. First time i tried it. As good as usual. Same spiciness and same rice volume as Narsa's one. Same price too. I also ordered a half boiled egg as topping (100yen=RM3.42). We can have free topping on the Fukushin pickle (on top left). And the leader of this shop was so kind, he gave us a rakkyou (pickled scallion) for free (usual price 50 yen). I am crazy bout rakkyou as usual... So actually very touch with tat. Lucky to come for the lunch with Narsa... I guess the good deal is owe to her... ;)

Hmmm... :) A very satisfied lunch.


Went back to the lab around tea time. Aso brought some biscuit again from her house. Biscuit from a hotel. Assorted style. Aso, Mirian n me chose one type each, n we divided it, so we can taste 3 different taste. Smart ler... :P

Oso got some Ayu senbei in the lab. Souvenir from Sawano n Miyamoto. Seem like is from Biwako. Biwako is the biggest lake in Japan. Located in Kansai area. As the amount is limited, I shared it with Mirian. Very crunchy. Like the taste actually. Hmmm... seem like Japanese like to use Ayu (sweetfish) as a topic for making dessert in summer.


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