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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dinner with host family (12 Sept)

It was Sunday nite. Had a dinner promise with my host family. From my apartment to their place, only around 15 min by bicycle. Wanted to pass them the omiyage (souvenir) I bought from Taiwan.

Hee... this is my host family new born grand daughter. Name Haruna. 6 months old at the time this pic was taken. Her mummy, Mayuko was working with the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia. Stayed there for around 2 years. But last year, came back to get married with a Tokyo guy who is now working in Sudan. Oso in diplomatic line. Then, got pregnant. And now having 1 year baby raising holidays.

Very kawaii (cute) Haruna. She laughs a lot. And she loves the pineapple tart I bought from Taiwan. Ai yar~~ kept licking her grandma fingers for the tart. ;)

According to my host family, Haruna laugh a lot when see me. Their conclusion is tat she likes me. Poor Haruna, she likes the wrong person... I am very terrible even at embracing baby in a correct way. *shame shame*

Nothing better than a home made dinner must I say. Everytime when I am having my host mama home cooking, I feel a warmth goes into my heart. :) And yap... I finish all my portion.

In the pic, from top left: yakitamago (roast thick egg), satoimo (taro cooked in soy sauce). From bottom left: Tomato soup (yummy!! one of my favorite dish of hers), kabocha salada (pumpkin salad, too bad she didn't make pumpkin pie tat nite. she can make one of the best I've ever had), nasu no tsukorimono (dish made with egg plant) and takikomi gohan (rice seasoned with soy sauce and boiled with meat or seafood, and other savory vegetables. My favorite way of making rice in winter).

After I was full with the dinner, host mama took out some more stuff to make me 120% bloated. A bowl of annin tofu (almond tofu) with assorted canned fruit and caramel pudding. I love pudding, and I love caramel. Good for this one. Slurp!

And finally, we ended a very good dinner with this big juicy sweet Koushuiri (Kousui pear). In Japan, the normal pear tat sells in market is this Kousui, Nijusseiki(20 century) and Housui species. I am a big fan of Kousui. Can even finish a big one by myself. But tat nite, I only had one cut, cause can't stuck more into my stomach anymore. Burrrpppp!!!

I never like pear when I was in Malaysia. But after I tried the Japanese pear for the 1st time, I am falling in love into it. I know I will miss Japanese fruits when I leave this place one day. The price of fruits in Japan much more expensive, but it really worth the pay sometimes. :)


At 7:32 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, totally love this post, non commercialized, Home cooking. Now I know how Nihon Jins entertain their guests with their authentic home cook meal.

We are planning to arrive in Kch Jan 20, walking done the hallway of Kuching Airport like a gang of outlaws..look out for the hats and dark glasses.

You'll love my sisters, one is nice to hang out and gossips ,the other will teach you all the bad things..bar fights....kicking some asses....just imagine we are the cool Ta ker and Ta jieh...

At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello fishfish! Again, a very memorable entry from you. Yes, i understand how ou want to be comfortable on your own site, to relieve your stress after a long day and you dont want to bother with checking all the grammar. Thats totally fine, really. Actually i could learn abit of malay-chinese-english from you too! :) Your host is raelly generous and a totally great cook. I love the look of the tamago! How did it taste, is it the sweet kind that she made? im dying to have a taste of it. Haruna must known that you must be the kind sister who brought the pineapple tarts and she laughs happily at the sight of you

At 11:08 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hey, cooknengr... aiyah ff goin to learn from Da Ge Da Jie to be a Xiao Tai Mei liao. :P Btw, 20Jan? Very fast. I might only be able to go back to Kch the fastest early of Feb. Will ur guys still be in Kch? Thinking of meeting Grace too tat time. :) looking forward to seeing u n ur lovely sisters.

At 11:15 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Anon, thanks again for ur support to this site. Hope u continue enjoy the Manglish (Malaysian English). :) Yap, my host family r great people. Everytime, she specially prepare all vegetarian foods just for me. So touch. *Sob sob* The tamago was divine. A little bit of sweet taste. I like to eat with shiso (the green leaves under the tamago, which called perilla in English). Surprised to know it goes very well with the egg. Hey, if u would like to make one, I can give u my recipe. Which is a bit different from the Japanese one. But, very well evaluated from people who tried it before. Haven't do it for a few years. Hmmm... maybe I should try to make one again lately. Haruna is a cute gal actually. Her name means Spring Vegetable. ;)


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