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Sunday, August 15, 2004

5 August 2004

Prof. Matsumura went to Tokyo for conference. And he came back with this cute little dango as souvenir. One bite size. It's called pudding dango. Yap, the filling is caramel pudding. Very nice. I like them very much. Ate 2 of them, as got extra left after everyone had theirs. ;) I hint my sensei it was such a good one, and feel 'shiawase' when eating it. Hehe... i guess my sensei got the hint, as he said next time if go will buy again. :P

Tat evening. One the way home, too lazy to cook for dinner. So, stop by in Ozaki to see if got some good half price sushi. Yap... I got it. :P The sushi in Ozaki taste good, but not their tempura. Heee... Miss sushi very much after a while didn't take any of them.


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