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Sunday, August 01, 2004

23 July 2004

Shared lunch

Last week, we planned to hv a lunch together today. So, Park, Aso, Mirian and me, each of us make a dish to share. Here r wat we have made. :P

This is the Park made korean famous food, called Chijimi. Is it actually a korean style pancake. Usually with vege, kimchi and seafood. But for this version, Park only use onion and leek. Mild taste. And it is not the reddish style as usual one. Very good to eat with other dish. I ate a lot on this. :P

Aso made Latatu-yu. I think it is a French cold dish. Like this dish too. The kabocha (pumpkin) taste very good. As it is cold, so actually making my appetite very good. Ate a lot of this too.

Mirian is our sweet little sister in our lab. But she didn't make any Brazillian food. She made fried noodle. As I am a vegetarian, she divided her cooking into 2, one with meat, and the other one just purely vege. Sob sob... very touched by her kindness... But i tried both of the version, without taking the meat of the meaty version. :P Taste good too.

And finally... Tang tang!! Fish fish brand Japanese Malaysia vege curry. Hehe.. it's because I use the gravy cube from Japan, and use coconut milk from Malaysia. I didn't dare to make it too spicy, as Mirian can't really take spicy food. Glad I made the right choice cause she really like it. Park n Aso oso like it very much. Very happy to see the whole box of curry was finished.

In fact, the 4 gals finish all the food. And we were all overeating. Burrrrpppppp!!!!! Hazukashii (embarassing). :P


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