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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Meeting Yuriko (17 Sept)

I left school early on tat day. :P To meet my old Japanese fren, Yuriko, who came back for a holidays. She is now studying in University of Oregon. We went to Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art for Kyobijin (Kyoto beautiful gals) exhibition. A good experience for me with the Japanese art. :)

After tat, we decided to look for something sweet and cold. Nothing will be better than a tall glass of parfait. :P

Gion Koishi

We went to Yuriko favorite place in Gion, a place in Kyoto tat famous with Maiko, which I have done an intro in my previous post. Gion is oso a place for finding good Kyoto's cuisine. This shop tat we went called Gion Koishi. It was first time for me. Never know this shop before. But I trust Yuriko's taste bud. She has a good evaluation for Japanese style things.

It seems like this shop is specialized in hereditary Kyoto style candy. It looks very quiet outside. But once we get in, kind of a surprise with the amount of customers. We were lucky enough to be there a few min earlier. Cause after that, a long Q formed.

Yuriko ordered her favorite maccha parfait, but this time with maccha chiffon. I forgot the exact price of hers, but think around 900yen (~RM30). Other ingredients inside are satsumaimo (sweet potato) paste, anko (red bean), maccha dango (green tea ball), shiradango (white ball), maccha jelly and white cream.

I had one seasonal menu, the kuri (chestnut) parfait. 950yen (~RM33). We have omost the same ingredients inside, except tat kuri paste for satsumaimo paste, one whole kuri for anko, kuri chiffon for maccha chiffon and less maccha jelly, but with additional black honey jelly. Silly ff, didn't see the black honey syrup tat attached aside. Only realised tat after I finished the whole parfait. Wat did I do? I drank the syrup. :P

Both parfaits are divine. A fine taste of typical Kyoto sweets. I love the maccha jelly the most. They really make a perfect maccha jelly for me in term of texture and taste. Yummieee!!! Not kalah (lose) to my favorite shop in Uji, Itohkyuemon.

We did window shopping for a while in Kyoto shopping area. Past thru a shop tat selling crepe. Yuriko felt like eating one.

Making of Crepe

After Yuriko bought hers. I got a permission to take pics. Hee... they thought I was some kind of mag writer. :P Nope, I told them I was just having my own web site introducing food. The gals were nice. But the crepe, frankly speaking, was just so so. I was spoilt by the nice nice crepe in the 2nd floor foodcourt of KLCC. :P Crepe in Japan just too expensive, and very stingy with the filling inside. Really miss the crepe.

Anyway, here is how the progress in making crepe in Japan. Usually it is sold in Yatai (stall) style.

First, pour some blended batter onto a hot plate. Let it cooks.

Then, fill in ingredients tat wanted by the customers layer by layer.

This was how one of the done filling looks like.

After tat, with a quick hand, hold up the other end and... in seconds...

Crepe tat was nicely done. One of this costs 280 yen (RM9.90). Which can say very cheap. Usually it costs around 400 yen (RM14). I complaint to Yuriko bout the portion. Heee... Yuriko was saying, "Poor crepe stall, let u take the photo, thinking u will be doin promotion for them, but instead u make a negative comment." :P Well, a consumer got to be frank mar, rite? Anyway, I didn't show out the shop name, for their kind service. :) Actually, the crepe in Japan all taste omost the same to me. ;)

We then headed to Yuriko's place. Am goin to stay in her house tonite. Her parents didn't see me for omost a year. Invited me to go there. As for me, I miss seeing Masshu sooo much. Masshu?? Heee... I'll leave the answer to later day. ;)


In Itami, we decided to hv our late dinner in Gyukaku, a famous franchise that specialized in charcoal Japanese bbq. Even hv branches in US and Taiwan.

In the middle of the table, got a bit hole to put the charcoal pot. It was damn hot, too bad it was summer, dun feel like having bbq tat nite. So we asked the waiter to take it off. Hee... pretty flame though.

Instead of enjoy ourselves by roasting food and eating at the same time, we ordered some side dishes. First is this kuppa (means rice with soup). I love it. Eat a lot of this. The spiciness of the soup made me sweat a bit, but the sweat cooled up ur body once it was evaporated. Yummy yummy... Chou suki (like it very much).

We oso ordered one cold dish. The morioka reimen (morioka style cold noodle). The noodle is not the normal Japanese ramen, but the typical type of Korean noodle. More transparent for the noodle itself, and with a good bounciness for the texture. Yuriko hv more of this, and let me take more of the kuppa. Wat a nice gal. Thanks.

We then ordered Gyukaku fu hiyayakko (Gyukaku style cold tofu). I like this one too, but a bit troublesome to eliminate the mince meat inside the sauce. Hee... so I tried to eat the tofu and the onsen tamago (egg tat boil with hotspring condition water) only.

Burp!! By the time we ganbatte finish all the food, the 2 gals r even hv a difficulty to breath. :P

It was a treat by Yuriko. Thanks a lot dear. Really was a good place. I like it. :) Next time will try the bbq vege. ;)


At 1:12 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hello fish fish,

Yummilicious food...especially the desserts. We have a Gyu-kaku here and I have yet to go there and try the food. Since you've posted a few pictures, I'm even more tempted to go there now! =) I'm getting hungry...a cold dessert would be good right now. It's very hot and humid! =(

At 2:38 AM, Blogger Yuen Li said...


Nice Blog, nice pics - very hungryfying, hehe. :) Oh, and thanks for visiting my Blog. :)

At 5:17 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

yummm yummmm. the ice cream parfait you gals had....pinkcocoa tabetai na~

Have you tried crepe in Taiwan? It's japanese style too but a lot cheaper I think. There is one crepe shop very famous (and super super big portion!) in Taipei. It's near a uni but I cant remember which one. There is also another stall near Zheng Zhi da xue with very yummy crepe. Her porkfloss with cheese and salad crepe is yummy. It costs about NT$80. *slurp*

At 5:59 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Reid: Hi, welcome to Kuishinbo~Meow~. Yap, Gyukaku really worth a try. I hope ur place taste will be same as in Japan. Btw, hot n humid? Let me guess, r u in Hawaii?

Yuen Li: Hi, welcome too Yuen Li. I like ur blog too. It seems like u hv a lot of pretty frens. :P

Pinkcocoa: Hey dear, nope, didn't tried crepe in Taiwan. I only had it before in M'sia. The one tat I owez order is Ala Carte. With my favorite caramel pudding + fruit + cream + ... Yummy!!! Only for RM 5.60 tat time. Dun know nowadays price.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

I remember when i was in tokyo.. the desserts are really ex.. but i like it alot.. because they are so pretty.
Keep up the good work.. fish fish.. i love your blog..and visit it everyday. Cheers..!

At 1:08 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

ee? Mrs Tweety, u been in Tokyo be4? Very busy life. Dun really suit me. :P
Thanks. I enjoy blogging more now. :)

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo~~ fish fish. Oh, I haven't been here for quite sometimes. You have many lovely friends here oredi yah. ^_^ gee... the maccha parfait looks very delicious. Did i have that when i was in Kyoto?? Wai-wai

At 5:59 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

hi hi dear ww, aiyah miss u sooo much on my blog. yap yap, these lovely people hv nice nice blogs too. u should go to see sometimes when u got time. the parfait u haven't tried yet. a new place for me. next time u in kyoto, will bring u there. but i wanted to bring u to another place more...


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