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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

13 August 2004

Typhoon & Earthquake!!

Yesterday, 7 Sept, Japan was in a big wind disaster. The land was pounded by the typhoon Songda, making it the 7th typhoon hitting Japan. For further reading, can refer to one of the news I found online. For my living place (Kyoto), it was not so terrible. Felt the strong wind, but not as strong until u can't walk. But for some of the places, the highest wind speed even detected over 40m/second (144km/h). I went home early last nite, so stay safe safe in my room watching the news. Until today noon, latest Japanese news was saying 19 people were reported dead, and 20 were lost in whole Japan.

I felt 2 earthquakes yesterday too. Though not as strong as one on Sunday. This morning, when I reached the lab, frens was saying another earthquake in early morning around 4.00am. I didn't feel tat one, maybe I slept too deep... :P But it seems like very abnormal to have non-stop earthquake for these few days. I do really hope it is not a sign for something worse. Have to pray hard...

Been a good gal doin my work for this whole day. So tonite, got time to update my blog a bit. Here we go, back to the 13 August post.


This is a small bakery shop opposite my school. A very famous shop around my school area. I seldom buy the bun there, cause although it is delicious, very high calories content. Since today school canteen is having the summer holidays, so me n Aso went to buy buns at Tamakitei for lunch.

Aso bought a mixed sandwich n a normal french bun (lower left n upper left). As for me, I bought a peach danish (lower middle) and a melon bun (upper right). Melon bun is a big hit in Japan. The name came from its shape looks like a rock melon. Usually it is not so buttery, but the one in Tamakitei is extremely rich. Good for those like strong taste. The reason why I bought it because for past few days, I ate 2 lousy melon bun, making me craving for a good one. And for a balance to these high carbohydrate, high fat stuff, I bought a red veggie n fruit juice. Kagome brand. One of my favorite brand. Yummy!! Got a commercial online for this series. The actor in this CM is a famous baseball player in Japan, now active in US. His name is Matsui Hideki.Me know nothing bout baseball, but u dun hv to know bout baseball in knowing him in Japan.


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