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Sunday, August 01, 2004

27 July 2004

Seikyo Kishimen

I didn't bring bentou for my dinner today. So hv to buy something in Seikyo (school canteen). Suddenly feel like to eat Kishimen (flat strips noodle). So ordered one, without katsuobushi (sliced fried bonito). So, tat means will just left the spinach. Not enough.

So i buy some more side dishes. Corn, deep fried long yam and oso some Japanese style sandomame (forgot how to say in English, something like long bean). And mix all inside. Put some shichimi (a mixture of red pepper and some other spices) to spice up my soup. Well, I miss Kishimen... so good to eat, but the portion of noodle is a bit too much for me though.


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