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Sunday, August 01, 2004

25 July 2004

Fish fish brand cold soumen

Was wondering wat to eat tonite. Look at the freeze, still got natto left. Must eat cause almost due date oledi. Hmmm... quite a few kinds of left over fresh vege. And also my final bundle of soumen (fine noodle). As it was hot n humid, so I am kind of wanted to have something cold. Bingo... got the idea.

Dang Dang!! Here is wat I come out with all those combination. Wat do u think? Look good?? Hehe... rainbow colour. My main concept when I am making food usually. How bout the taste... Very very tasty. I never thought natto can be taste so good with cold soumen. Wat more with the addition of Japanese seasoning sauce and Chinese black vinegar. Also the topping of spicy sauce tat I always use make it into another kind of nice taste... very spicy though... :P

It is actually very easy to prepare. Just cut watever fresh vege u want inside. I used fried egg too. If u like, u can put something like ham, seafood or meat. Then, the soumen is boiled in hot water, then rinse in ice water before it is serve. Then add in the flavoring. Took less than 20 min to prepare actually. Try it.

Hmmm... the big portion was finish by myself.:P Totemo manzoku! (very satisfy).


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