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Saturday, September 11, 2004

22 August 2004

Hakodate Ichiba again

Ok, after Sylvia saw my blog on this Hakodate Ichiba near my house, she c-mailed me on 21 August, to see if I am free to go with her the next day for this sushi shop. Well, as it's very near my house, n nothing particular for me on tat weekend, the 2 gals are heading for some good Japanese stuff again. :P

Well, we did order a few food same as last time. This time, goin to post the new one tat we ordered. Go to this for the last time post. Yellow plate:126yen (RM4.37), maroon: 168yen (RM5.82), green: 220yen (RM7.62), orange: 300yen (RM10.40).

Sylvia took one amaebi (sweet prawn). I never tried one, but frens said they r really sweet. See the pinkish colour? It's the original colour even with out cooking. Looks pretty.

Sylvia kind of like shellfish. I dun know the particular name of this one, so just call it shellfish then. :P Sylvia said it's very fresh, and the meat is very munchy.

She likes kani miso (crab paste) very much. RAW!! I ask her how does it taste? She said a bit bitter, and a bit fishy. But tat is where the attraction is. Hmmm... hard for a vegetarian like me to understand. But seeing her very happy face while eating it, I know it must be good for those who know how to enjoy it. Big sis, would u like to try it when u come?

After that, even though she is so full oledi, after seeing this unagi (eel), she shake out her stomach a bit for some space to fill in it. Now, among all the sushi, I think she looks the most shiawase (happiness) with this plate. She said the eel taste so good.

As for me, I wanted something light. Miss pickle too. So chose this shinkomaki (pickled radish). A bit sweet. Very chrunchy. Very common pickle in Japan.

After the main meal, we order 2 desserts. The first one is the cheese cake make from Hokkaido milk. Not too bad. But I prefer my own big sis one. She can make one of the best marble cheese cake tat I hv ever had. Yummy!!

The 2nd one, is the pudding. Mmmmmmm~~~~~ Sylvia n me were quite surprise with the taste of this pudding. I had uncounted pudding before, this one is one of the best. It was sooooo creamy. Very very smooth. The moment Sylvia n me put it into our mouth, we can really feel tat we r very lucky, very touch indeed. Too bad can't bring back to Malaysia, or else, really want to let my family try. Hmmmm...

Sylvia:"Yong, this is a great place. I love their sushi. But I think the pudding is the best."

Heee... so I think she forgot bout the unagi she had earlier oledi. :P

After tat, where did the 2 gal go?? KARAOKE, of course. :P :P Ciao ciao.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey, nice pictures, very "warm" in photography term. Your food blog is great because it shows the reader Japanese food other than Sushi, teriyaki and tempura.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Thanks, ur comment is a great encouragement for me. I really adore for an engineer like u, can love n appreciate food as much. :) Yap, I was trying to tell people, Japanese food is just not sushi n tempura. They hv much more things to discover.


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