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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Taiwan 7th day (1)

I am curi tulang (be a lazy bone) now eating my Mr. Donut n updating my Taiwan trip before start my work. :P Only me n my sensei today. He just came back from Ireland yesterday. Here is wat he handed to me when I greeted him just now.

A square mirror. Red colour. N with a spearmint bag. He said thanks me for helping him did a great job. Aiyah! Made me blush. Coz tat was actually my duty s a student mar. Anyway, very happy to got this. 1. I love puppy. 2. I need a mobile mirror actually. (I dun own one until now, wat a shame for a gal.) But the price was written 10.99 pound (RM75), hmm... kind of a high price for a mirror.

Ok, come to my Taiwan trip 7th day. ^O^ Ganbatte ff...

1st September (7th day)

Yang Ming Hill - Gu Gong Muzeum - Xi Men Street - Zhong Zheng Hall - Yong Kang Street - Shi Lin Nite Market - Nan Guo Hotel

Today, we decided to go to Yang Ming Shan. Hui Wen at first not really interested to go, after she had the experience of artificial Ken Ting National Park. However, since it is a very famous place in Taipei, we decided to take a look then.

We reached the place in the late morning time by bus. On 2nd parking lot stop of the hill, where the city bus stopped, we hv to chance line to take a park bus, which was not too frequent, cause around 30 min only one bus. As we dun hv much time, according to the local, they recommended us to go to the Ching Tien Kang directly. Ok, so we decided our spot for the Yang Ming Shan. Actually if u hv enough time, u can spend a whole day there. As the place is kind of big. Especially for those who likes nature.

While waiting for the bus, I look around. I found this little cute water lily. Yah, I am a fan of water lily.

Yeah, finally our bus came. We heard someone speaking Cantonese, then Mandarin mix with English. Hmmm... our curiosity comes.

"FF, do u think they r from Hong Kong?" Hui Wen ask me.

I remain silent for a while to hear the way they talk more, "Nope, I can assure u that they r Malaysians." I said to Hui Wen.

"How can u be so sure?" Hui Wen asked me.

I wickedly grin at her... "Only typical Malaysians speak this kind of intonation for Mandarin campur (mix) English."

"Wow... U so lihai! U sure?" She kind of a doubt.

"Want make a bet? Let ask them then." I suggested.

"U ask." Cunning Hui Wen. Oh well, ok... me ask then.

"Excuse me. May we know where u gals from?" I turned to the back n asked them.

"Malaysia." One of them answered.

"Really?" Heee... straight away, me n Hui Wen smiled. My guest was bingo.

"We r from Malaysia too..." Hui Wen n me said.

Well, but they dun hv much surprise expression. And during the trip on the bus, they dun talk to us too. Only talked to one of the local, trying to use Hokkien this time instead... But seem likely they hv a very big gap in understanding each other words much. Hui Wen then let seat for an old people, and she went to the front. After we got down from the bus, she asked me.

"FF, did u talked to them?"

"Nope, they dun talked to me at all." I said.

"Really? One of their voice sound like urs. Strange, usually when u meet ur own country people in faraway place, u would sure like to talk more, isn't it?"

"Ee~ got one voice like me? Hmmm... Yah, I hv the same thinking as u. But, well, maybe they r not interested to get more Malaysian frens. Oh well..." But it is kind of ironic we r not Hiew by our own Malaysians, but get a lot of friendly communication from the locals during our trip.

We went to the washroom. They were behind us. We we came out, we smiled at them. They oso smiled back, but tat's all. Hmmm...

So me n Hui Wen started our hiking.

We like this Ching Tien Kang actually. Very green. Instead, me n Hui Wen hike for more than 1.5hr at tat place, with a big big sun on top of us. Sweat like hell, n got sunburn terribly. :P

By the time we got down from the Yang Ming Shan, oledi late noon. We didn't eat anything. Damn hungry. So, we tried to find a vegetarian restaurant to try, as we haven't tried one yet in Taiwan. But the place where we stopped for an interchange of the bus, kind of isolated. Only a few self-service lunch shops were there. We chose one of them.

Hui Wen picked her dish (right), I picked mine (left). With 2 bowls rice. Soup n cold tea service for free. Cost 125TD only. Ok, as u can see, with tofu again!! Oso not much green veggie. Dun know why, the green veggie not attracting me much tat time. I love the seaweed cooking tat I took. Spicy salty. Nice nice thing with rice. :)

After lunch, we went to this National Palace Muzeum (NPM). This muzeum actually keeps a lot of very valuable Chinese antique. The strongest impact for me is a small White Bitter Gourd carving. Very very pretty... Too bad no phototaking allowed. Sob sob!! Hey, it is under renovation, and only part of the muzeum is opened. So we get free entrance. :)

After we came out from the muzeum, we saw one Proton Wira at the parking lot. Ai yar~ didn't expect to c it here. The model somehow to be bigger than the one in Malaysia. I still remember when I visited Brunei 4~5 years ago, I saw one very huge Proton Perdana there too. Wow! Now I started to believe the exported proton cars are bigger in size (according to my frens, price cheaper too, I wonder why?).

We then moved to Xi Men Ding. A shopping area that r very popular among the local youngsters. In fact, when Hui Wen n I first step on this place... Oh oh! We felt like we were in Shibuya, only tat a miniature of Shibuya. I kind of tired with this kind of place, not to mention Hui Wen who only need 15 min to go to Shibuya from her dormitory.

We first went to this Hong Luo Ju Chang(Red Theatre) in Xi Men Ding. The first n largest teahouse playhouse in Taiwan. I kind of like this building. The interior oso very oriental. Red red...

These dolls attracted me. Hui Wen thought they were too spooky. I was thinking to buy one, but too expensive. Heee... so I took this 'cute' pic. Showed Hui Wen, she got shrudded. Can't understand how I can think them 'cute'.

We kind of like one of the part in this building. Know wat is this? It was taken by Hui Wen. Heee... washroom... Cool huh... Now this is wat I call spooky when u doin nature call and see urself reflecting endlessly inside the room with 2 sides mirror. Wat an experience... :P

After we finish the Hong Luo Ju Chang, we decided to walk around the shopping area for a while. Ee~~ how come so many people gathering. Much much more than just now. Ah, ic... the olympic medalists were having parade for celebrating the victory. Hmmm... keypo ff n Hui Wen joined the crowd, just for taking the pics. :P Even though we hv no idea at all who they are. They got 2 gold medalists for this year Athens Olympic. One is this guy (hand waving). Name Zhu Mu Yan. This pic was by me.

The other one is this gal. Name Chen Shi Xin. Both r in Taekwando. Oso got the silver n bronze medals in other events. Which was a very good result for Taiwan since they haven't got such a good result for a long time. This pic was by Hui Wen. :) Hmm... sometimes I wonder, where is Malaysia Boleh??

After we felt enough to keypo in the crowd, we went away to look around the shopping streets. Then, I suddenly remember need to make a confirmation call for our flight tickets. We tried very hard to find one, then finally Hui Wen laughing bursted out.

"I saw it fish fish." She said.

"Where?? How come I can't?" I kept looking around.

"There. In front of us." She pointed to the front.

"I still can't see ler. How come ur eyes owez so good ar? Very far is it?"

"Nope, very near. Come, I show u." She led me to the front.


I bursted laughing too. Heeee....

Now u know why? I was looking for a normal phone booth. Didn't expect something like this short and more like a iron box. Too bad, the phones only use card. So we have to find other phone booth then later.

Jin Aun strongly recommended us to try the Mian Xian in this Xi Men Ding. He said he ate 2 bowls by himself. So we found the shop, called Ah Zhong Mian Xian. Many people were buying, and just standing there and eat on the spot. Hui Wen incharged in paying today, so she went to buy. And I took this pic while she was buying it. She was in between 2 tall guys that were selling. :P

This was how the Mian Xian looked like. Taste very similar to the one we had in Shi Lin nite market the nite before. But this one more spicy. Think they put more black pepper in it. 35TD per bowl.

We then wanted to hv some drink to quench our thirst. Hui Wen wanted a bubble tea. No problem for me. She went to buy it, 25TD per glass, and came back with a bitter gourd face.

"Fish fish! The shopkeeper very impolite lar..." She grumbled. "Like I owed her big amount of money!!" She nagged more.

Poor dear. "Well, this is Taipei. U know some city people can be very snobbish. Did u complain on her directly?" I asked.

"Nope." She said.

Tat gal was lucky I was not the buyer.

But hey, next time if u see this BIG SMILEY sign tat sell bubble tea in Xi Men Ding... Dun buy. The taste was only so so. The most important... terrible service. Hehe... I'm trying to make a revenge for u here, Hui Wen. :P


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