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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Taiwan 5th day (3)

After get down from the park, we were damn hungry. And for sure, we r not goin to miss a chance for the nite market here. :P The nite market we went is called Ji Long Miao Ko. Hee... we sure ate like crazy there. :P We were kind of a lost on the way to go, so we asked a passing by young guy. It just happened tat he n his gf oso heading to the same direction. So we followed their back. And when it is just in front, he told us we reached. So, Hui Wen n me thanked them, and excited for our mum mum exploration. We were walking in front of the couple. When we wanted to cross the road, suddenly the guy ran up to us.

"Xiao jie, ke bu ke yi wen ni yi ge wen ti?" (Miss, may I asked u a question?)

"Ke yi yar." (Sure) I replied.

"Qing wen ni men chong na lai?" (May I know where r u gals come from?)He asked.

Ah ha~ another person curious with our identity again. Sure I would love to solve their doubt. "Ma lai xi ya." (Malaysia) I smiled.

"Ah~ xie xie or..." (I c, thanks). He seems to be so satisfy after the doubt was clear. Heee... bet he kept discussing to his gf just now. :P

"Bu ke qi." (U r welcome).

And yeah!! The market, just in front of us. :D

The 1st thing tat attracted us is this smelly tofu. Yap, the 3rd version tat we tried, after the deep fried ver. n the bbq ver. Ok, this version is called Ma Po Chou Tofu (Mabo style smelly tofu). Now, this one might be a good one for those didn't dare taste the strong smelly tofu, but wanted a try, as the smelly feature of the tofu is kind of suppress by the spiciness of the mabo soup. I would say this is the 2nd best i like after the bbq version. Anyway, I am a big fan of spicy food. Heee... And compare to the previous 2, this version is the most healthy. Low calories. Good for ladies who want to maintain their shape. 60TD for 1.

Ok, this is just normal fruit juice. But a good thirst quencher. We ordered one watermelon juice n one papaya milk. Each for 25TD. Kind of disappointed with the papaya milk, cause the milk portion is a bit too much, can't taste the good papaya taste. Hmmm...

Then, we saw something was sold in HUGE pot. Some gravy soup. They called it Xie Rou Keng (crab meat gravy). This one attracted Hui Wen.

And at the same stall, the You Fan (Oily Rice) attracted me. My brain was giving signal to my taste bud an order... "U must try!". Heee... well, u hv to follow the order, dun u? :P

So, throwing our butts on the small bench, we called for one each. Total cost 70TD. And the taste? Marvellous. The You Fan taste similar to my mum BIG RICE DUMPLING! Of course mum hand made the best. It is really big. Triple size the normal rice dumpling one can c in the market. And mum owez use Bario rice, so u can imagine how good the dumpling is. Slurp!!

And the crab gravy was really good too. Except the green veggie tat they put on top. Uuurrrgghhh... i hate this veggie. Hui Wen love it.

She ate it, and said:"FF, very very nice wor. U will miss so much good thing if u drink this soup without the small green decoration."

"Dun bluff. I dun want to fall into another trap again." Yap, after falling into the trap by my mum persuading before.

"No no, the terrible taste gone when they put it in this soup." She assured.

I think think think for a while, finally i said, "Ok, ok. I will just try. Wait..." Try to drink the soup with as little of that 'grass'. Arrrggghhh... DAMEDA!! (No sorry!!) I surrender.

So, poor Hui Wen, for my sake, she picked up one by one and put them into her mouth. "Mmmmm... yummy!!!"She reminded me of my mum, how she patiently pick away those veggie one by one for me. Not only this, she picked up the crab meat one by one too to eat. It's real crab meat, not the crab meat stick tat made from Surimi (ground fish meat). And she put more mushroon n bamboo shoot strip on my spoon. Ai yar... touch touch. Sweet little gal. I love the soup anyway, very good taste with the black pepper added. Oso got the Fa Chai (Hair veggie) inside. But I do hope they dun put this, cause it is environmentally unfriendly.

Next, we came across a stall that was selling Cao Fen Shi (stir fry bean-starch vermicelli) and Rou Keng (Meat gravy). We only ordered the Cao Fen Shi, coz worry if we had another bowl of soup now, there will be no more space in our stomach to try other stuff. The Cao Fen Shi looks very simple, but the taste was great. I like it. One for 35TD.

This pic shows how the Rou Keng looks like. Very similar to the Xie Rou Keng. Just tat the content inside the soup is different.

We then past thru a few stall, and noticed it seems like a practice for stall tat is selling one type of CHO dish (rice, noodle, vermicelli blah blah blah...) will be selling a kind of gravy soup too at the same time (crab meat, squid ball, fish ball blah blah blah...). And yap, the business r good for these kind of stall. Guess the local love these. Me too. :P

Now, this is wat I really wanted to introduce for ur guys, especially those outside Asia. As for me, I've seen this in drama ever since I was a very young kid, but never got any chance to had one. They called this Bing Tang Hu Lu (Rock sugar coating dessert prickle). The one selling in this stall hv a very good coating colour, not the one tat usually very red, but with caramelized shining attraction. Ok, my sense is telling me, this is goin to be a nice nice one.

FF:"Hui wen, I want to try one. Haven't had any of these yet."

Hui Wen:"K, no problem. Pick one then."

FF:"Mmm... dun know which one too choose, so many here..." Yap, was kind of hesitated.

Hui Wen:"Get one of those very traditional one then. How bout this one?" (She pointed to the right bottom corner)

FF:"Heee... ok." (In fact, tat was the one I wanted to try too. Ai yar... so happy we hv the same choice). I chose one with 8 balls on the prick. ;) The way they arranged it so cute, from big to small.

I had many time the dessert inside, but it's my first time with the coating outside. My comment? I must said I am falling love into this little things. It captured my heart for sure. Subarashii!! (Marvellous!). Even thinking it now can make my saliva keeps dripping. :P We really chose the rite stall for my first time 'Lips contact' with it. Slurppp!!! 20TD per prick.

Ok, we agreed we need something cold to clear our thirst. We saw this Tou Hua Bing (soft soybean curd ice). 3 flavours for 50TD. The Tou Hua is a must, then we added the yam cube n lotus seed. The To Hua was good, very soft. But was disappointed with the other 2, not the texture, but the taste. Supersweet for me. I kept complaining to Hui Wen why can't they make the sugar content much lighter. Oh well, after much ganbatte, we did finish all. :(

The Miao Ko night market actually was formed by 2 night markets connecting to each other. We finally came to the border line of the first half. OMG! Just first half? I wonder how much things we can try to take into our stomach. I wish I was ruminant tat time. On the border, we saw 2 stalls selling Shi Hua Kao (a kind of plant jelly). One stall is drink, the other one is jelly. And interesting tat they use green bean powder as topping. Very much like the Warabi mochi tat sell in Japan. The owners of this stall are 2 people tat r disable to talk. But I can feel they hv a very bright n happy soul inside. So after communicate with the jelly selling lady, I bought one of the jelly. Only 25TD.

The taste was good. The texture was very interesting. Something like a jelly, but not really jelly. I would say it taste more like a Japanese kuzu mochi (a pudding like arrowroot cake). But it is very interesting they use green bean powder, very unique taste. I myself kind of like this first experience.

While we were having this dessert, 2 ladies saw the stalls too and was talking to each other whether it's goin to be good or not.

The keypo (busybody) FF, "Very nice wor! C, I just bought one. Heee... try it." I offered them my jelly.

"Oh no, tq. We will buy one." One of the lady replied. But then, she suddenly asked,"U r not Taiwanese hor?? Where u come from??" (Hee... she didn't even wait for me to answer the 1st Q before she asked the 2nd Q). (Oh oh~ time for explaining again).

"Err~ I'm from Malaysia." I said.

"Wah!!! Malaysian wor. Eh, ur Mandarin very good ler. How come u can speak so well Mandarin. Malaysia is a good place wor. My frens went before, said it is nice nice. U come with tour??" Ok, she keeps asking Q by Q. OMG! She is sure a very passionate local.

"Err~ nope just the 2 of us." I pointed to Hui Wen who usually remain silence.

"Wah!!! Backpacking ar? So brave ler, u two. How long hv u been in Taiwan? R u gals students? School holidays hor~" Hee, she kept talking on.

Ok, I'm goin to omit the continuing conversation. Anyway, after standing there for quite a while talking to Hui Wen n me, the 3 ladies asked us to take a pic with them. The three of them are from Hua Lian. And one of them name Lian Hua, exactly the converse way writing of the place she came. Interesting. They offered to bring us around Taipei n Hua Lian, but we hv to reject cause no time. (Thanks anyway). Using Hui Wen camera, promised will mail the picture to them. Yap, hv edit the pic, will mail to them in these couple days time. Nice nice people though. :)

But they did give us a very good info, tat the nite before we were in Ji Long, tat is the 14 July of lunar calendar, in Ji Long, a very big ceremony called Fang Sui Deng (Water Lamp Releasing) was on. Aarrrggghhh!! We missed the gist. Hmm...

So, this is the look of the nite market. Many people huh. Sure they were.

We admitted we had too much food for the first half session. So, the later half, we seem to lost interest in much food. Except this Suan Mei Tang (sour plum soup) (left) for quenching our thirst. I wanted to try the Gui Ling Gao (a kind of herb jelly in chinese cuisine)(right), so we ordered one too. Both for 70TD. Ar... i love the Gui Ling Gao. So smooth n nice. Wat a nice thing for a hot summer nite.

With a full full stomach n nice nice feeling, we walked back to the train station. This is how the nite scene of the Ji Long harbour look like besides the station.

And this is the train tat we took. Sweet sweet Hui Wen with her tired looking. Poor gal, no N even to smile oledi. Heee... yap, we sure very exhausted after such a busy day.

Nite nite.


At 11:28 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hi fish fish
i went to ji long night market the last time i was in taiwan too. :) i entered the night market from the other end so we tried very different stuff from you. we had pao pao bing (bubble ices). very yummy!! we also had mini taiwanese sausages and sandwiches made with deep-fried bread roll. wanna go again. hehehe.

we didnt tour ji long actually. instead we took the bus and went to jiu fen. very nice tourist place. but i wont recommend you go there during the ghost month. i have heard very scary stories. >.<||| ok. i better not scared u.

At 11:56 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

wei Pinkcocoa... heee... we went to Jiu Fen too. The next morning after the Ghost festival. I am goin to post it in my next post. ;) Dun worry, I am not afraid of ghost. Cause I believe Jing Sui Bu Fan He Sui. Hv heard uncountered scary ghost stories. U want? :P Ee~ i didn't tried any pao pao bing. Didn't see any actually. Must try next time.


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