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Monday, October 04, 2004

Patrick's Drawing!

Well, today I got a very short mail from Patrick. Actually he is sending to a few frens in one go. Wooo~~ impressing. So, I mailed back to him ask if I can post these pics on my blog. The answer is 'Ok'. :) :) Heee... last time he rejected my requirement on posting his pic when we had ramen with David. Ai yar~ so glad this time his answer is yes. Of course, good things need to share with everyone mar...

This one he named it Hokkaido-summer. Now u might wondering wat is the connection of Hokkaido summer with sunflower? Well, tat's the symbolic things u will c when u go to Hokkaido in summer time. I've never been to Hokkaido yet, sadly to say, even though I hv been to 28 out of 47 prefectures in Japan.

I must said I love this pic. I hv a great passion towards sunflower even since I came to Japan. Thought the stroke of Patrick is not the type of Vincent van Gogh, but it's another kind of beauty inside for the sunflower. Hey buddy, good job!! I showed Wai Wai these pics, heee... she can't believe they r Patrick's painting, :P Well, dear... it's really his artpiece.

Ok, this is a pic based on a famous animation called 'Sen to chihiro no kami kakushi'. In English, it is called Spirited Away. Another siries of Studio Ghibli. Product by Miyazaki Hayao in 2001. He has a new film called Howl's Moving Castle (Hauru no Ugoku Shiro) this summer. Well, I hven't seen it yet. But really looking forward for a chance to watch it for sure.

I love Spirited Away story plotting soooo much. In fact, hv watched it a few times. Well, if u haven't got any idea bout this film, I must say, u hv been missing something really good. Especially for those who likes mysterious kind of fairy tale. I get a lot of surprise from it the first time I watched it. The first surprise... 'Chihiro parents changed into pig...'... want to know more, watch it for urself then. ;)


At 8:38 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

wah... those really drawn by patrick ar? shinjirarenai!! :P patrick is such a good painter..

At 7:06 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

angel, shinjite kudasai. yap, they r really by our nice nice patrick. he has been saying after he mailed to frens, everyone wants his pic. he said need mood... now no mood. I hinted him how come I got none... but i guess he will still wouldn't know my hint. :P He replied, "Now need to draw one for my sis". Ai yar~

At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....i am a little surprised myself with the outcome of the sunflower picture. The more I look at it, the more satisfying I feel.... often...praising myself that my painting skill has improved. The cartoon picture is simple. I have drawn one before. cheers, patrick

At 6:23 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

heee... wei patrick, hope u mood in drawing will come soon. so I can c ur new drawing soon. I m a terribly lousy in drawing, very envy u. hv u tried to draw a suiren before? would like to c one. :P

At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

water lilies ? not really a fan of water lilies. i still want to make another sunflower picture when i have time. just one sunflower with lavender background. summer in hokkaido part2 i supposed (for my sis). other pending pictures - four seasons, the Buddha and war-related cartoon with brother & sister (fireflies)...cant remember the name.no free time now, busy with research and then preparing for japanese test and also dorm activities. what else...busy as usual.cheers, patrick

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a nice sunflower!
FF, u know, I bought sunflowers for my fren's wedding the otehr day. She asked for those "unique flowers". This is the first time I sent ppl sunflowers during her wedding!

Wanna to share this link with you anyway...Hao xiang qu ri ben wor...!

Cheers, KFC

At 12:38 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Ee~ dear KFC, very surprise to got ur comment here. :D Thanks for the site, I got it from Poh Ching too. That person sure has a very good photographing skill, managed to capture the beauty of Hokkaido. Tat's the place I wanted to go the most in Japan now. Goin to linked it on my blog later. Yap, I'm sure waiting for u to come to Japan when u want. U said need save many first rite? No problem, as long as dun until I hv graduated. :P

Btw, did u get my long long email to u? I sent it on 23rd Sept. Only got ur forwarded mail, but no reply from u at all on my mail. Wait wait till today oso nothing. I wonder wat's wrong. Too busy?? Hope to hear ur reply soon on tat mail. Happy working. C ya!


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