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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Meeting Kok Hann (20 Sept)

It was Monday, but a public holiday in Japan. It was Respect-for-the-Aged Day. Japan is definitely one of the country that has the highest proportion of aged people in the world.

Patrick, Sylvia n me was meeting Kok Hann from Tokyo today. He is goin to Tokushima for a conference in tat evening. Stop by in Kyoto for a nite. We had lunch together in Karakuri Ramen shop. Went there last time with Patrick and David. We glad we chose the rite one for Kok Hann, as he was very impressed by the standard of a shop tat merely sell ramen.

"Man~~ Kyoto is good. I like it. Must come to visit longer next time." He said.

Only 3 ramen menu to choose from. With other side desserts as well.

Kok Hann n Patrick ordered kaisen tsukereimen (cold dipping seafood noodle). As for Sylvia n me, we chose goma tsukereimen (cold dipping sesame noodle). Mine was a vegetarian version.

This one was a normal version with pork. Which I hasn't shown yet in my last post. I like the colour combination. Very attracting.

This was the sesame sauce we used to dip the noodle. The noodle was in a good bounciness as usual. I like the addition of their home made chili oil in the sauce. Make the flavour more appealing.

After a good lunch with the ramen and chit chat, we sent Kok Hann off to the train station for his bus.

On the way, we brought him to pass along Nishiki Ichiba. A very old market street in Kyoto. Oso a must see spot to observe daily Kyoto's people living style. However, price of the things in tat area are more expensive. But it's oso a good place to find some very typical Kyoto things which u can't find in other places.

We went to a very famous shop specialized in soybean product called Konnamonja. The soymilk donut is very famous. But I like the Tofa more (a very soft version of tofu eat in a dessert way with syrup. U can hv black honey syrup or green tea syrup in this shop). Oso hv soymilk soft cream.

The guys wanted to try tofa. So they lined up. Red shirt is Kok Hann, middle Patrick and Sylvia in blue shirt. Hehe... Patrick is the one tat produced the Sunflower. I got permission from him for putting on this pic. This time is an 'OK'.Can see a long Q infront and at the back of them. The tofu donut is 8 little rings for 150 yen (RM5.30).

As for the Tofa, it was usually 250yen (~RM9) for 1. But tat day, it was only for 150yen. Wow!! Tat attracted fish fish to buy one too. But very very disappointed, it's not the usual tofa tat I had in tat shop. The texture was so bad. And the taste was not good too. I wonder why? I would rather pay 100yen more for a good one. If next time I eat, and still the same, I am goin to complaint to the owner.

Anyway, no pics for both of the donut and tofa this time. Too many people. No good take pic and jama (disturbing) the business. Will post tat next time. :)


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Evil Jonny said...

Looks good fish fish! Is it difficult for you to explain that you want the vegetarian version? Or do you just say "niku nonai"? ;-)

At 8:14 PM, Blogger Jon said...

Those noodles look good- very similar to Hiyashi Chuka, right?

At 9:15 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

Just heard about the earthquake news in Niigata. I hope you are not deeply affected! >.<

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

fish fish,

yah, are you alright?

At 9:26 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Jonny: Hi, welcome. :) Nope, not really difficult. I just said "Butaniku nashi de onegaishimasu". (No pork please.) Hee... and the kind shopkeeper actually gave me 3 pieces of tofu then instead of 2. But I did face some difficulty in a Chinese restaurant last time.

When I said "Niku nashi no chahan wo hitotsu onegaishimasu" (Please give me one Chinese fried rice without meat please.)

Chef:"Niku nashi no Chahan?? Oishii wake nai jan??" (Chinese fried rice without meat? There is no way it is goin to be delicious.) He said it as though he is the one should angry.

Funny! But still I replied "Daijobu. Tonikaku, oniku nashi de onegaishimasu." (It's ok. Just please give me the no meat version."

Ok, after 10 min... my Chahan was serve...

Fried Rice + egg ONLY! That's it. 350yen!! OMG! Nearly fainted. The worst Chahan I had ever ate.

"..." ff. Ever since, I didn't go to tat shop anymore even though it is just opposite my school. :P

Jon: Hello, welcome. :) Yap, it's actually a Chuka Hiyashi Ramen. But with a more high class way of presentation.

Pinkcocoa: *Hugs* TQ dear. I am fine. But very worry for those affected in Niigata (Kyoto very far from Niigata, but still can feel the shake when happened. Imagine!). They really need help now. I am waiting for a call for donation from the media now. Tat's the least I can do.

Dennis: TQ dennis. I'm ok here. Don't worry.

At 7:06 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish, reading your comment, at first I thought Japanese also speak Malay "Nashi" like in Nasi Lemak...later I know lah, Cahan like in Chow farn. Peruvian restaurants also serve fried rice : caufa

Wah, your blog is like travel channel, any Geisha girl pictures, I think the color contrast of their make up and outfit is an art form.? I saw a program saying Kyoto is the only place where they have Geisha school.

At 10:48 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Err... cooknengr, u r rite. I oso feel tat my blog sometimes look more like a travel channel, from my very personal view. :P But still got foods, and lots of foods inside. Yap, only Kyoto hv the Geisha school. Next time u come to Kyoto, will bring u to see. Hope I can get some Geisha pics in future and post it. ;)


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