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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Taiwan 2nd day (3)

Finally we came to the riverbank in Kao Shiung. This river is called Ai He (Love River). The only river in Kao Shiung city. But kind of a wide river. When I see Kao Shiung at Ai He, it reminds me of Kuching at Sarawak River.

This is the very beginning part of our foot tour at the Ai He. Notice how the lighting effect can hv on this river. This one, I focus on the white n blue light.

The next one, is taken during the half of the tour. On this bridge, the lights are focus more on blue than red for the reflection.

Then I walked nearer to this bridge. This time, I focus on the red effect. So the river looks really red too. Heee...

After tat, we walk on the riverside where they hv some kind of events goin on. Now, doesn't this plaster figure looks nice? Ah~ but wait a minute...

This little boy went to the front and drop a coin into the box. Dang Dang! The plaster figure is moving. Yap yap, it's actually a human. I hv seen this quite a lot in Kyoto, as they hv people performing on the street in the weekends. But this one was first experience for Hui Wen. She was amazed the real human can look so much alike a plaster figure. :P I like the wings attached at his back, wonder how it feels if I touched them

Now, this is the Taiwan love sign. U can see it somewhere all around Taiwan actually. Can u see the 2 faces on the big love?

We finished our Ai He tour, but by tat time, we were damn hungry oledi. But we still need to go to the next destination before we can fulfill our stomach. When I past thru this vegetarian shop, I omost dragged Hui Wen to go inside. But finally we didn't. Coz we need to safe the stomach for the nite market food then. (Arr... didn't realise tat when I missed this restaurant, I missed the chance to hv a good try on classy vegetarian meal in Taiwan this time. Sayang!)

We were heading to the 85 Mall when bumped into this thing. Know wat is it? A hint... it's the Chinese Ghost Day season. Yap, someone is burning paper money for the ancestor. But wat made me surprise was tat this big burning cage was in the middle of 2 roads. Gosh!!

Finally, we reached 85 Mall (actually it's called Tuntex Tower, I named it 85 mall cause it has 85th floor). The tallest building in Kao Shiung, started to use in 2000. We went to the observatory platform, with a 100TD at nite time. And from there, I took a few pics on the Kao Shiung nite scene. Nice nice nite city look actually. Not too much sky-high concretes.

Nite Markets

Yap, we glad we finished our tour tat nite. By the time we realised, I think we hv been walking for 5 hrs. Man~ sure our legs are exhausted. Then, we headed to the Nan Hua Ye Shi (Nan Hua nite market) and Liu He Ye Shi (Liu He Nite Market) for mum mum. The 2 r just neighbourhood.

The very first thing tat caught my sight... CHOU TOFU (Smelly tofu)! A very famous street food in Taiwan. Hui Wen knew I hv always wanted to try one, since I kept mentioning to her even before we reached Taiwan. We ordered one. And the lady started to deep frying it. Then, she took out one type of veggie which I hv never seen, and fried it too. She told me it is called Jiu Cheng Ta (Nine Storeys Pagoda). The tofu didn't as smelly at first, but when she frying it, oh my, it does smell like a shit. But not till the standard of 5 (1 lightest, 5 strongest). I would give this one 3.

This is how the ready one look like. With black pepper n salt sprinkle on it. When we eat it... mmm... nice nice. The strong smell seem fade away a lot, but still when u eat in ur mouth, the smell is still there. But the taste beat the smell. We finished the whole plate. 30TD.

At the same time, I saw an opposite stall was selling some kinds of kuih. Curious to try, so bought 1. 10TD for 1. She sprinkled some granular sugar on the kuih. I had a bite first. YUMMY! I just love it. Never know a rice cake when u make it this way, can be so tasty. The inner was so soft and melty, but fluffy at the same time. Hehe... said a few times to Hui Wen, "Oh~ I just love this kuih" :P But after the food, we were kind of thirsty, so bought one soymilk. Nice nice. Haven't drink this kind of soymilk for quite some time. Japan's soymilk is just plain soymilk. Sometimes, very rich and creamy one. But very expensive.

Now, we r in a relaxing mood and can stroll around the nite market slowly. Saw this stall selling some weird things. OMG! It's actually animal internals and blah blah blah. Wat gave me the strongest impact is the internal egg yolk. Know wat i mean? The eggs tat still stick to the mother body of the hen. I just dun want to think how the way they get these stuffs. >_<"

Kao Shiung seems to be famous with Dan Zai Mian (a kind of thick noodle). Hui Wen n me ordered a small one. 25 TD for 1. Very small instead. Good. Coz we just wanted to taste it. The noodle was good, soup was too oily. And the little green stuff tat they put on the top... YARK!!! I dun like this veggie. I think it's kind of parsley, but very weird taste. Think back in hometown, it is called Xiang Chai (Fragrant veggie) or rather Wan Sui. Ne~ the one tat owez put on top of the laksa. I must ask them to not add in this everytime when I eat laksa. GGgrrrrr.... I just can't take it, not even smelling it. But Hui Wen love it. She put all of them into her mouth. INCREDIBLE!! (Just like my whole family, except me. They can just eat it like tat.)

Everytime when I went out eating, and got this Xiang Chai as topping, I will stop my chopsticks. Then mum will pick out one by one for me...

"Nah, no more inside this part oledi. Eat it, the food good good." Mum said.

"Dun want. The smell will still be on the food even though the are gone." I denied.

"Where got? No more oledi. U smell..." She put a piece into my bowl.

"Got" I still try to defense.

"No more oledi. Try try." Mum said again. Hehe... sometimes she just worry her kids all starving. But in the fact, be with mum, u want to get starve, is an impossible happening. :P

So, dun want to let her disappointed, I tried... >_<"" "Still got! I dun want liao". Hehe... tat's when fish fish can be such a good gal not touching the food. Tat veggie is my biggest enemy. YARKKK!!!! Still feel >_< when think bout the taste.

Samosa, the Indian curry puff, was selling on this street. Ah, kind of surprise to see it here. The samosa size is very big. I tried made samosa before, with curry puff filling. Not bad wor... Maybe I should make one again this autumn. Ever tried with the Japanese potato salad filling for a curry puff? It's yummy. I did one, so believe me, it's good.

We were kind of thirsty again. Past thru a drink selling stall. I saw this annin tofu (almond powder jelly) (white one on the left). Ah... miss tat. So had one. Very big cup. A thick straw like the bubble tea straw. Suckkkk.... and the tofu go into my mouth so smoothly piece by piece. Aaahhhh~ ^O^ very cooling. 30TD for 1.

The final dish we had on tat nite, was a thing called Rou Yuan (Meat round). Now, see the pic, it's a round round rice cake skin outside wrapping a chunked meat ball. (Oops, forgot to cut one to show the inner part) A very hit stall. The owners were too busy to even take a breath. Hmmm... nice business. At first, we didn't know wat's this called. We pointed to the stuff, said want one, and wait for ours. Only after we sat down, then I ask the young lady besides me. Heee... Hui Wen said I can simply ask anytime anywhere with anyone everytime the Q flash on my mind. :P Tat's why KFC owez said I am Wen Ti Shao Nu when we were in secondary school. It means a problem teenager. But in my case, a "Question teenager". Heee...

OMG! Just finish 2nd day. Now I wonder when is my Taiwan mission goin to end. Ganbatte, ff.


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