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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Kushiya (9 Sept)

I was shopping with Wang Hao after school time. Very hungry, but she was on diet. It came the right time when I past thru this shop and was given this coupon. :) Kushiya... my favorite shop for deep frying food buffet. Kushi means skewer. Basically, this shop sells food that deep fried with a skewer. It was really a special offer, for usually a 90min buffet, it costs 2625 yen (~RM90). But tat week, for 5 days, there was offering 60min buffet with only 1029yen (~RM36) for annivesary thanksgiving to the customers. Wow! I really wanted to eat, as I haven't ate for many months since last year. But Wang Hao dun want. So, after thinking who I can call, yap, my eating partner... Sylvia. She was learning koto the time I called her. But really glad she wanted to join me too for the special offer after her class. We went into the shop at around 8.30pm, and still many people there. This was the first time for Sylvia to have this kind of experience, she was very satisfied with it. :)

After we were led to our table, :P time for the 2 gals to race against the clock for as much food as possible.

This is where they keep the ready to fry skewers. Many kinds of meat and vege and other stuffs including smoke cheese n rice cake. Around 20 types of varities for u to choose.

Then, u get the bread crumb and batter coating.

Oso, they got 6 types of sauces for eating with the food. Well, among them, I prefer the most the chili sauce. Seem like a limited edition sauce for the shop. Yap, they didn't have this sauce the last time I went.

Ok, these r the few skewers I took. :P No meat. Then, u dip the food into the batter coating evenly, after tat, dip into the bread crumb, until the whole thing covered by it (see the finely done stick on the right side).

Drop the ready to fry skewer into this frying pot with very hot oil in the table. Chaaaaa~~~~~ wat a nice sound of the food inside the boiling oil. After waiting for 2-3min...

Take out the skewer and put at the side of the frying pot to let the unnecessary oil drip back to the pot. And yesh!! Ready to eat... Mmmm~~~~ yummyyyy... U just couldn't help but to continue frying and eating the same time.

See how satisfy Sylvia after a great deal of the empty skewers? :P

We counted the sticks we hv eaten. Was thinking to reach 60 sticks. But, only managed to reach 57 sticks. U might be saying since only left 3, why not ganbatte? Well, I experienced last time tat I forced myself to take more... and in the end, I omost wanted to vomit... So, I wanted to enjoy my food this time... So enough for the frying stuffs. ;)

Hey wait... if u think there is only frying stuffs, then u r very wrong. They got around 20 more other types of foods for u to try. Curry rice, fried beehoon, soup, blah blah blah... Both of us love the beehoon the most. Soooo nice... Think we took 3 rounds. :P

And oso, they hv the udon set for self serving. Just open the orange packaging udon, dump into the boiling water, topping with things u like, and there u r, the udon. I didn't take this one, cause it will be expanding in ur stomach.

Oso, they hv around 10 types of salads and dessert for u to clean up the oily mouth. Mmm... i like the pineapple and jelly. We oso took some ice cream. Nice nice...

Even though it said 60min buffet, but we turned up to hv 10min extra given. :) I would strongly recommend it. Nice service n good food.

But remember... definitely a dangerous caloric killer... So, once in a year is ok... Make it a regular place for my grumbling stomach?? I will have to think many times. ;)



At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! Your blog about the food review articles is very interesting! I would keep on reading your blog everyday from now on..Keep it on! I like your blog! Remember to post more pictures of the food ok?

At 5:36 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, yum yum. Buffet with time limit what a concept.Pretty cheap too...USD10.

Big Cajun party in Kch, CNY time...are you going home ? Me and the girls are going home to throw a big house warming party. Cajun style

Fried Catfish, Alligater picante, Gumbo, Jabalaya, Beer boiled crawdad (we use shrimp), sweet potato soufle pie, Bread pudding with wiskey sauce, Cajun Hurricane cocktail...with down home Cajun music, dancing ..the whole nine yard.

We are taking a few bottles of real fine white tequilas (blanco) home too...for magaritas. (The best margaritas are made with white tequila)

At 6:32 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Anon: Hello, a big welcome to my food blog. :) Thank you for the support. Yap, there will be much more pics n article to come. I try my best to do 1 blog at least per day.

Cooknengr: Put me in the Cajun party!! I want. Hee... cause ff goin home for CNY next year. No matter wat. When r u goin to be in Kch? And when is ur planning for the party? Let me know please when u hv confirmed. Ur sisters goin back w u? Would like to meet them too. :)

At 7:41 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Sounds very interesting Fish, fish.. but gotta go with loads of ppl.. then more fun.. :)
Just like BBQ. We don't have anything like that here in Nova Scotia.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hi fish fish
wahhhh so interesting. I have never seen this type of buffet before nor I have heard about it. It must be fun!!! We dont have it here at all. hm. I wonder if this would work here. DIY deepfrying buffet. Very very interesting.

Is it oily though? I mean as in is the shop has this greasy feeling or the greasy smell in the air as with that of a shop that sells deep-fried stuff. I cant stand greasiness in restaurant. Ya. Call me hygience freak (jie pi), I dont care! I only want to dine in nice clean environment. :p

I think I can eat heaps of the rice cake (you call it dango, right?). hehehe. oh. I heard there is conveyor belt yumcha in Japan too. omg. Japan has so many interesting food stuff! I wanna go!!!!!!!!!you lucky lucky girl. *envious* grrrrrr

At 11:50 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hi Mrs. Tweety, yap, it is fun to go with more frens. The best I think are 4 people. Best amount to enjoy the food and chattering. :) Japanese really knows how to 'enjoy' and 'have fun' with food in every possible way.

Wei Pinkcocoa, yes my dear. This buffet kind of a differ from the others. Really hv fun with the food, while enjoying making ur stomach bigger n bigger that moment. Nope, it was not an oily restaurant with the oxidized oil smell. I am very scared of oily smell restaurant too, usually will back off once i enter this kind of restaurant. However, after u do the frying for somewhile by ur own, unavoidably, the oily smell stick to ur hair n shirt. Which I hv to do a good cleaning when reach home. :) But really worth a try wor. Yap, I do feel very lucky be in Japan. And tat's why I am sharing my experience with ur guys, so next time if u come to Japan, u know where u can find good and fun food. ;)

At 5:04 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

yessss. Thanks so much for sharing everything! *muakkssss* hehe. I would have to note down all the places you went in japan for all the yummy food. I would like to go in April for hanami! And I want to watch sumo too. And kendo. And kyudo. And..and..and....too many things! :-)

At 6:07 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Yap, hanami in Japan is the best. And Kyoto is the best place. U can see everywhere sakura just blooming like crazy. But the only thing is, the period is too short. So tat's why Japanese so treasure every possible moment for hanami. Wait till Nov, I will lead u all to Momiji. :)


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