I eat so much until people call me Dr. Fish Fish.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Wat a day!!

Today is the final day of September 2004. The typhoon just ended last nite. Today, even though sun started to come out, but the wind blowing r kind of chilly. Really can feel tat it is autumn oledi.

Very very hectic day for me. Came in the lab 1 hr earlier than usual. Coz my turn to tidy up the lab apparatus. Then did my research. On the way, my sensei requested me to prepare something for him to bring over to Ireland. Ok, so tat took another few hrs to finish up.

After lunch, happen that my galley proof for my first journal paper sent to me. So I hv to settle tat today too. :) Heee... so happy finally my first paper can publish online soon in another 1~2 months. Hv to start with the 2nd one now.

While I was damn busy with these stuff, my mum called my hp twice n my lab once. I was away tat time to do my research. When I back, my fren told me mum will call later on. Was kind of shock to hear mum actually called me at tat time. Very unusual time. Wait wait wait, and hv to deal with my work with an up n down heart. I was hard praying deep inside, nothing terrible happen at home. But, it turned up mum didn't call even until over 7.00pm. I wanted to call home, but happen I didn't bring my purse out today, and my phone card was left inside.

So, after settle rush to date work, I quickly cycled home. But something happened on the way back home...

An accident happen. A car knocked down an old couple. I was the 1st person that witness the happening. But I didn't see the moment of the crashing. All I see was the car bend into a small street, then 'BANG!!'... the loud sound shocked me. And when I see inside the street, 2 people were lying there, and the car knock into a big pilar.

I had to stayed there for the police to come, as I was the first person to witness. can't just go away like tat. But felt useless there actually, cause many people there, all I can do is just stand there and watched the 2 people lying on the street with the blood coming out. We can't move them, cause they might hv severe inner fracture or bleeding inside. People keep calling them to keep them awake. The driver was very panic too. Her little daughter kept saying sorry to the couple. Poor little gal, must be terribly scared tat time.

After 10 min, the ambulance came, bring the old lady away. Then 2nd came, bring the old man away. Though they were bleeding (the lady more severe, kind a lot of blood came out from her head), I think they will be not life threatening then (let pray so). Then, the police came. So after the injured guy was brought away too, the police started to lodge a report for the case. Very polite policemen. I kind of like the policemen in Japan actually, not action action think they r big big. And they dun do nonsense work n put the serious matter tat need to be dealt with aside. They get my name n phone number, and asked me a few question, then said I can go home now. Gosh! Know how anxious I was tat time? My mind kept thinking bout the call from my mum, seeing this accident myself even made me more worry.

While waiting for the policeman to asked me, I took a couple of pics of the incident. Didn't take the pics of the lying down 2 persons tat time, no good to take picture during tat kind of happening I think. So all I hv was the blood spots both of them left. Wat I was curious with was the cigarette, an unlit cigarette. According to the people stay in the neighbourhood, the lady tat was knocked down hv been standing in the corner for quite sometimes. (Hmm... I dun know, b4 I heard this statement, the moment I saw the way they lie down on the street, I just felt something very strange bout this accident. I can't really say why, but my sense told me so...) The handkerchief was belonged to the driver n another bypass lady. BLOOD!! Shuddering... If my papa or brother see it, they sure will get fainted. They r very scared of blood.

I oso took a pic of the crashed car. The little cube need a good 'operation' as well.

I rushed back home n quickly called home the moment I put down my bag. Thank goodness!! Mum called me just regarding my passport requirement for the visa application of my sister travelling to Japan end of Oct. I felt so relief tat time. But at the same time, was kind of angry mum called me tat urgent in the day time becoz of this. Made me worry whole day, think nonsense. But I m really glad, no news means good news. Hmm... seem like application to Japan really getting more strict, even for short term travelling.

Ai yar... really believe tat when u r too free, even want to kill mosquito to spend ur time, nothing happen. But when u r in the moment u wish u r like 'Dolly' the lamb, things will just seem to happen in one go. How I am really glad the final day of Sept 2004 ended.

October... new month, new start... nice start. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Taiwan 5th day (1)

30th August (5th day)

We decided to take flight to Taipei, instead of using bus or train. Coz too wasting time. We wanted to take our time more slowly to look around rather than just sitting on a vehicle whole day long. So, after the help from Tong Hai Resort Hotel owner last nite, we booked our flight ticket online. So our trip on 5th day turned out to be a schedule like this.

Tong Hai Resort Hotel - Kenting Farm - Tong Hai Resort Hotel - Hen Chun Airport - Song Shan Airport - Nan Guo Hotel - Train - Ji Long City - Kek Lok Temple - Zong Zheng Park - Ji Long Nite Market - Train - Taipei City - Nan Guo Hotel

We went back to the same shop for breakfast again. But with different menu. I felt like having porridge, so chose peanut, salty egg n vegetarian soybean stick to eat with Di Gua Zhou (porridge with sweet potato). Oso get one corn soup. Hui Wen dun like much these stuffs, instead she ate very few of these.

We then added one Ge Pau (Sliced bun) (right) and one sandwich with meat fluff (left). Luckily, she likes them, especially the sandwich. The breakfast this morning was 175TD. Our conclusion for the 2 days breakfast, eating too much egg. :P

After the breakfast, we walked towards the farm. But on half way, Hui Wen reminded me tat the Tong Hai hotel boss promised to lend us the bicycle for free if we need it. But tat time, we oledi half way to the place. And when we omost walk 80% of the journey, we still decided to walk back all the way again to the hotel to get the bicycles. Heee... silly uncertain gals. But, we did glad we finally made the right decision, cause tat really made us travel further to see much more things then. Wat more, we dun hv to rush for bus to go to the airport, cause the boss offer to send us to the airport himself. Sob sob... wat a very kind man.

This is the Kenting cow farm that we were looking for. Not too many cows actually, but nice green field with very fresh air (oh wait, except some 'fragrance' of cow shit). :P

We cycled until very deep inside the farm. And when the time we get out from their, arrrgghhhh... heavy rain started again. Damn!! So we rushed so fast back to the hotel.

Our flight was at 12.30pm. When we omost packed up everything, ready to check out and go to the airport, the hotel owner called me in urgent. He wanted me to do translation for him. I was thinking he wanted me to help with the English. When I rushed down, then I realised there were 2 Japanese sisters who oso the hotel guests trying to communicate with him, but chicken n duck talk, no kam cheng.

So, I hv to stay in the frontier to help them. These 2 sisters wanted to cancel n rebook their hotel by using phone. Due to different language, the 2 sides were trying very hard to explain things to each other. Poor guy, was so anxious tat time. Until he unpurposedly cut off their phone. And it's 50TD inside, no refund from the phone. The 2 gals scolded him for hang up their phone and made them lost 50TD just like tat... Without hesitating, he quickly get own the 50TD pay them back. (Frankly speaking, these 2 gals kind of fierce tat time. :P)

So, finally the thing was settled when i taught them how to look for book flight online in Mandarin homepage. Actually I was very very rush, cause it was 12pm oledi, only 30 min for the flight to fly. Gosh!! U can imagine how worry I was. Until final minutes, we quickly departure with a damn heavy rain to the airport. We reach there 15 min before the flight fly. Luckily, it is very small model plane, and they still let us check in. Woooosshhh!!!! Wat a rush.

We really glad we made the right choice for the Tong Hai Resort Hotel. The owner n his wife really helped us a lot. It's not something tat money can buy with. We felt like home when we stayed there, instead. Really need to write him and his family and TQ letter, but might be in another few weeks time.

So, if u happen to go to Kenting, I would strongly recommend u to stay there. (Heee... help him to make a free CM here.)

So, this is how the Hen Chun airport looks like. Small little airport, quiet n clean. So ironic tat when we reached the airport, the rain stopped. Uurrggghhh...

The domestic flight tat operate tat day was Uni Air. There is only one flight per day from Hen Chun to Taipei. We are lucky to be able to get the seats, even more lucky we were in time for the flight. Or else the 2 gals might hv to squad in Kenting crying loud loud... :P

The lobby of the airport is oledi the departing hall. I think we were the last passengers tat reach tat day. Heee...

I like this small airport actually. Kind of new. And more important thing, this will be our departing gate to Taipei... Yeah!!

This is how the plane we took look like. Very small plane, can fit in around 50 passengers. I think the smallest flight I hv ever tried was my trip to Mulu Cave from Miri. Only 15 passengers. Ai yor, the pilot was damn handsome... My frens n me just can't stop teasing him (one of the gal's bf is oso with us. brave!!). :P He was so kind to fly thru the pinnacles in Mulu Cave to let us see tat time.

As it is a very small flight, we r not allowed too use any electronic devices actually. I didn't hear the announcement. So a couple pics, before I was stopped by the stewardess. :( Oh well, at least I got a few, better than nothing. This one was the sky view one unknown city (or town?) Only 2 stewardess was with us. Sweet gals.

We were given 2 types of packed drink as inflight drink. I chose the apple one. Then I requested for one package of sport drink as well, told her I wanted to hv the other one for photographing. She came back with 2, one for Hui Wen as well. Nice nice gal. She told me to bring down for snapshot then. :)

The flight took around 75 min to reach Taipei Song Shan Airport. Ticket for one form Hen Chun to Taipei is 2130TD. Ai yor, the moment we reached Taipei, Hui Wen n I was so happy. Hooray!!! After do some more forex there, we took a bus heading to the city (very cheap, 15TD per person from the airport to Taipei railway station). Finally our last destination in Taiwan - Taipei.... Yeah!!!

Stay tune. Will be a lot of fun fun thing in Taipei then. ;)

Tata, nite nite.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Taiwan 4th day

29 August 2004 (4th day)

Tong Hai Resort Hotel - Kenting National Park - Er Luan Bi Park - National Marine Museum - Tong Hai Resort Hotel - Kenting Street - Tong Hai Resort Hotel

Found one good site, Visit Taiwan Year 2004.

The owner of Tong Hai Resort Hotel was not only kind to lend me their pc for my photo downloading. But oso let us used their washing machine for free to do our laundry. We really need tat as our clothes are quite smelly due to a few days uncertain heavy rain and strong sun.

The morning when we woke up, oh oh... sky very dull. And yap, it's raining again outside. Arrrggghhh... I was hoping my shoes to get dry quicker by putting in the balconi to wind dry, but it became even more wet. :(

So while Hui Wen was taking her bath, I was busy the whole morning use the hair dry to dry my shoes. :P Hmm... it's dry, but the smell of the shoes... Yark!! No choice.

The boss offer to drive us up to the Kenting National Park at 8am. When we went down the lobby, he was still sleepin. Poor guy, guess he must be tired after a very busy nite with the frontier. So we sneaked out to find some food, be4 wake him up.

We found a nice shop selling breakfast. Self service style. Quite many people tat time. Seem like not many shops open in the morning, this is one of the very few tat offer breakfast.

Top row, from left are soymilk, man tou (white bun) and wan kueh (bowl dessert).
Lower row, left: Dan Bing (egg pancake) and fried noodle.

All are good. Especially like the wan kueh n fried noodle.

We then decided to take another menu. It's Luo Buo Gao (Radish pancake). Well, not as good as the look. Both of us kind a disappointed with this final plate. Or is it becoz we r getting almost full oledi tat time. :P All the food are for 140TD.

Then when we got home, the boss woke up. He saw us came back from outside, kind a surprise. We told him we let him sleep more, so went to look for mum mum. Kind of us ler... :P Actually we really feel guilty owez let him helps us a lot.

So, we then headed to the Kenting National Park by his car.

Maybe we put too high expectation on the word 'National Park'. Hui Wen n I actually were very disappointed with it. Hmm... before came here, the boss was telling us we need a long time to look inside here, and it's very big. Well... if u been to Bako National Park, or even Mulu National Park or any other National Park in Malaysia, I advice u dun put too much expectation on this Kenting National Park. U can hv a close look of Adventure with Nature in Malaysia by downloading this brochure if u want. Kenting NP is just too artificial for the 2 gals. Well, luckily, the entrance fee was not too expensive, wat more we were given student discount. And since we were there, so might as well enjoy the scene, instead of grumbling more and made ourself more miserable of a heavy rainy morning. But anyway, we try to spot some of the real nature in this park though.

This is the stone shaped naturally by the power of nature. They call this the 'kissing rock'. Looks like a couple kissing. Heee... I did help a couple to take picture here. Hmmm...

Now, one of the thing I like in this park, many little yellow crabs in this NP. Wat more, it's a rainy day, so they all really coming out to enjoy the rain. Ai yar... this little crab was trying to attack my camera when the camera flash worked. Poor little thing, must thought tat it was some kind of strong storm.

I spotted one clever little snail was hiding under some leaves. The leaves got wet, but little snail remain as dry as a sunny day. Heee...

Before the end of our journey, I took a pic of this big fruit. I dun know wat its name. But really very big fruit. Guess it's not safe for eating though.

We finished the NP tour half of the suggested time by the park. Well... tat's good too, we can hv more time for other places then. The fastest bus come was in another 1 hr. So, after think think think, we decided to try our luck to see if anyone would let us have a free ride down to the town.

Guess wat? We were very lucky. The guide of the park was just in time for lunch in the town, when he saw us sign for free ride, he really stopped for us. Lucky! And there we off to the town for taking bus.

He let us down in Xiao Wan (small bay), a small beach in front of Caesar Hotel in Kenting. We wanted to take the Kenting Street Bus to Er Luan Bi.

Er Luan Bi is said to be one of the 8 most beautiful scene in Taiwan. We didn't put much expectation on it after the NP tour.

However, after we reached the place, we glad it was better than we hv thought. They got a good green field for the 2 gals to make funny pics. We were trying to catch a jumping snapshot at this spot by ourself using a tripod and automatic timing. Guess wat? The gals jumped for more than 10 times, then finally we managed to take only one satisfy one. Gosh!! We were really exhausted tat time.

Then, we saw some path was closed, and signed dangerous. So, tat attracted both of us more. And yap, we past the blocking rope, and here we r with rocky land and heavy wave. I like this one quite a lot actually. The waves were kind of high actually. But dun worry, we r in a location safe from bring away by the waves.

Then, we reached this lite house in a very heavy rain condition. The 2 gals really looked like chicken tat fall into soup. Ai yor... since we oledi wet so much, so we might as well dun care bout rain and take picture without the umbrella in front of this lite house. Too bad, it was too grey sky for taking good picture of this nice little lite house.

We ended the Er Luan Bi tour when the rain was really damn heavy. We jump on the Kenting Street Bus tat happen to came tat time, and heading towards National Muzeum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.

We were kind of very hungry when we reached the place. So we decided to settle our lunch around 3pm time at the cafeteria in this muzeum. Hui Wen ordered curry rice. We thought it's something like in Malaysia, but it turned up to be a typical kind Japanese curry. Hmm... the taste? I think the Japan one taste better. So do Hui Wen. She is not too keen into Japanese curry actually. I like spicy level 4 or 5 Japanese curry, but not the one below these.

As for me, I ordered one Pizza. Ok, actually dun know wat to order. coz they dun hv much choices on the menu. So might as well stick to a pizza, easy to eat.

We oso ordered drink. Hui Wen asked for Lavender Tea. She wanted to taste how is it cause she never had one. (UUrrr... i would say I am not a fan of lavender stuff. So, after a trying a sip on the tea, oh oh... no TQ, tat's enough.). In fact, Hui Wen just had a small cup of it, and the whole pot was wasted. If u want me to tell u the truth... the tea taste really terrible. :(

My one is hot milk tea. Turned up to be a very big portion. Well, this one was good. I finish the whole thing.

The total price for these 4 things were kind of expensive, 414TD. Well, it's a tourist destination, so can guess oledi for the pricing standard.

Inside the museum, they have one good tunnel. Not too long, but u can see the nice nice fish swimming over ur head.

Hee... this pic was taken from a coral aquarium. Didn't expect the pic turned out to be this clear without any reflection of the mirror. Actually I tried to apply the technique tat Hui Wen taught me. Seem like it is a success. Thanks dear.

This is another artificial undersea scene tat I 'steal' from the museum. Not bad too... :P

We finish our tour finally around 7pm, and took the final bus back to Kenting street. It was damn rainy whole day, and we have to bare with the wetness whole day by walking around. Hmmm... very patient.

Went back to hotel rest for a while, took a hot bath n hunting for our dinner again.

We decided to go back again to the Lu Wei shop for our second nite dinner there. This time, we wanted to eat it with empty stomach. :P We took some of the things same as yesterday, but some new stuffs too. One of my biggest flavour is fat white shoot tat is very crunchy. dun know the exact name. Ah~~ big plate again.

Oops... actually another big plate. This one is the CHO plate. Beside the noodle, we oso took some kueh tiaw n vermicelli. Oooo~~~ the kueh tiaw was so good. It is thicker, fatter and wider than the one in Malaysia. Very good mouthfeel. The 2 gals just couldn't help to finish the whole 2 big plates again. Total price 200TD.

We were thinking to try the smelly BBQ tofu again. Too bad, it was not open tat nite. Guess the heavy rain made him rest. :( :( Wanted to eat again the tofu so much.

We stroll around the shops to buy some wearing n souvenirs. The Kenting street was very quiet tat nite, just a few people walking around. Heavy rain, who wants to go out on a nite like this on foot? Except these 2 crazy gals. :P

Then, we finally got ourself another glass of fresh 100% mango juice. And there we off back to our home sweet room for zzzzzzz...

Wat a day!!

Mooncake Festival

Happy Mooncake Festival

So, this year is the mid-autumn festival without any moon in the sky. Not to mention for a full moon. It is raining now outside. Hmmm... kind a lonely for a gathering occasion like this to eat the mooncake alone.

Hui Wen gave me one of the Hai Wai Tian single egg yolk lotus paste mooncake. Ai yor... was so happy when Kok Han passed me the mooncake the other day.

Yesterday, Kan came to look for me. He past me these 2 little things as souvenir. Not really a mooncake, but I save it for today celebration. The small round thing is a green bean paste puff.

So, this is how they look after I unwrap them. Hmm... look yummy? Yap, sure they r. But too much for me. I just finish 1/3 of them. Safe the other for tomorrow then. I love the lotus the most, my old favorite all the time. Used to can't take the egg yolk in mooncake at all, but today I tried, hmmm... not too bad. But still, the lotus paste is the best. :P

HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL!! I hope Kuching hv a round round moon.

Time to call home... Heeeee

Monday, September 27, 2004

Taiwan 3rd day (2)

We reached Kenting at late evening. It was heavy rain, didn't able to c any sunset. :( But we managed to find a nice resort hotel. It was Saturday, everywhere is tourists. And the hotel mostly fully book, despite of the hotel room fee is more than double than weekdays. Ok, we admit we chose the wrong days to go to Kenting. But in fact, we didn't thought it was weekends when the time we reached. Totally forgot bout day passing when u do travelling. :P

The hotel is named Tong Hai Resort Hotel. This is how the outlook like. A very small hotel actually, with only 2 floors of hotel rooms. They left the final room of 2 double beds. 2500TD per room for Saturday nite. And 1500TD for Sunday nite. The room rate is according to room type n which day u stay. Yap, we stayed in Kenting for 2 days, cause kind of a waste for a long journey just to come here rush rush then away again.

This is how our room looks like. Nice nice bed. Yap, very spacious for a 2 gal to sleep on one bed each. :P Well, Hui Wen n me think we really need a good rest, why not go for something luxurious once a while. ;)

Here is another corner with the mirror n wardrobe.

The bathroom n toilet r in one. Too bad they dun hv the bath tub. Only the standing type shower.

But we hv a little balconi of our own. The 2 gals didn't use the balconi. Cause most of our time is outside. Heee...

After a refresh of a good hot shower, hmmm... we went out to hunt for mum mum. Yummy!!

The nite market of the Kenting street was very merry today. Guessed becoz it was a weekend time.

The first food tat really attracted my sight was this Chou Tou Fu. Mmmm... BBQ style. Of course want to try. Ordered 2 flavour. One is the Sha Cha flavour, and another one is the Sweet n Spicy sauce. One stick for 30TD. Has black pepper flavour too, but we didn't try. So after turn n turn...

Then the boss ask one by one...

"Want spicy or not?"

"Want!"... "Dun want!"...

Then he looked at me... "U ler?"

"Want!"... Can't wait for my turn to give this answer. Sound so fun. Hehe... sound like a teacher asking students one by one, and the student answered in order.

The taste?? The 2 gals got so excited with these smelly tofu. I just couldn't stop saying "Oishii!! (Delicious!!)" or "Shiawase! (Happiness!)" all the time when eating it. Hui Wen love it too. She prefer the Sweet n Spicy more, I love both.

This attracted Hui Wen so much when I was buying the Chou Tofu. She want to buy a grilled whole squid. The squid was grilled in a whole, when it was done, then it was cut by scissors, and turned into something like this. Hui Wen love this one so much too. She said the squid was very sweet n soft. Dun know the price, forgot ask Hui Wen. Hmmm... if only my mum see this. She can't resist something like this.

We agreed we should hv something cooling after hot stuff. Happened tat we past thru this stall, selling Liang Gao (Cooling dessert). Look nice. So we had one package of all flavour mixed. Green tea, sweet potato, green bean n red bean. I like the green bean the most. 50TD per package of 15 balls.

Hui Wen saw this stall selling freshly fried squid ball. 3 balls in one stick for 10TD. Well, she said the taste was ok.

The food was making us thirsty. So, we decided to buy some drink. This drink is called San Fen Yuan (Hill powder ball). 20TD each glass. Big glass. Cooling. Very strange kind of taste. Sweet sour, and the black spot is the seed. "Kachik, kachik!" And the flesh outside very slimy. Heee...

We see a young guy selling something written Nai Qiu (milk ball). Eeee... milk ball? So we see how he made it. Very easy. He just cut a small cube of yellow stuff, throw it into the hot oil for deep frying. Phewww!! In seconds, it changed into something like this round round stuff. Amazing, like seeing a magic show. Heee... We bought one. 20TD. Well, the taste is custard actually. I m enjoying the performance much more than the taste.

We walked to the end of the nite market. Then there was some performance there. The 2 gals on stage was singing Mandarin n English song. Well, not too bad. But the slimmer gal at the back can't pronounce the English word too good. Voice not bad though. Think they sang Roxette "Sleeping in my car". Haven't heard it for a long long time.

Then, we turned back and walked the other side of the market. We saw some stalls selling peeled fruit. Bought 2 packs. Red dragon fruit n mango. Hmm... the dragon fruit was very disappointing. Definitely not the one I owez had in Kuching. (Aiyah! Few days ago when I called my mum, she said she has found a good place to get me the red dragon fruit. Very sweet indeed. :) Hmm... so next time I can eat as much I want when I get home then. Yippie!!) We oso bought some Xiang Cui Tiao (Crispy stick). The 3 things cost 100TD. Well, the Xiang Cui Tiao was just so so. Had much better one in Japan. Think it should be introduced from Japan to Taiwan.

We bought 2 peach too on the way. One for 20TD. Imported stuff. But very crunchy n sweet. I love it.

Now, Kuching is very famous with oyster fry. Indeed, quite a few restaurant offer very nice osyter fry. Taiwan oso hv. They call it Ou Wa Jian. Hmm... I dun like it. Cause the pancake part is too soft, and a bit too rubbery. Hui Wen said the oyster was not good too. Dun like the way they eat it with this red red chili sauce too. 40TD for one. Aarrgghhh... after having it, I wish so much to munch on the crispy Kuching osyter fry.

After the food. We felt kara kara (thirsty) again. So we bought one Dong Gua Cha (Dong Gua tea) for sooth our throat. Ahhh~~ so nice.

We were just a few stalls from our hotel when we saw this shop. They r selling Taiwanese Lu Wei. This guy was shouting whole nite "Huan Yin Guang Ling!" (welcome). Heee... well he did attracted our attention. And yap, we turned into one of his 'victim'. Actually, it's the food tat make us drop into the store.

We dun know how much things we took. But I just know I keep asking "Is this meat?" "Yes.... No... Yes... No... No, but made from blood..." he answered my Q one by one. So I got the things I wanted to try, and Hui Wen got hers. We dumped the foods into a big plastic net bucket. And sit down waiting for our food to come up. We waited for quite sometimes, then Hui Wen asked me "Wat is our number?" "Ah? Number? Ooopsss... did he tell us?" "Yes, he did, but I forgot to remember..." Hui Wen said. Oh oh... I went up to tell the owner. He asked me which one... then finally found mine when I mention the stuffs we took. Aiyor... these clumsy 2 gals...

Yippie!! Finally the food came up to us. Yap, sure they got the correct one. A very big plate. They put the whole things into the boiling pot. Then take out and topping with sauce. This sauce was really good. And this plate was really big. How big? I think a diameter of about 35cm. So u can see how much food it is.

Oso we had a small bowl of this Yi Mian (noodle). They added kangkung for us. Heee... Hui Wen love this Yi Mian n kangkung so much. The whole things r for 180TD. Good price.

The taste of the whole things was very good. U see, even the 2 gals hv had so much thing before we ate this Lu Wei.... Hmmm... guess wat? Yap, we finish the whole things. We was kind of shock to see the big plate in the first place, but we even more surprise when we talk talk talk bout our next day trip that we finish the whole food. U can imagine our stomach tat time like a frog's one. :P Nope, should say we r ruminant. Heee... 4 stomachs.

We went back to the hotel finally. But I was in a great anxiety to look for one internet cafe to download my xD memory stick into my USB flash memory. The lady boss of the owner told us the place.

We managed to find it. About 5 min walk from the hotel. We went inside. Eee??? No one looking after the stall. Ai yah... lazybone, where has he hide? wait wait wait.. nobody hiew us...

"Excuse me... may I know who is the person incharge here?" I ask a young teenager nearest to us.

"Ah... here is no one look after shop. U just put in the coin into this box, and u will be able to use the internet." She told us. Then showed as the way.

Ai yor!! The 2 sakai gals really felt like digging some deep hole to hide inside tat moment. We really blushed. Ok... i never seen one like this in M'sia. And I never been to any internet cafe in Japan. Can't blame me ler... Hui Wen oso dun know. Heeee... :P

Hey, know how much it is? Only 10TD for 30 min. Very cheap. Too bad, the USB port is not functionable. :( :("

Went back to the hotel sadly, saw the boss n the lady boss there. Told him my problem. Was kind of surprise he asked me to use his. Aiyar... so I became the front counter person for quite some time, downloading my pics. A safe downloading. If not, will be a lot of good pics be missing from this blog today.

Sob sob!!! Really felt like giving a good good hug to him tat time. Ooopssss!! Definitely not. Or else, the lady boss will kick me out. Ouch!!! Heee...

Hmmmm... very sweet sleep tat nite thinking I can take more picture without worrying no more memory. Yippie!!!!