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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Okinawaya (1 Oct)

I went to Hamamatsu to meet Yuko in tat weekend. Took a bus on Friday evening, and reached there around 9pm. Very nice to be able to meet up with her again. :)

"Yang, I hv been thinking where to bring u for dinner. But confuse..." Heee... the usual Yuko when she has many choices.

"I think think think... 2 good places want to go. Okinawa food or Bali food... " She turned even more confuse.

"Which one Yuko want to eat more?" I was smiling and looking at her...

"Ei~to~ Both..." She turned to me... "Yang?"

"Let's hv Okinawa, didn't have it for a long time since the last time I went to Okinawa." I said.

"Yatta! (Great!) Okinawa then..." Heee... her confusion settled. "Tomolo Bali restaurant with Naomi then." Heee... she seems to hv the early plan on her mind oledi. Just tat not sure if I will like it or not. This gal has a very considering mind for others. :)

She brought me to a place called Okinawaya. I try to find the link to it, nope, can't get any. Guess it was a very local izakaya (Japanese style bar).

When we stepped in, everyone was looking at us like an alien. Hee... guess we dun really fit the atmosphere inside. With a lot of middle-aged men drinking. Only a few middle-aged ladies. And a few yellow hair young guys at the counter seat. Interesting. Heee...

Yuko n FF got seats at the counter. These 3 Okinawan things just displayed in front of me.

The left one was snake wine. U dun see this in other part of Japan except in Okinawa.

The middle one called Jimami. It's actually peanut. But I dun know wat so special bout this Okinawan peanut. Didn't buy to try.

I was thinking this a kind of spicy seasonings for adding inside foods, but Yuko was telling me it was Awamori sake (wine). Ee~ never know they put so much chili inside. No wonder it was spicy when I tried it last time.

The interior inside was nice and comfortable even though it was just a small building. A very typical type of conventional izakaya, but with a very strong smell of Okinawan air. :P

As appetizer, they gave us this peanut tofu. The texture was very good. Puri puri (don't really know how to explain this in English. It is a kind of soft and smooth texture with a sense of bounciness.). All the time, I thought the appetizer everytime we had in izakaya was for free, only until today then I realised it has been charged into our bill. Including the hand tower fee as well. No wonder last time when I brought my mum to izakaya, they charged me much more than I should hv paid. Ai ya~ how can I be so naive thinking tat it is free in Japan! :P Anyway, this peanut tofu was very good. Love it.

We ordered 3 dishes. First was this soumen chanpuru. Soumen is a kind of superfine noodle. In Chinese, we call it Mian Xian. Chanpuru means mixing. But an original mixing word in Japanese is 'Mazeru'. The word chanpuru actually as Malay word 'campur' which means mixing too. I learnt bout this when in Okinawa. In fact, the Okinawan cuisine taste very much like the South East Asia regions. So, I believe this 'chanpuru' word might be originated from the south too. Think it was for 480yen (~RM17)

We eat the soumen chanpuru with this chilli sauce. Wah~~ very spicy. But very good when u added some into the soumen. Yuko and me keep saying... "Ah~ karai... oishii..." (Wah! Spicy... delicious...) Hee... think the 2 gals might look sakai (a Sarawakian colloquial which means naive) to the other customers around. Yuko is very good in spicy food, me too... so the 2 gals have very similar taste in food.

The next one is my all time favorite Okinawan dish. Called fu chanpuru (mixing gluten curd). But this one was nothing I hv tried before in Okinawa. The chef was very smart in idea menu. He used egg in coating the fu. So when u eat the fu, u hv a fu texture and an egg flavour. I just love it sooo much. A new kind of experience in Okinawan food. Think it was for 680yen (~RM24).

Our last menu was another great surprise for me. Goya pizza (bitter gourd pizza). Genius idea! I must admit the chef made me really satisfied with this dinner. One of the best restaurant I hv ever been to. Not in the sense of anything else, but the food itself touched the inner of my heart. The first time my kandou no namida (tear of a be touched heart) omost came out for an izakaya.

Bout the taste? One of the best pizza I hv ever tried, the taste, the texture and the ingredients. Very cheap. Only 680yen for a generous portion like this.

It was a treat by Yuko. A welcome dinner for me she said. Think the whole dinner cost around 2500yen. Thank u very much dear, for bringing me there.

Shiawaseeee... :)


At 1:24 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish fish,

I like Okinawan food! My grandmother is half Okinawan, and makes yummy dishes like these all the time. The pizza looks especially tasty. I'm jealous now!

At 3:04 AM, Blogger cooknengr said...

Hey Fish Fish "with a very strong smell of Okinawan air." What 's that smell like ? I 've been to several cities that has special year round smell, Gilroy, CA : smell of Garlic, Tillamook, OR, smells like cheese...

At 3:53 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Reid: I think I am even more jealous than u, knowing u hv a grandma do such good cooking. I think I like Kyoto n Okinawa foods the most in Japan. :)

Cooknengr: Smell of okinawan... pork, oil n garlic... not the smell u can get normally in any other part of Japan. But can get it easily in Malaysia. :P Makes u extremely hungry n difficult to control everytime u pass thru the eating outlet. Oh, btw... with another sense of sea breeze...

At 7:52 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Dear Fish fish... all your post are so interesting.. and explicit to details.. :) Great job.. !! I just love reading your post... makes me wanna go to Japan again.. and stay and experience wat you are experiencing.. :)

At 12:17 AM, Blogger Velvetacide said...

Now I'm homesick! And I just had goya~ champuru last night for dinner. MMmm. I didn't have any of the chili peppers in vinegar to use as a condiment, so it turned out to be a so-so meal. Not quite the same as the Hawaiian chili pepper water you get out here. You're right about the smell. Okinawan cuisine has a strong pork base (stock for Okinawa Soba, rafutee slow cooked pork, pig's feet, etc)unlike mainland Japan. And we champuru anything that's in the fridge :-)

At 6:58 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hello Velvetacide, nice to see you here. You are from Okinawa? It is a great place. I want to go there again. Kekeke... so Okinawan foods champuru everything. And fish fish just love them. ;)


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