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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Lab Trip 2004 (26 Sept, Pt 2)

My god, when woke up yesterday morning n today, with a room like a freezer. Gosh! The weather suddenly just get so cold in one nite. Even use wool cap n gloves to school. But, now it is getting warmer, nice nice. :)

Ok, my last post for the lab trip 2004. :)

After the lunch, we decided to walk around Omihachiman area. We used ropeway to go up to Hachiman Yama. Up there got a temple and u can hv a good view of the Omihachiman city. When we came down, we decided to hv our nice tea time in Club Hare, western dessert part of Himure Village. It is belonged to Taneya, a very famous Japanese and Western sweets shop in Omihachiman.

This was how the out look of the Club Hare building. The place where we had our tea time.

We went to the back part of the building. It was a very westernized coffee house. I just love the garden, a bit like 'Alice in Wonderland', keep following the bunny.

Inside it, just beside the paying counter, had a layout of lovely cakes that inviting this kuishinbo to taste them. :P I was so confused of which one to choose, as everything just seemed to be so delicious. After waiting for 15 min, we got our place. But can't fit in 7 of us in one place. So 4 inside, and 3 outside. Mirian, Wang Hao and me were arranged to be outside, having a great time by relaxing on a splendid tea time. ;)

We were given a piece of this pistachio biscuit as tea time appertizer. Mmmm... I just love it. It was not sweet at all. A taste of saltiness, which bring out the nice crunchy flavour of this little piece. Arrrggg... I was so attracted by it that I bought 1 package home tat day. :P By the way, 1 piece for 30yen (RM1).

This good looking mont blanc ice cream was ordered by Wang Hao. I love the artistic layout of this plate. So cute. Mont blanc means white mountain. And mont blanc is one of the most favorite cake among Japanese during autumn especially, as it is the season for chestnust. Inside was vanilla ice cream. And surrounding with marron glace, meringue and chocolate sauce. The dessert itself was not too sweet. But Wang Hao was kind of disappointed with the vanilla ice cream inside. It was delicious, but just normal vanilla ice cream, nothing special. Heee... This plate was for 840yen (~RM30).

Mirian oso ordered a mont blanc, but a normal one. with cream and spongy cake inside, instead of ice cream. And no decoration around it. The cream inside was good. And it was much cheaper, 420yen (~RM15).

Hehe... a chocoholic like fish fish never will miss a good chance in having nice choco. S0 fish fish let go of the grape layer cake, and stick to her old choice, chocolate...

If this looks good to u, well... believe me, the taste is even much better than its look. A cute shape dark choco on top, followed by a firm but melt in ur mouth choco mousse, then in the middle, a hidden round choco gave u a surprise when u bitten one it unexpectedly. And finally, a cold choco ice cream taste like cake gave u another different kind of feel. I got 4 kinds of feeling by just eating one cake. :P Chou suki (super like). It was for 420yen, which I think really worth the value.

But hv to admit, the choco was kind of insufficient for ff. So, she ordered another favorite dessert of hers... creme brulee. Too bad, even though it was good, but didn't reach her expectation. Oh well, guess next time I hv to go back to the one I had try in USJ again. Think this was for 400yen++, forgot.

This is Mirian (left) and Wang Hao (right) after a good tea time.

We even found out 2 private rooms tat can be rented for tea time.

With a full stomach, we went to the front part of the building, looking for the famous baumkuchen. My... it was sure a long line for a cut of fresh baked baumkuchen. U can buy a packaged one too with a longer shelflife and cheaper price.

Here is the chef busy demonstrating how the making of baumkuchen. It was the first time I see people getting so serious in making cake. He was like handling with a very fragile artpiece.

See 2 round edges tat left after the long baumkuchen cut into pieces? Know wat happen to these edges? All will go into pig stomach. Yap, it is true, they use this for feeding high class pig. Hmm... I wouldn't want to think bout the price of these pork then.

This is wat people been crazy about in lining up for. Yap, a small cut like this for 210yen (RM7.50). Hv to say it was one of the best baum kuchen I hv ever tried. Very spongy and soft. Hmmm... a freshly baked version really do make a difference.

I saw this imopai (sweet potato pie). Lovely. So bought a long bar as omiyage for my host family. It was for ~470yen (~RM17). My host mama was telling me the taste was great. She really like it. :)

Opposite the Club Hare, is the Japanese sweets corner of Taneya, containing counters selling wagashi (Japanese sweets) and a Japanese teahouse for u to enjoy an authentic wafu(Japanese style) teatime. If u hv a sweet tooth for red bean, must try their most famous zenzai (Japanese style red bean soup).

Overall, the thing I enjoyed the most in this trip was the foods. Really hv a very relaxing time enjoying walking around and munching non-stopping. :)


At 5:58 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

hi there.. how r u doing gal? i have been missing your blog for a few days. had some problems with my notebook and HP service in Japan is so BAD!!! Was so frustrated. I can't read your blog. Cannot even update my blog. Ridiculous... finally, I have my "darling" back today. Wow, you have been enjoying your life in Japan huh with food and leisure as well as pleasure. I wish I can too.

And I am not bothered with the Manglish. Makes me feel more "AT HOME". At least I won't loose my Manglish. I can rarely use Manglish in Japan. I am now using Jenglish and also broken Japanese.

And you have alot of avid reader as well.. seems like your blog is getting more popular. but no doubt, it is good! :)

And the earthquake was really scary, though i cannot feel it in kobe. But the news and all... sigh!! very very sad and scary. I now have a safety bag with me. You know what? Felt a mild earthquake in kobe yesterday nite. So it is actually kinda scary. What is happening to Japan. The tokage typhoon (no.23) was darn scary as well.. wind was super strong. The worst since I arrived in Japan. I will try to go make a donation for the Niigata people as well.. really sad.

Talking about weather. It is crazy! The weather is just so ridiculous.. it was just right during the weekend and suddenly so COLD. I was freezing yesterday. And guess what?? Kobe University is on Rokko-san... so the wind is stronger and the temperature lower. It is cold tonight as well.. so you better wear more clothes and not catch the FLU... alot of people catching the FLU bug.

Haha.. I guess this is the effect of not having my computer with me for so long... nagasugi!!!!!!oops... soory for that ya..

keep up the good work..:)

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Those dessert look realy luxurious, I'm surprised to see that some of them are not to your expectations. I guess they don't taste as good as they look? Or your standards are realy high? :o)

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

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At 6:00 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Angel: Ohayo dear. Yah, it was so cold for 2 days. Glad today warmer. U better prepare extra outfit thicker too, I think the sudden warm n cold really make the people around me sick easily. Patrick was one of them. And Sylvia oso complaint she seem to catch a flu. *Sigh* Yah, every morning when turn on TV, taifu 'lah', earthquake 'lah'... making me really wondering wat is really wrong with Japan this year. :( Hey, btw, r u goin to be free on this Sunday? I am goin to Kobe, do u want to meet up? :)

Dennis: Morning Dennis. :) Err~~ yah, I think my expectation for good dessert was kind of high. Well, it was more like a comparison of the same dessert with the best taste I hv ever tried. :P Maybe I shouldn't be so fussy. But I do believe from the pics u post, ur wife make one of the warmest and nicest vegan food I hv ever seen. :) Teach u one Japanese phrase... Ai Sai Ryori, Ai Jo Tappuri! (Beloved wife's cooking, full of 'Love'!!)

At 10:35 PM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, I love the Austin Mini in Pix #1, just like ours in Kuching. Wah, I like the baumkuchen. Too bad the Creme Brulee didn't turn out meet your expection, will make some for you CNY 2005 if I can find the ingredient in Kuching. We are also bringing some nice pots and pans, including some copper one for making dessert and souffle.

At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fish fish:

Dennis is the most picky eater in the world. :oP He only consumes dishes that meet his standard. Poor wife. She has to work very very hard to please him. >.<

Dennis's closest friend. :oP

At 3:26 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Cooknengr: Ta Ge, u r making me really looking forward to having the party now. :P Nah~ u promise one ar... if can get the ingredient, u will make creme brulee for me. FF waiting wor... TQVM first. No sua lai. :P Hey, I like mini austin too, think it is one of the cutest car... MINI~

Dennis's closest friend: Hello, welcome to my blog. :) Heee... from the way u write, u seem to be very familiar with Dennis. My suspicion is u must be Mrs. Dennis. Am I rite? Heee... if I get a bingo... a free treat for me ar. :P

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fish fish:

Aiyah I want to give Dennis a hard time. :oP Saudari cerdik macam Sang Kancil. Jika saudari mari sinilah, tentulah kita belanja saudari jamuan, bukan satu, beberapa banyak pun boleh. :oP Coded message to fish fish, not for the eyes of Dennis o.~

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fish fish:

Aiyah I want to give Dennis a hard time. :oP Saudari cerdik macam Sang Kancil. Jika saudari mari sinilah, tentulah kita belanja saudari jamuan, bukan satu, beberapa banyak pun boleh. :oP Coded message to fish fish, not for the eyes of Dennis o.~

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gomen. Did not mean to repeat my note twice, but baka anonymous hit the "back" button .....

At 3:38 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Anonymous: Heee... maaf yar~ tidak tahu kamu mahu kacau si sayang kamu. Selamat datang ke blog saya. Betul gembira lihat kamu di sini juga. ;) Ok, saya akan ambil peluang makan seberapa banyak yang boleh bila di sana nanti. Betul-betul cemburu si sayang kamu begitu nasib baik ada arnabnya yang begitu pandai masak. :P

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Hey no fair...translation please :oP


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