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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Taiwan 7th day (2)

Today's is 11 Oct, a public holidays in Japan. Again, now only my sensei n me in the lab. Went to aquawalking today. Feel fresh. But munched on 2 Mr Donut. :( Now in my lab waiting for my samples to incubate. So, time for me to blog... :P

By the way, today's blog might be sentitive to some people. If u mind, please dun cont reading.

After seeing around Xi Men Ding, we decided to go to Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. This memorial hall was built to commemorate the memory of President Chiang Kai Shek who past away in 1975.

It was a conincidence tat the time we arrived, was omost the time to bring down the flag by the soldiers. But unluckily, we were not in time to rush for the open hr for the hall exhibition. Oh well, one gain, one lose.

This pic showed one of the soldier who just stand still in front of the flag pole... He didn't even move at all even when I said TQ to him for letting me taking his pic. Hmm... Memorial hall at his back.

For the other 2 soldiers, they went up to the stage. With exactly the same tempo for their movement, they pull down the flag slowly. U can hear the bells on their shoes rang simultaneously when they moved.

Then, then slowly rolled and folded the flag until it becomes a long stick-like.

Then, dang dang dang... the bell rang again with the same tempo for the three soldiers backed to the hall.

I asked a guy who incharged there bout this flag raising n pulling down time. He told me 6am n 6.10pm everyday. So, those of u tat r interested to see it, make sure u got the rite time.

After the ceremony, another guy, think he is a soldier too, hv to tidy up the long rope tat raised the flag. He ran round n round the stage, until the whole rope roll around the pole. Then, he climbed up the pole to make a knot. Ai yah... u can't see his face clearly here... but I can tell u... he is damn cute... :P Too bad me dun hv the gut to talk to him. *Blush*

I tried to find Hui Wen all the way, cause she seem to disappear from the place. She didn't even there when the flag ceremony was on. Sayang...

When I came to this CKS hall (this pic was taken by Hui Wen, nice huh...), then I saw her sitting on the top part of the staircase.

"Hey dear, I looked for u around ler... Didn't know u r here. Wat's up?" I asked her while running up to her place.

"Nothing... just sit hear and enjoy looking around." She said.

"U missed out the good part u know? The flag ceremony." I said again.

"Yah, i saw them walking out to the place. But me too lazy to go to the front. Just see from here lor. Saw u taking pictures." So, I will copy my pics to her then for the flag ceremony.

She took one nice view from the CKS Memorial Hall. Very wide place. U can see the big gate n the 2 National Halls from there. One is the theatre hall, another one is the music hall. I forgot which one is which.

"FF, something very shocking here. See the 2 gals down there?" Hui Wen suddenly said with a very light voice. (She meant the 2 gals on the left of this pic, which were around 20 stair case down the place we sit.)

"Yap. Why?" Didn't really pay attention to her tat time.

"Tell u hor... The 2 of the were kissing just now. Very passionately ler... Even... even touch each other on the... ehhem... breasts." Think she tried her best to say out the whole sentence. But with even lower voice more.

"Not only them ler... the back of this hall oso got one group... Man! Wat a place. First time see gal kiss gal... Gosh!!" Heee... cool cool Hui Wen got a bit excited liao.

"Well, Taiwan is kind of famous with lesbian couples. They even hv societies for tat." I said.

"Really?? How did u know. I never know bout this." Hui Wen eyes big big when I told her tat. Guess she was kind of surprise when I told her.

"Books and magazines. Used to read kind a lot of books from Taiwan." But actually me kind of surprise tat our encounter with this happening was in the CKS-Hall. Kind of ironic huh...

Keypo ff curious too, so went to look around at the back of the hall. Came back with the conclusion,"Hui Wen, not one group at the back, but another 3 groups."

"Really? Wow... tat's a lot."

"Yah. Seem like this is a hot spot for them. Wat more, all just around high school kids. Hmmm..." Yap, they r still very young actually. I wonder if it's a kind of trend among them, to show tat they r 'in'.

Anyway, I wouldn't think the CKS-memorial hall is a suitable place. Cause many family bringing the children coming to the park for a leisure time. In fact, on the rite end of the stair case (we were at the left end), omost the same height as us, sit a mother with a small children. I wonder if they saw wat we hv seen.

When I got back from the checking, it was kind of a dark.

The 2 in front of us started again. This was the pic I took, with a sudden flash. They did look back to us after that, but a little while, cont again. Guess they dun even so care bout our existance. This pic I hv to use the camedia software to make it much brighter. Can see kind of a blur. Too dark.

"FF, do u think they will think we r oso... ehhem... same s them?" Hui Wen suddenly asked.

"Haha! Wow! Such a cute couple? That will sure make them so envy." I make a wicked face to show her. :P

Well, we went away after tat... dun know wat is goin to happen to them then.

We went down to the music n theatre hall. This was how it looked before dark.

I like the after dark look of them. The light make the whole hall shining... :)

Wat a place!!


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