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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Watami (11 Sept)

Hmm... it's Taifu (typhoon) No.23 blowing in the Japan these 2 days. Keep raining... and windy. A 1600km diameter Taifu... Kyoto is owez not so greatly effected by the typhoon. Places in Kyushu n Shikoku r much more serious.

Anyway, today I will talk bout an Izakaya (Japanese style bar) tat I went with Patrick few weeks ago. It's called Watami. Belongs to the Watami Food Service Group.

We had this Daikon no sengiri (radish fine strips) as zensai (appetizer). Usually, when u go to an Izakaya, either u want or not, these types of appertizer and warm hand tower will be served. Which will be then charged into ur bill.

We were given coupon for a free drink each person down stair... So, I ordered a Sakuranboshu (Japanese cherry wine). But somehow after 1/3, I felt dizzy, so the rest I gave to Patrick. Normal price 280 yen (~RM10) without tax, and yap all the price i mentioned here not yet including the tax.

As for Patrick, he wanted a glass of Umeshu (Plum wine). An Umeshu is a Japanese must try drink for foreigners. It taste sweet, very easy to drink. Patrick love the one he had in Watami. Yap, it was good. Very much taste like a Choya Umeshu. In fact, I believe it is a Choya Umeshu. Hee... I grabbed the green plum inside and put into my mouth. Yummy!!! Same normal price as the sakuranboshu.

We had organic salad. This was good. And generous portion as well. I like the crispy chip that spreaded on top of the salad. 480yen (~RM17).

Then, we ordered 2 types of rice. One is this Ishiyaki omuraisu (Hot pebble omelette rice, with white cream n tomato rice). 480yen.

The other one is this galikku chahan (garlic fried rice). 380yen (~RM13). I prefer this than the omuraisu. Dun know, the omuraisu was not until my expectation. Just tat bottom of this garlic fried rice, a bit too oily.

Patrick felt like having some meat. So he ordered this seasonal menu, called aburi buta rosu (lighly toast pork loin). The cracker was good, same as those tat spreaded on the salad. Patrick said this pork menu was good. He finished it all. 380yen.

We ordered another seasonal menu. Actually, becoz ff wanted to try it. :P It is Iro iro kinoko no hoiruyaki (assorted mushroom toasted in aluminium foil). This one was good, cause the idea of combine mushroom and miso paste. But the only complaint for tat was a bit too salty. :) Good dish for eating with plain rice though. 330yen (~RM11.50).

Finally, as a dessert, we had this renkon (lotus root) chips. Now, I like this one. Very crispy. Good tit-bits to go with alcoholic drinks. 280yen.

We paid like around 2000yen for each person. Which I think very worth it. Strongly recommended place for varities of good food with reasonal price. :)


At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry posting anonymously cuz i dont have an account with Blogger. This is one of the most addictiv site ive ever been to. Very very interesting, i love what you have done to it- droolicious pictures and recommendations and all. Thanks! But im guessing english is not your first language? It would make it alot better if you make a quick check on grammar and spelling. Makes it easier for us addicted readers. :)

At 12:09 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Anon, thanks for your support to this blog. :) I appreciate your kind advice on my grammar and spelling. Yes, you are right, English is not my first language. It is my second language. However, I am afraid you will still have to continue on with my 'broken English'. I am getting tired of using proper English and Japanese everyday in my academic field. So, kuishinbo~meow~ is a place for me to use English in a rojak (means a kind of salad in Malay) way. A place where I do not have to worry about comma or full stop or anything. It is a way for me to release my pressure. I hope you understand this. By the way, would not it be nice to see how other regions use English in a more interesting way? :) (Hope to c u again tomolo...)

At 10:11 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hiya fishfish
wow! you have just expanded your list of zhong shi guan zhong! hehe. seriously your blog gets people addicted! I am one of them. :-)

I have always wanted to tell you this. The way you write your blog reminds me a lot of my best friend. She's from JB. She writes her emails the way you write your blog too. It must be Malaysian-Chinese-English. oh dear. what am i saying here? aiks. I mean the English writing style of Malaysian Chinese.

I wonder if Anon has a blog that we could visit too. That would be nice :)

I havent spoken in my broken english for a long long time. It's like stepping out of our comfort zone to speak proper english and even mandarin for me!

At 12:16 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

What...you speak proper English too? I'm glad you're not switching, I like the broken English better! hehe

At 11:21 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Pinkcocoa, thanks, really appreciate all my Zhong Shi Guan Zhong. Hee... my frens back home complaint I lost my Malaysian style in speaking. So, I think this site will be a good place for me to practice them. Frankly speaking, not easy to speak in this way with other contries frens, making them very confuse sometimes. :P Whoops! Forgot to ask Anon if any blog of his/hers. Will ask next time.

Dear Dennis, thank u for liking my Manglish.:P I wonder how common Vienglish sound like. :)

At 8:11 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

I love my Singlish..!! And i'm proud of it.. and I make it a point.. not to change.. and sound like a Canadian..! Very proud to be different.. and from Singapore.. :)

At 5:45 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hi Mrs Tweety. Yap, Singlish is unique. I read bout a research report bout Singaporeans. When ask them wat's the strongest identity they hv as Singaporeans, majority answers of young people nowadays are 'Singlish'. Interesting. :)


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