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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Wat a day!!

Today is the final day of September 2004. The typhoon just ended last nite. Today, even though sun started to come out, but the wind blowing r kind of chilly. Really can feel tat it is autumn oledi.

Very very hectic day for me. Came in the lab 1 hr earlier than usual. Coz my turn to tidy up the lab apparatus. Then did my research. On the way, my sensei requested me to prepare something for him to bring over to Ireland. Ok, so tat took another few hrs to finish up.

After lunch, happen that my galley proof for my first journal paper sent to me. So I hv to settle tat today too. :) Heee... so happy finally my first paper can publish online soon in another 1~2 months. Hv to start with the 2nd one now.

While I was damn busy with these stuff, my mum called my hp twice n my lab once. I was away tat time to do my research. When I back, my fren told me mum will call later on. Was kind of shock to hear mum actually called me at tat time. Very unusual time. Wait wait wait, and hv to deal with my work with an up n down heart. I was hard praying deep inside, nothing terrible happen at home. But, it turned up mum didn't call even until over 7.00pm. I wanted to call home, but happen I didn't bring my purse out today, and my phone card was left inside.

So, after settle rush to date work, I quickly cycled home. But something happened on the way back home...

An accident happen. A car knocked down an old couple. I was the 1st person that witness the happening. But I didn't see the moment of the crashing. All I see was the car bend into a small street, then 'BANG!!'... the loud sound shocked me. And when I see inside the street, 2 people were lying there, and the car knock into a big pilar.

I had to stayed there for the police to come, as I was the first person to witness. can't just go away like tat. But felt useless there actually, cause many people there, all I can do is just stand there and watched the 2 people lying on the street with the blood coming out. We can't move them, cause they might hv severe inner fracture or bleeding inside. People keep calling them to keep them awake. The driver was very panic too. Her little daughter kept saying sorry to the couple. Poor little gal, must be terribly scared tat time.

After 10 min, the ambulance came, bring the old lady away. Then 2nd came, bring the old man away. Though they were bleeding (the lady more severe, kind a lot of blood came out from her head), I think they will be not life threatening then (let pray so). Then, the police came. So after the injured guy was brought away too, the police started to lodge a report for the case. Very polite policemen. I kind of like the policemen in Japan actually, not action action think they r big big. And they dun do nonsense work n put the serious matter tat need to be dealt with aside. They get my name n phone number, and asked me a few question, then said I can go home now. Gosh! Know how anxious I was tat time? My mind kept thinking bout the call from my mum, seeing this accident myself even made me more worry.

While waiting for the policeman to asked me, I took a couple of pics of the incident. Didn't take the pics of the lying down 2 persons tat time, no good to take picture during tat kind of happening I think. So all I hv was the blood spots both of them left. Wat I was curious with was the cigarette, an unlit cigarette. According to the people stay in the neighbourhood, the lady tat was knocked down hv been standing in the corner for quite sometimes. (Hmm... I dun know, b4 I heard this statement, the moment I saw the way they lie down on the street, I just felt something very strange bout this accident. I can't really say why, but my sense told me so...) The handkerchief was belonged to the driver n another bypass lady. BLOOD!! Shuddering... If my papa or brother see it, they sure will get fainted. They r very scared of blood.

I oso took a pic of the crashed car. The little cube need a good 'operation' as well.

I rushed back home n quickly called home the moment I put down my bag. Thank goodness!! Mum called me just regarding my passport requirement for the visa application of my sister travelling to Japan end of Oct. I felt so relief tat time. But at the same time, was kind of angry mum called me tat urgent in the day time becoz of this. Made me worry whole day, think nonsense. But I m really glad, no news means good news. Hmm... seem like application to Japan really getting more strict, even for short term travelling.

Ai yar... really believe tat when u r too free, even want to kill mosquito to spend ur time, nothing happen. But when u r in the moment u wish u r like 'Dolly' the lamb, things will just seem to happen in one go. How I am really glad the final day of Sept 2004 ended.

October... new month, new start... nice start. :)


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh.. u witnessed an accident. If I were there, i think I will faint the minute I heard the BANG. What's more seeing the couple lying on the road with a pool of blood.... gosh. @_@# You are very brave, FF. -waiwai

At 1:22 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

fish fish, so sorry to hear you witnessed a terrible car accident. fingers crossed the couple will be fine. :-)

At 8:58 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

pinkcocoa: yah... i was oso praying for the couple to be alrite. until now, neither the driver nor the police called me, so I do hope the case can be settled soon.

WW: hey dear, I can't go away ar... cause I was the 1st person to witness the incident. i wish i did witness the moment Bang, at least can help for the case investigation, but i didn't. so my statement dun really help much i guess. :(

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

You mentioned in your post that you were in a lab. Are you a biology or chemistry student? Undergrad or grad?

I had my bachelor in biology. Doing my MBA now.

At 6:43 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

hi dennis, i guess i am more to a biology field. well, i m in food tech field. a grad student. my research is regarding enzymatic deamidation on cereal proteins. ee~~ u r a MBA? part time or full time?

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Wow, sounds like biochemistry to me.

I'm part-time MBA...gotta work to cover the house mortgage payments.


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