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Friday, October 22, 2004

Tenpozan (19 Sept)

Kuishinbo vs Kuishinbo

What happen when kuishinbo is in kuishinbo? :) This is what happened.

I stayed another nite in Yuriko's house unplanned earlier, as by the time we finished the dinner, it was very late. Yuriko's mother insisted me to stay one more nite. It was good too as it was much nearer for me to meet Sylvia in Tenpozan for her bd celebration. Her exact bd was on 18 Sept though.

Here is sweet dear Sylvia standing in front of this Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho in Tenpozan Marketplace Osaka. She was the one who wanted to come to this place. I didn't know this was the place she mentioned. The first time I came to Tenpozan area was with Wai Wai and Patrick. My, long time ago...

Ok, Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho is a food theme park in Osaka that having 20 different food stalls selling typical foods in Osaka.

Sylvia didn't eat anything in the morning. She wanted to safe her stomach for Kuishinbo. As for me, I had breakfast in Yuriko's house. But, hehe... Kuishinbo wouldn't resist things from Kuishinbo, rite? ;)

The 1st food we had was dango from Tsukushi. Each stick for 80yen (~RM2.80).

For midarashidango (midarashi dumpling), first the shopkeeper roasted it.

Then deep into this big pot of sweet salty sauce. We waited for a while, and noticed tat the other customers who later than us had theirs, but not ours. So I asked the gal, and OMG! Terrible! She forgot she hasn't gave us our dango. Hmmm... But then, she did apologised for her clumsiness.

Here we r with one stick of midarashi dango with the dark sauce, and another stick of sanshokudango (3 colours dumpling). The dumpling itself was just so so, but the sauce was really good. :)

I did a post on dango sankyodai (3 dumpling brothers). If u r interested to know more, can read it.

After the dango, we saw a shop named Momotani Ikayakiya. Hmmm... ikayaki (grilled squid)! Tat's interesting. We never had ikayaki in Japan. This ikayaki is not similar with those normal grilled squid. I would prefer to call it ika pancake. It's Japanese pancake with squid inside, plus sauce. One for 262yen (~RM9) for the one with egg topping. This is highly recommended. The pancake itself was very mochi mochi (good elasticity) and sylvia said the ika was very soft. And the adding of the sauce was just great. Yummy yummy!! Both of us were very satisfied with this choice. V^o^V

Now, the next Osaka food we had is Takoyaki. If u come to Osaka, and u didn't try Takoyaki (grilled octopus ball) and Okonomiyaki (grilled Japanese pancake), it will not be counted u hv tried the real osaka food. But not every place make good Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Much depends on ur luck. But Dotonbori will be a good place to look for all the Osaka delicious food.

Ok, the above pic shows how Takoyaki is made.

This is how a ready to eat Takoyaki looks like. Usually with a lot of takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. But this one with a lot of spring onion. We oso had one Ramune (Japanese soda). Whole set of this for 500yen (~RM18).

The last thing we had in this food theme park was gyoza (chinese dumpling) in Chao Chao. We ordered 3 flavours gyoza. Normal pork flavour, shrimp and vegetable. I had some skin of the pork and shrimp, very crunchy. Like the shrimp one better. The vege gyoza was very good. Juicy for the cabbage inside. One plate of this can't remember the price. Around 850yen (RM30) i think.

We were very full by then. Need to walk a bit to burn off the calories. So we strolled around Tenpozan area. Saw this Santa Maria crossing the sea. Kind of expensive, so gave up having a ride with it.

This was how the Tenpozan harbour looks like. A bit foggy tat day, not a clear view.

We decided to take a ride of the Tenpozan kanransha (Ferris wheel) to hv a good skyview.

The entrance written " World's biggest Ferris Wheel, height 112.5M". Built in 1997. Each ride 700yen per person.

When the ferris wheel slowly went up higher and higher, the Kaiyukan (Osaka Aquarium) became smaller. Not to mention the very tiny humans lining up for entering the Kaiyukan. Yap, it was a public holidays, so everywhere was full of people. I went to this Kaiyukan once. Like it very much. Very nice aquarium. Indeed, it is one of the biggest aquarium in the world.

At higher level, the whole bridge became very clear to us. Big ship turned into such a miniature.

When our cart reached the tallest point, we can see the people in the cart next to us very clearly. A very weird feeling to see other people half hang there. :P

Then slowly, the cart went down again. A very memoriable ride for Sylvia. Hee...

Xue Hua Bing

We decided to leave Tenpozan to another place. On the way to the train station, the three words Xua Hua Bing (Snow Flake Ice) attracted us very much. The shop name is Xue Fua no Sato. It seems like a teahouse selling Taiwanese food. Wat we wanted to try the most is the Xue Hua Bing.

We were really lucky, cause there were only a few left. After us, another 2 groups oso able to taste it. And the other tat lining up hv to be disappointed.

Now, wat the hell is this Xue Hua Bing? Kuching people will know, as we hv that in Thian Food Court in Crown Square. So do the Taiwanese, as it was written dessert original from Taiwan. Can someone familiar with Taiwanese food tell me this? But, this Xue Hua Bing definitely not the one I had owez eaten in Kuching. It totally changed my concept on 'ice'.

This is how the Xue Hua Bing looks like. Very simple. We asked for Jin Yin Cai Bao (Gold Silver Money Treasure). It was actually a mixture of the milky ice with mango sauce. The ice itself was a magic. I dun know how the owner made it, but the texture of the ice, I would say it is micro fine. So fine tat when u put into ur mouth, it just melt away. I didn't even feel like I am eating ice. The milky flavour of the ice definitely merit up the ice itself. Wat more with the sweet sour mango sauce. I am wordless to describe my feeling of eating the 2 things at the same time. Magic food... yap... A magic tat cast a great spell on me... Even reversing now make me feel soooo hunger for it. 450yen (~RM16) per plate. And yes, I would go for it again. :) And now I doubt it, how come I didn't see any in Taiwan?? :(

We oso ordered a Japanese sweet with red bean inside. mmm... ok, hv to admit I'm not so much into red bean. But the munchy bites were good. 300yen (RM10.60).

Hee... a Chinese rice dumpling in a bamboo plate. Cool huh... One for 450yen. We ordered this becoz Sylvia homesick very much, she wanted a Bak Chang (meat dumpling). And yes, this Bak Chang was good. But it took around 30 min to get this Bak Chang served.

These were the 2 ladies tat behind us. Was there first time succeed in having the Xue Hua Bing after 3 times failed to get it. o_O Wow!! Sylvia n me really feel lucky. Now, another Q comes into my mind, why dun the owner just make more and let more customers be happy?

Besides the Xue Hua Bing, they oso hv bubble milk tea and a series of herb and flower teas. But I bet most of the customers come for the Xue Hua Bing.

My presumption was rite, as after the Xua Hua Bing sold out, no more customer come in after tat. Hmm...

Anyway, happy birthday dear Sylvia. Hope tat was a nice day for u. :)


At 6:24 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hi hi fishfish
hehe. cute eh! kuishinbo in kuishinbo. what's kuishinbo in kanji?

I love takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The best okonomiyaki i had so far is in taiwan. Havent had the chance to try authentic japanese one! Hey i know the song: dango sankyudai! cute song!

Let me enlighten you with as much as i know about xue hua bing (snow flower ice). ;-) There is a very famous xue hua bing stall in shi ling night market, Taipei. I am not sure if it's still there because the night market actually went through a renovation so all the food stalls and shops are relocated to temporary location. My uncle likes to bring us there everytime we go to shi ling. It is called xin fa ting. It should be on the guide book. The block of ice is actually made of milk (i think it's a mixture of milk and condensed milk) and the machine has special blade.

here's the info about xin fa ting:

At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog.. and i found it very amusing and entertaining. I go to Japan quite often but never had the chance to eat street (real japanese) food. This blog is really encouraging me to try out what they have to offer!

Btw, i heard about the typhoon. I hope you're alright!

Take Care,

At 7:46 AM, Blogger obachan said...

Ahhhh Tempozan, Natsukashiiii…..
Looks like that place has changed a lot.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Wei Pinkcocoa: Hi dear, the word kuishinbo is written 食いしん坊 in Japanese Kanji, and if mandarin, mean Tan Chi Gui. Thanks a lot for the Xue Hua Bing info, learnt something new. If only I know bout this earlier be4 I go to Taiwan. :( Next time I know where to look for one. ;)

Hi Rulz, welcome to Kuishinbo~Meow~. :) Glad u like it. Yap, take the challenge in Japanese foods. U will like the surprise. ;) Btw, thanks for the concern. The taifu was very strong, but Kyoto somehow is kind of lucky not in the zone of frequently effected area. Many people died though. Wat I am more worry now is the non-stopping terrible earthquake in Niigata (northern part of Japan, I am in the west). I am thinking to do some financial help to them now once calling for donation started. That the only thing I can do. But to the most, really hope these non-ending natural disasters give Japan a break, pleaseeee...

Obachan: I went there 2 years ago. Didn't change much from tat time. :) When was the last time u in Tenpozan?

At 5:14 PM, Blogger obachan said...

More than 5 years, I guess.


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