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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Donation for Niigata Earthquake Victims

Just a short note here.

I mentioned bout waiting for the Niigata Earthquake donation to start. It started, saw in on NHK news last nite. It is called 新潟県共同募金会. It started on 25 Oct 2004, will end on 31 Dec 2004. So hello fellow readers, especially those who stay in Japan, if u r affordable, would appreciate if can help a bit. Thanks! :) Very easy actually, I went to the post office, all I hv to do was just fill in one form, with the info bout the money u want to donate, to who, from who. Tat's all. And no extra charge. Oh, btw, I printed out the whole piece of the info from here and just bring it to the post office. :P

Thank you for the attention.


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