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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

20 September 2004

Autumn Equinox Day

It's finally coming to the autumn today. Autumn equinox day, a day where day time n night time are equally long. It's a public holidays here. So, grab today's time to update as much my blog as possible, especially my Taiwan trip. :P

Tiger Airways

Last week, when I called my mum, she mentioned to me bout this new airlines in Singapore, Tiger Airways. So I checked the net, seem to be very new. Started to fly on 15 Sept. But now only to Bangkok, Hatyai n Phuket. According to my mum, this airlines are now in negotiation with the tourism connected parties, and if it's a success, there will be cheap air way for trip from Kuching to Singapore n vice versa. I dun know how true is this rumour, but I do hope it will become a reality then. How cheap will it be? Can't say it now, coz not a confirmation yet. But for sure, it will be a great rival to Air Asia in a few years time. Hehe... isn't it a good news for us, the consumers?? More choices.

Other Sarawakian blogs

I started to read other blogs than mum-mum lately. Kind of interesting to see different people, different way of blogging. A way for me to learn n improve my blog too. I must say a lot of these blog are very well maintained. Much more sophisticated and advance than fish fish one. (*Blush*) Sometimes, I hv even wondered, if my blogging will be meaningful then. But a note letter from Chun Lian totally change my mind. She wrote inside " FF, there will be bunches of people out there who r bloggers that do much better than u in term of presentation and the usage of this media. But for me, ff is ff, the only in this world. Everything u present in the blog means special to me. This, no one can beat cause it's written by u." I omost cry out when I read this. Yap, even I can't be the number 1, I will owez be the only one. Thanks dear.

And for all the bloggers out there, I'm sure every piece we wrote, will somehow be very meaningful for someone, either our very close one or someone who never know who we are. So, all bloggers, let's ganbatte to make this world a better place. :P

Heeee... sorry... dragging too far away...

Back to the 3 blogs I want to introduce today.

Ever think of if an engineer can be a great cook? He is. Check out for cooknengr2. Hey, he's from Sarawak. :)

Ok, this one is the Cooking For Engineer. But I dun know if the blogger an engineer or wat. However, the way he teaches the recipe, is sure damn systematic and very easy to understand.

KFC, u will like these 2. Hehe... maybe u would like to consider be the next good cooking skill engineer? :P

Next, I must say I m kind of surprise the first time I browse thru this blog - sixthseal.com. It's a food blog, partly. But other much more different things tat attracting me to read more. Wat? Read it for urself then. Warning: Some of the contents are critical. Be smart in handling. ;) Hey, he's a Sarawakian too. But can't believe he is same age as Khee Ing and Siew Tiat.

Well, enjoy reading these blogs.

Anyone can teach me how to put the blogs index on my right side column for future reference? Thanks.

Ok, next post, my Taiwan trip. Stay tune.


At 11:25 PM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

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At 11:26 PM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

hi there.. I have been your silent reader for more than a month. would like to tell you that i enjoy reading your blog and found it entertaining. I even linked your blog to mine (sorry for not asking your permission first, but good things are meant to be shared right?).. :)

Hmm.. regarding tiger airways.. yeah they are really offering cheap tickets but not sure if they will start kuching to singapore route. all that I know was that they offered singapore-hatyai at S$1.00. which was ridiculously cheap compared to RM69.90 by air asia.

I have not met you before but hopefully one day I will. Since you are so familiar with the good food in kyoto, I'll definitely look for u when i am there. How come patrick and lam never introduce you to me before?? sigh..

btw, i am angeline. a newbie in kobe (but currently in malaysia for holiday). will start my masters next april if i pass my entrance exam (keeping my fingers crossed..). hope to meet you some day.. keep up the good work.. i am always looking forward to reading your blog! :)

At 12:32 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hi Angeline, nice to know u. And tqvm for the support to this blog. Glad to know u like it. Patrick n Ah Fu oso didn't mention u to me. Patrick's lab is just one floor lower than mine. Hmm... we must meet one day for a nice talk. Let me know when u come to Kyoto then. Got one Ramen shop tat I want to go n try in Kyoto. Maybe we can go n try together. Hee.. Or maybe when I go to Kobe, we can have a good dessert tea time. Good luck to ur exam. Looking forward to seeing u in M1. :) Till then, hv a nice holidays back to M'sia.


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