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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

No Pain~ No Gain~ (Pt 3)

The Drinking and Moving

Yesterday was freaky cold, though in the morning weather forecast said it will be a nice day. Blah! No chun one (not correct at all). Today better, but still grrr... Heee... just a small trivia here I knew yesterday... the average age of Bae Yong June's fan in Japan is 46.5! Ai yar~ can't imagine the scene how these ladies are chasing Bae Youg June. Careful ladies...

Ok, continue to my WATER and SPORT parts today.


My best recommendation for dieting drink is water. Just normal drinking water. The cheapest and easiest to get drink. In fact, water diet has been a really important point for the success in my dieting. Here is one good site telling you bout why do u need to drink a lot of water. For a normal situation, it is advised one has to drink at least 2 litres or 0.5 gallons or 8 big glasses of water (each glass 250ml) each day. U can convert the units to the one u r familiar here. In fact, one of the practice for some of the supermodels are they can drink up to 8 litres of water in a day!

As for fish fish, 2 litres too few and 8 litres too much. Usually I drink 3~4 litres of water for a normal day. But in a heavy working day, which means I do a lot of movement and sports, I will consume up to more than 6 litres of water. This is not included my other fluid supplements thru my food intakes and other form of drinks. Yah~ u can say I am a 'water pail'. Heee... tat's wat my frens call me. I can drink whole bottle of 1 litre drinking water in one go. I dun know why, I guess my body has just so getting use in asking for water.

Heee... let me tell u in details how do I drink water and other fluids for 1 day usually.

In a hot summer day, I wake up and gulp 2 glasses of pipe water (Pipe water in my area is safe to drink. If ur area water hygiene is not convincing, make sure u boil it before u drink). Then, I boil water to get a glass of luke warm water, and add a tablespoon of honey into it, to make myself a glass of warm honey drink. Ok, some of u might be asking, "Fish Fish, didn't u say no sugars for dieting?" Yap, i did say. But this is something different. In fact, a glass of honey drink is an essential thing for me in the morning. Why? Well, u see, after ur body didn't take any sugar or carbohydrate from evening till morning, that is a long hour where ur body are very lack of sugar. Sugar is the only form where u brain can get the nutrient. So, honey, not only a great form of quick sugar supply, in fact honey is oso a great substance for beauty caring. ;) Now using luke warm water is good. Honey is not easy to dissolve in normal cool water, but melt easily in luke warm water. But do not melt honey in boiling water! The high temperature will destroy the nutrition value in honey. Must remember this. Ok, so before my breakfast, I have had 750ml of water.

During breakfast, I usually drink a bowl of miso soup. That give me 250ml of fluid. After breakfast, I drink 2 more glasses of water. 500ml. Then I cycle to school. I am an easily sweat type person. So, even a 15min cycling can make me loss quite an amount of water. So usually the first thing when I reach my lab, I drink another 300ml of water. During lunch, I oso will have another bowl of soup with after lunch water. This provides me 500ml of water. We usually walk for 5 min to the canteen to take our lunch, including climbing 5 levels of staircase instead of using lift. This short moving time give me some calories down. ;) From after lunch till evening time, I usually consume 1 glass of water per hr at least. So, I consume at least 1.2 L of water. Then I will off to my dinner, and yes, that will be another 700mL of fluid intake by soup and water.

1-2hr after my dinner, I usually take 1.5h to 2h to do sport. The sport part I will explain more later. During my sport time, I can consume 1~2 litres of water. Depending how much water hv lost from my body. I feel thirsty easily. So whenever I feel thirsty, I will drink water. I end up my whole day with another 2 glasses of water, with 1-2 multi vitamins tablets, though there has been saying that it is not healthy to drink too much water at nite. :P The multi vitamins tablets are very important for me, as during dieting plan, I might not gaining essential vitamins that I need for my body.

So, from my explanation above, u can see I easily consume 6-7 litres of water in a heavy workout day, and 4-5 litres of water in a normal summer day. In winter, my water consumption tend to be lesser, usually 3-4 litres if without a workout day. In cold season, I replace cool water with warm water. Fish fish don't like to drink water with ice. It has been a practice for me many years. I guess that is one of the reason why even in a heavy MC day, I can do my work and sport as usual. Usually in restaurant, I like to order water without ice. Heee... the most troublesome thing for me is when taking a flight. I was so tired in keep asking for water. Hmm... maybe next time I should just ask them give me the big bottle. :P

"So, we can't take other types of drink?", some of u might be asking. Nope, of course u can take other drink. Milk will be a good one. But I usually take non-fat milk with high calcium. As u see I am a vegetarian, so sources of calcium and iron are very important to me. Instead, as a substitution for my honey water, I replace it with warm honey milk. Yummy!! I only took the honey drinks in morning time. Sometimes, I do take a bit of sugar or carborhydrate in the noon when I am craving for one during my 1st 3 months dieting. However, I reject all kind of sugars and carbohydrates after 5pm. This is becoz the body metabolism starting to get much slower when evening comes, and if u take the same amount of calories as breakfast or lunch and without any workout, they r goin to end up in ur fat storage.

Fruit juice is not a good thing for dieting. High simple sugars content. Easily to be absorbed by our body. Plus, all the dietary fibre hv been taken out. Try to take whole fruit instead. It will give u a filling feel, a good source of dietary fibre and delicious! Apple is a good dieting fruit (but fish fish dun take apple, my teeth cannot stand the feeling of biting apple). Try to avoid high sugar content fruits in evening. Not soft drink for dieting too!

Alcohol, is a big NO NO if u want to lose weight. Inside alcoholic drinks, there are certain amounts of sugar content. Besides, the existance of alcohol inside ur body is going to hinder ur body metabolism work effectively.

Ok, enough for the drink. Next, sport.


Different people, different sports. Fish Fish is not a good runner, neither do I can run far nor long time. Ok, this is also a fish that dun know how to swim at all. I had 3 experiences nearly died becoz of drowning. So I am terribly scare to swim. So run or swim to lose weight, definitely out. However, I like sports that can make me sweat. And fish fish is very good in walking. I love~ walking. I walk in the land, I walk in the pool and I wish one day I can walk on the air too like an astronaut. Ai yar~ day dreaming again.

Ok, when is the best time to do sport? According to anan, a famous weekly female magazine in Japan, the best sport timing for dieting is during an empty stomach. This is because when ur stomach is empty, the fat in ur body will be released into ur blood circulation. If u target to do ur sport during that time, the fat will be effectively be burning away. Furthermore, energy expenditure from the food intake after the workout will be increasing too. 2-way benefits. :) When u do ur stretching during empty stomach time, the blood will circulate from ur stomach to ur skeletal muscle. Hee... fish fish didn't practice this. But I usually do my sport only 1-2h after my dinner. Or 1 hr before I sleep. So, I think there is some logical points inside mine too based on the facts above. :P

Best timing to do sport:
Number 1: Before dinner
Number 2: Before breakfast
Number 3: Before sleep
Number 4: Before lunch
Number 5: Before tea time (around 3pm)

Ok, everyone, now u know the best time to burn away your fat, why not starting it tomolo? ;)

So, I set my main way of sport into walking. In fact, it has been saying walking 10,000 steps per day, make u healthy and wealthy. ;) Last week Monday, I saw Che Ji Wu was in the tv for SMAP Bistro show. A famous corner of SMAPXSMAP about food. Hee... and I love~ this corner. Can see all the nice nice delicacies and famous people. Inside, when the host asked her "How do u keep such a good figure?"... Her answer was "I walk." Making fish fish so happy to hear that. Heee... she usually do brisk walk for 2 h per day, as she is not good in running. Ai yar~ after watching that programme, I do think she is very cute. Especially her smile. I dun understand why people call her the 'Tear Queen'.

Ok, here was wat fish fish did for my first 3 months of dieting plan. Monday, I usually go to do aquawalking and aquastretching for 110 min. I devide them into 3 session, with each session around 35 min. For 1 session, I start with walking for 0.5km inside the pool with 3 different patterns, roughly 20 min. Then another 15 min of stretching, with 6 different stretches. Then, I will get out from the pool for water supplements. I repeat this for another 2 sessions.

Below are a few pictures that hv been drawn by myself for the stretching part. Hee... dun laugh with those pics ok? It took a long time for a talentless fish fish in art for finishing them. Actually I did the drawing for Hui Wen, when I tried to explain to her my stretching. And now I am sharing them with u all. ;) Sorry for the big pics, need to show clearly mar. U can drop out the dumbell if u r not get used to it. Fish fish do stretching without any dumbell actually.

This steps I showed above, are some copycats from Dukeswalk, and some modified ideas by me. And I really think his steps has been helping me a lot. In fact, because of 'walking', it changed his life from an only 500yen left guy to a man he is today. They call his walk 'B-walk' (Beauty walk). I like his motto when he is teaching his students... "Remember always to say to yourself [I am an actress/actor]". ;)

After my aqua workout, I will go to take ofuro (public bath in Japan). Soak myself half and full in the hot jacuzzi, and go home to hv a good sleep. In case u dun know, hanshinyoku (半身浴) (half body dip in hot tub) is a very good thing to practice. It has a good effect in diet and beauty. I will try to translate all the text into English bout the benefit of this hanshinyoku in future then. However, what u need to bare in mind is

1. The water should be maintain 37-38 degree celcius for summer, and can be up to 40 degree celcius in winter.

2. Correct hanshinyoku is from ur chest till ur feet.

3. Do it for 20-30 min slowly until u sweat. During the time, can soak until ur shoulder for 30 second, that get up until ur chests again.

There has been report that a 3-month hanshinyoku let the person loss 10kg. Wow! Fish fish usually only do for 10 min. I think I need to try to practice what is suggested oledi. Ai yah~ me oso learning so much when looking for info to write this No Pain~ No Gain~ :P

Then Tuesday, I usually go for 75min brisk walking around my housing area, and a 45min stretching after that at nite, just before I take my nite shower n go to sleep. I am doing 7 types of stretching when I do land walking.

Wednesday, I repeat wat I did on Monday. And Thursday I repeat wat I did on Tuesday. I make a changing in my sport so that I dun feel satiated, cause this will hinder me from doin them continuously.

Friday, I shorten my 3 sessions pool workout into 2 sessions, as I will join a 30-min aqua aerobic class too. Then in Saturday, I increase my aqua workout from 3 sessions into 4 sessions, as I have more time to spend slowly inside the sport club. Then I will go for a 20 min jacuzzi.

Sunday, either I give myself a rest, or I go for land walking like a Tuesday one. But usually, even if I can't do any walking as wat I hv planned, I will still do a 45 min stretching inside my room while watching an 1 h tv programme.

If u don't like walking, u can owez look for some other sports that u feel suit u more. But remember one important point! Do a perfect aerobic sport. Not anaerobic. For me, jogging is too anaerobic for me, as I tend to feel a great lacking in oxygen supplying when I jog. But it will be fine for those who get used to jog or run. Among the sport, I would strongly recommend u do yoga. Hee... I haven't really try any yoga course yet, maybe I should in future. One of my fren did yogurt every morning for 2 h, and she lost omost 20kg in 6 months. Amazing huh... This is because when doing yoga, u actually spend a lot of energy inside u, even though u can't see that from outside.

And yes, with all these diet, water and sport that I hv been practicing for 3 months, my weight went down 8kg in 2.5 month. And another 2 kg in 1 month. And biggest change... my body shape. Ok, I am going to touch more bout weight losing part on tomorrow's topic then, the last part for this post series.

Till then. Hope u enjoy reading this post. ;)

Fish Fish goin to dump her bicycle as school today and walk home. Phew! Dinner time.


Monday, November 29, 2004


When I was writing my 3rd Pt for No Pain~ No Gain~, I got a message in my tag board by a reader who quoted he/she 'Wrong idea'.

Here is the message,

Wrong idea : Miss fish, i hope you do understand that a diet (gone wrong or whatever you said you felt towards a diet then) is not anorexia nervosa. There are vertain guideline about body weight and behaviours before one can be diagnosed anorexic. This is the same for Bulimia nervosa. Throwing up occasionally when you overate is NOT Bulimia N. Just wanted to clarify this before any girls on a " strict diet" reads this and starts diagnosing herself bulimic/anorexic. And i strongly believe if one wants to lose weight and maintain/ not bounce back, a new lifestyle would have to adopted, not a diet.

This was my answer.

fish fish : Hello wrong idea, TQ for dropping by. I would appreciate if u would kindly put ur contact site, or at least an email add next time. TQ. I need to make clear a few things here. First, when I say diet, it is not in term of 'strict diet', but 'well-balanced daily meal'. Try to look for the word of diet, u will get the definition for it. I didn't say I hv AN, I quoted 'omost into a stage of getting AN'. And neither did I say I hv BN. But I did say the binge and purge is one of the BN syndrome, isn't it? To be clarified as BN, that will have to be diagnosed by qualified doctor. The reason why I write these articles in my food blog is becoz I don't want the young gals nowadays to get a wrong way in dieting. Anyway, this is just my 2nd part, wait till I finish all my parts, then I would love to hear your conclusion again. This is my dieting method, it suits me, not necessary means that it suits everyone. I just want to share my experience. Till then.

Yes, dear readers, I just want to declare here, what I have written or going to write for my No Pain~ No Gain~ is purely based on my past experiences. It is my personal story. And yes, it takes a great time for me actually to think of whether to write these articles or not before. But in the end, I decided to write. Just purely because I wish I can share my experience with those who r having the same problem as I was. I hv to go thru all that by myself, it was not an easy work for me at all. This time, I managed to do it, partly becoz of the plan I hv done, and partly of the great encoragement of my few lab mates. And I hope these posts of mine will give courage, strength and confidence for those who wanted to lose weight, and has been fighting with that on and on.

Just take my posts as a reference, ok? What turn out to be successful for fish fish, doesn't really mean it will be effective for you. You have to find the best way to suit yourself during your dieting programme. Remember, health is your everything, without health, u will not be able to do many things. Keep on a healthy diet! Bless you.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

No Pain~ No Gain~ (Pt 2)

Minasan omataseshimashita. (Sorry for making u all waiting) :) Went to Kobe for a Raya Celebration. Fish Fish was in formal wear. :P

Ok, here is my part 2 No Pain~ No Gain~.

The Diet

The nite before I started my diet the next day, I recalled back all the humiliations I got, just because I was 'fat'.

When I just went to junior high, where I needed to go back to my primary school for getting a prize for my UPSR good result, a primary school teacher who did not teach me, said something very hurt to me.

"Ah~ I am waiting to see in another 10 years time, u walk like a big kingkong (which means a HUGE GORILLA, with both of ur hands can't even put down perfectly." He even acted like a kingkong when he said that. People around were laughing. I never forgot what he had said. And yes, I dun think that was wat something a teacher supposed to say to a student. I just smiled to him tat time. But deeply inside, I was crying very very hard. Even the next day, I woke up at 5am, just to get myself to do rope jumping, hoping that the jump will magically get rid of all the extra fat in my body. And yes, of course I didn't make it. How I hated myself that time. Very very much.

Ok, from time to time, I got this kind of humiliation. Actually, a lot of people around were saying that I was just overweight, not as huge as some people have quoted. But, keep getting this kind of insulting, definitely making the scar deep inside me bigger and bigger.

It was when I felt the most hurt when the person I was deeply in love saying to me... "I dun want such a fat galfren". And yes, I guess some of u will know how I really felt that time. I wish I die that moment, dun even see the meaning of me coming to this world. (But recalling back now, surprise that I can laugh about my silliness that time.) Ahhh... past, forget bout it.

And yes my battles in getting big and small like a balloon has been continuing for years. I am really greatful now, that now I finally find a suitable way for myself to lose down my weight. And fish fish now slowly gaining her confidence day by day, innerly, towards the meaning of life. I am now realising how much things I can do in this world. Too many things... and yes, I am happy with my grown up these 2 years. Indeed, my terrible pasts have gave me the strength to become wat I will be tomorrow. And now I wish to share my own experience with all of u.

I decided to start my diet based of a modification of Atkins Diet and Biometrics Diet Plan by Konami Sports. Yes, this time, fish fish do her dieting plan based on a more scientific way. A more practical and able to be long running method to suit herself. I was very grateful to Wang Hao, she has made a copy of her own research on dietings thru internet to me. That was indeed a very helpful info for me. And for sport, I was very grateful for able to know about Saraie Duke and his Dukeswalk. And yes, I 'stole' some of his steps to apply into my dieting programme. :P

Ok, I am goin to do a details bout how I combine these all into fish fish's diet. ;)

First... the 5 ELEMENTS in fish fish's diet.


An imbalance in any of these elements will destroy the whole plan. I will elaborate each of this element clearly here. Today, I will only talk on FOOD.


There is one old saying 'You are what you eat!'. It took a long time for Rome to form. It takes a long time as well for a body to become gigantic. Taiwan version of National Geographic in August 2004, made a special issue bout "Why do we become fatter and fatter? Obesity : A new global epidemic illness."

It pointed out, human's biggest reason for the obesity is because of excessive eating. A much more excessive eating habit. For example, in the USA, in 1954, a normal hamburger was only 79gm with 202kCal. But, today, 122gm hamburger with 310kCal is counted as normal size.

McDonald's French Fries becomes a triple fold size up compare to 50 years ago. One pack of french fries only can give you 610kCal! What is the most ridiculous size up is pop-corn in the cineplex. One had a 3 cups size popcorn in 1950 with 174kCal. But today, a 21-cup popcorn with butter is wat people usually consume when u r happily watching ur movie, and without realising it, in 2 hours time, u grab and munch all the popcorn. Wat a satisfaction! But wait... that will provide u with 1700kCal. Enough for a 1-day calories needed for an adult young lady!

Ok, I am not trying to scare you all off with these facts. Neither do I'm telling u to put ur hands off for these favorite foods of urs from now. You still can enjoy all these foods, if you know the limit.

First, try to count your Body Mass Index (BMI). Here is a BMI calculator, either in English or Metric calculation. U can refer to this BMI chart to get a reference regarding ur BMI. A BMI don't really represent ur body condition. Other factors including Body Frame Size and Body Fat Percentage have to be take into account too.

Ok, so, after calculation? Do you have a clearer view of ur body size? I hope u do. :)

Well, I am a vegatarian, as I hv always stated. And yes, for a vegetarian to have a diet programme is more challenging, cause I hv to consider very carefully bout my nutritions intact is in good balance. I dun want to get osteoporosis or other illnesses becoz of a bad diet practice. Neither do I want my skin to become rough or looks old because my body can't get the essential nutritions it wants.

So, I made a rainbow food concept in my dieting meals. Yes, the more colours ur meal is, the better. Why? Cause every food colour is rich in different nutrition that ur body needs. If u r not sure wat food will provide u with wat kind of nutritions, rainbow foods will be a perfect practice. U won't go wrong with that. But remember, with the right amount. Not over, not too little.

As I hv mentioned earlier, I deleted carbohydrates from my diet menu, according to Atkins Diet. Which I praticed for omost 3 months before I consume back carbohydrates as usual. When I mention carbohydrate, it includes all kinds of sugars and polysaccharides. Yes, I did try to avoid as much carbohydrates as possible for the first 3 months. Ok, here are a few foods that I have been regularly consumed for my dieting programme. I try to have red, yellow, green, white and black into my meals owez. Here is an example of my rich breakfast.

Red: I group red, orange and purple foods into my red food. They are tomato, carrot, red capsicum, chili and eggplant. I consume a lot of red fruits such as ruby grapes, strawberry, citrus fruits and plums too. I didn't take pumpkin or other starchy red food as they are very rich in carborhydrate. For meat eater, meat is red food.

Yellow: Soybean has been a very important yellow food in my dieting menu. Not much to the soybean itself, but more to the soybean products. Beans are great foods, very colorful as well. The most regular soybean food that I hv been eating is natto. What is natto? It is a very authentic healthy fermented bean product of Japan. I didn't like it at first. But now, I love~ it. I even eat natto as spread for bread. I even love~ natto more and more now when I know bout how this great food can make a magic to me. The supermarket near me usually sell 3 for 70-80yen, which is awfully cheap. :P Ok, Malaysia is not easy to get natto. I think tempeh would be a great substitution. But, usually for tempeh, it is prepared in a deep fried way, the tempeh itself is good, but deep frying is a big no no. So, I would strongly recommend a different healthy way in preparing tempeh. I am not familiar with tempeh, therefore I can't recommend any good way in preparing tempeh. But I link a site for Tempeh recipes here. :) Another great point for natto is the preparation. Fast and easy. Which is very essential for a lazy fish. :P

The next yellow food that I want to introduce here is miso (味噌). It is one of the most important ingredient in Japanese culture. It has been a practice for me to have a bowl of miso soup for my breakfast. Here is a link for a few recipes by using miso, besides miso soup.

Green: It will be all types of green vegetables. From leafy types to tuber types. Such as cucumber, broccoli, spinach etc... Plus different types of mushroom. Another great diet food that I wish to mention here is konnyaku (蒟蒻). This jelly-like product that made from konnyaku yam, is a great source of fibre, with a very low content of calories. It fills up your stomach without making you worry bout the calories intake.

White: The normal white food is rice and products made from flour. These are the 2 things that I must avoid for my first 3 months diet. As a replacement, another great soybean product that I wouldn't miss is tofu. For my diet period, I didn't take deep fried tofu. Cause that would mean a lot more calories in it. So, usually I buy momen tofu (木綿豆腐)(cotton tofu or firm tofu). The reason why I like momen tofu is becoz it is higher in protein, fat and calcium comparing to soft and silken tofu. It is firm enough for me to smash the big cake of tofu into small pieces, and eat is as sushi with natto inside. Oso, I like to put tofu into my miso shiru (味噌汁)(miso soup). And another one is kouya tofu(高野豆腐). Kouya tofu is an ideal food for dieting. It has a rich content of soy saponin for increasing fat metabolism, high in mineral and dietary fibre. A very good source for amino acids.

Another favorite white food of mine... yogurt. Plain yogurt. Yogurt hv reasonable calories, with a great source of nutritions, especially for vegetarian like me. In fact, when u r extremely hungry and couldn't help to take food during ur dieting time, a small glass of sugarless yogurt will be very helpful. The yogurt actually helps to protect ur stomach wall. I usually make my own yogurt, Caspian Sea Yogurt. I got the seed from a fren. Her grandmather gave her. It has been a great interest bout this yogurt as it has been strongly related to longevity. I love Caspian Sea yogurt as it is very smooth and not as sour as usual yogurt. I am thinking of bringing back the seed to Kuching next time I go home, if u r interested to have it, please let me know then. U can oso get it online from here thru Fujicco.

Black: Final colour in food. Black... ok, that will be black sesame, seaweed and black vinegar. Black sesame, people believe it is a great thing for a healthy hair. In fact, my mum been telling me consume black sesame frequently can make ur hair shiny dark. Well, add a bit for flavoring will be great, it enhances the great taste of food. Seaweed, another big favorite of mine. Very low calories and high dietary fibre content. Wakame, konbu, hijiki, nori, are the most common seaweeds consume by me. And yes, I love sour thing. And black vinegar has been top on my list for vinegar. I add black vinegar frequently in my cooking. In fact, black vinegar has been a boom in Japan, as it is a great source for amino acids. One very simple recipe to make delicious vinegar drink. Healthy and refreshing, black vinegar with honey. Just mix 1 table spoon of black vinegar with 1 tablespoon of honey, melt in warm water. If u like to drink cold, can add some ice cube.

Ok, u hv know my rainbow food. Now it is time to tell u how do I eat. Eat slowly and bite throughly. If u r a fast eater, it is very important you try to change ur eating habit into eating slowly. This is because it takes some time for our brain to signal us that we are full. So, by biting the food many times before u swallowing it, can help to tell ur mind to remind u bout the food amount u have taken. In this way, you wouldn't tend to overeating. Usually, I bite 30 times for one portion of food I put into my mouth. 20 times biting per portion will be good enough actually. Biting the food throughly oso will help for ur food digestion.

Natto has been making me feel very energetic the whole day. I don't feel tired easily after a breakfast with natto. Caspian Sea yogurt is a great thing for avoiding constipation. Tofu give me a great filling up in my stomach. I personally love to add spicy sauce into my meal, in fact, that will help to increase ur metabolism. Try to flavour up ur foods with herbs and spices, this will help u to cut down ur salt intake as well. And of course, a big bowl of salad with green, yellow, red and orange definitely increase your appetite. And after a rich breakfast, if u feel like having something sweet, a small piece of chocolate is perfectly fine. In fact, I never skip a sweet choco dessert after my breakfast. This small piece of choco actually helped me to keep goin on for my carbohydrate less diet for 3 months. I think I released my dieting stress a lot from it. And in case u dun know, biting a chocolate, has a same effect in having a great kiss! ;) Heee... feel like having chocolate now? Wait till the day turns bright ok? That is the first challenge for a good start in diet. :P

Ok, a very long post for FOOD. Tomorrow I am goin to talk about WATER and SPORT.

Tata. ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2004

No Pain~ No Gain~ (Pt 1)

The Story

Hee... I suppose many of u will blur blur with my title today. Well, actually when I was reading kimberlycun's blog saying she wanted to do a diet, and I told her I lost 8kg in 2.5 months, she got very interested. So, asked me to tell her bout that. Ok, since it is kind of a long story, I decided to share with ur all my own experience, hope that it is useful for anyone of u out there who wanted to have a safe and healthy diet. Yes, no pain by doin all those liposuction or stomach scale down, neither do u hv to spend extra money on eating pills or go to hv special biometrics programme... And what is the most important thing is remaining u with a healthy life and without the danger of rebounding.

I started my diet plan since end of March 2004. But before that, let me tell u how my diet fights have been goin on for all these years.

In fact, it has been uncounted times I was trying very hard to do a diet. I used many diet methods, including a very extreme one. But I never consume any drug for the purpose of dieting. The side effects of these chemical stuffs cannot convince me in taking them. Neither did I hv money for that. There was a period in high school time when I was deeply depress becoz of dieting. I need a diet tat time, because I felt very low self esteem. And my crush on someone has been growing stronger and stronger, but I couldn't say it out at all. Outside, I was a normal happy-go-lucky fish fish. Only god knew wat kind of big conflict was happening inside me.

Everyday, I only allowing myself to eat half small ball of rice. And doing sports for 2 hrs per day, aerobic and jogging. That time, my body was really in a shaking conditions, but yes, my clothes get looser, but I was very unhappy. Bad temper indeed. Mum was saying I look very pale, but she didn't know at all I was keeping such a diet. Neither do my other family and frens. Mum got angry very much when she knew I was on a diet. I was omost into a stage of getting aneroxia nervosa. Light gastric symptom oso attacking me that time. I was in the border line until my depression explored. And that turned into something very extreme. I eat like crazy. Imaging, I can binged on 3 plates of rice with plenty of side dishes. And after that, I still can finish 2 big packs of potato chips. But my hunger for foods were still on. That was the time when I was in Form 6, a very depressing time for STPM, cause STPM never really something I wanted to study. I kept blaming my parents for forcing me studying that. My results were terrible. I never got so much red colour in my report for the whole life. I dun even felt like discussing the content of study with anyone else. And I didn't care bout my outlook nor my body shape. I was lucky for the final 2 months my mind was clearer a bit for me to study for the last minutes. And yes, I was lucky enough to get enough points to go into the course I wanted to study.

The Form 6 time, all I want was eat and eat. I felt safe when eating. But I felt guilty very much after that, and I force myself to purge for throwing out the food. The feeling and pain was killing. I didn't do it often, only once a while, but that was bitter enough. After that, I wanted to eat again. Imagine I could finish 1kg of roasted peanut in one go. My mouth was numb until I put the whole kg of peanut inside my stomach. I gain omost 10kg during my study when I finished my STPM. I didn't know that was a bulimia nervosa syndrom until I was in UKM studying Food Science and Nutrition.

I didn't know how did I overcone it. I guess I was really lucky to overcome all these by myself. But many young gals and women around the world these days, still suffering from these illnesses.

In UKM, I was even in greater pressure. Of my study... and private matters. I need to maintain my results, for 6 terms continuously on top. But, I love the course I hv chosen. I wouldn't talk much on that. I was glad I choose this field to study. I learnt so much things bout food. But I became the type that 'eat to release pressure'. My weight went up another 10kg during end of my 2nd year UKM life. I think I was 72kg. I look even more terrible outside. The situation like this continued until the 3rd year of my undergraduate. Which was my final year too. We had to start a final year project for writing thesis. Then my eating habit changed. I couldn't eat when feeling stressful. And I was very very busy with my research. Owez run up and down between labs. Then, within 2 months, I lost 6kg, without doing it purposely. I guess that time I hv done a lot of body movement everyday. And less eating. So, my body had to consume my storage energy then.

Ok, when I came to Japan. I was very happy bout how lucky I was for able to come here to further my studies. But then, I was very unhappy too for certain reasons. Hee... skip on that.

Anyway, end of last year, even though I told my prof I was goin to do a diet for a reunion of secondary school's frens, but I didn't make it. A Chinese gal, Wang Hao in my lab starting to do her diet. She has been really continuing it. Everyday, she was very busy collecting all the info from internet, and modifying them to fit her own plan. Seeing her good result, I was tempted to start my own one.

So I declared in my lab:"Ashita kara dayetto shimasu!" (I will start my dieting tomolo).

Yamano sensei:"Yang san, mata kouiu hanashi desuka. Muri!" He laughed. (Yamano sensei was a 1 year research student in my lab. He has been listening me saying want diet, and yet keep putting food in my mouth. So, think he oso kind of tired hearing me repeating the word 'diet'. So, he answered me with 'Impossible, Yong'.)

I don't know why, I hv never so burnt with flame to prove that he was wrong. My spirit woke up. And I know what I was goin to do. Just like the time when I started to become a vegetarian, and everyone think that it was impossible. Wait and see, I'll proof ur hypothesis was wrong.

Hee... ok, I'll stop here for the 1st part. Once I hv written then, I will post my next part on how I do my dieting programme for these few months. ;) Till then, stay tune.

For those looking for a food post, sorry, will be postpone for a few days until this topic is over.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kio University Gakuensai (24 Oct, Pt 3)

Been busy submitting my abstract online for an annual meeting in US next year. Finally done. But will do double final check next week before the date line. Now I need to pray hard everyday for the abstract to be accepted. It will mean a lot to me. "Kamisama, onegaishimasu~"

Ok, I need a rest now. Time to finish my final post on Kio Gakuensai. :P

Yesterday was a great list of yatai foods. And today, will be a shorter post about ochakai (tea ceremony) only.

Hee... as u can see, the ochakai this time was not in normal chashitsu (tearoom). Here is a post about Ochakai by Pinkcocoa, she explained nicely bout things in ochakai. Fish Fish not good in that, will just bluff bout her 'unique' ochakai this time.

Yap, we were having ochakai beside a staircase in the school building. Hee... big red umbrellas were used as a roof. With benches covered with red clothes. And in front, was a complete lay out of a simple interior decoration (calligraphy writing and flowers in vase) beside a tea making demonstration.

2 gals in kimono were sitting there demonstrating how to make an ushucha (thin tea). The others were preparating these ushucha inside the covered space. Hee... they were quite shy knowing that I was taking there pics. Sweet smiles.

Each of us hv to pay 300yen for the tea and dessert. But it was a reasonable price. Cheap actually for a tea ceremony. Ok, this was actually the 1st time fish fish pay for a tea ceremony (coupon sponsored by Mori sensei, so actually I'm not paying anything). All these while, the tea ceremonies I've attended all for free. Yah, I know I am counted very lucky indeed.

The teacher of the ochakai taught us how to make a tea when Mori sensei told her 2 of us r foreigners. Ok, in fact, inside there, I'm the only naive of Ochakai (not counted Daichan n Kaochan). The others all learning tea ceremony or hv known ochakai to a certain level. Even Wang Hao has been learning ochakai every weekend. Dun know if she is still continuing.

Anyway, to make a good tea (meaning with good fine bubbles), u hv to do 3 stages. Brisk and powerful shake from the bottom of the tea, medium shake in the middle, and slowly u come to the top part of the well-foamed tea, then finally the tea making ended with a 'no'(の) turning. Hmm... interesting. Yah, if I hv time, I might go to learn tea ceremony, but I dun think I am a good student in tat. :P

See the bamboo brush? The normal one costs 1000yen one. This was how a well done ushucha looked. The dessert this time was great. It is not really based on autumn season for the decoration. Usually, I dun like red bean, but today one was nice. Not too sweet... :) Wat I like the most was a lump of smooth white bean paste covered inside the soft red bean grain. Hmm... a taste of Japan.

The sweet flavour of the dessert really enhanced the nice green tea flavour. Not even felt the bitterness of tea. Nice nice.

Best thing was, I dun hv to do a sit straight as everytime I had to do for an ochakai. :P

This was how the bottom of my bowl looked like. With chrysanthemum motives inside.

It is frequently a practice after one finishes the tea, will try to appreciate the art and shape of the tea bowl.

Outside the bowl oso using chrysanthemum motives. Yap, chrysanthemum is a seasonal flower in autumn. Always u see restaurants like to use red leaves, chrysanthemum or ginkgo leaves for representing 'autumn'.

Heee... it was not a formal ochakai. But I enjoyed it.

Really thanks to Mori sensei for his kind invitation to the Gakuensai. I really enjoyed myself a lot. And yes, I am looking forward to joining it again next year if possible. :P

Ok, next post, new topic. ;) Nani kana~ (Wat will it be?)

Kio University Gakuensai (24 Oct, Pt 2)

Aiyar~ Eyes so blur blur now by hitting too much numbers in Excel. Need to rest the eyes a bit. Heee... time for blogging up the Kio Gakuensai food. Sorry for the delay yar. :P

It was a treat (again!) by Mori sensei. He bought a lot of this coupon, and gave one long list of this coupon to each of us.

I have set my mind on the oden when I had a trial look on the food stalls before Mori sensei and the other came. I saw this HUGE pot of oden. OMG! They sure looked very good.

So, when our food hunting started, I went straight to the oden. Mori sensei was hunting for that too. Yeah!

Heee... see the long hair guy in the middle. Big eyes. I think he looks even more pretty than fish fish. I wonder how much work for him to take care of the long curly dark hair. Hee... the guy that handed me the oden, he sure was funny. Aiyar~ his eyebrows were too thin. *_*

Phew!! My oden. Daikon (white radish), atsuage (deep fried thick tofu) and tamago (egg)... these 3 are on the top list of my oden favorites. The karashi (Japanese mustard) was home-kneaded. The best karashi I hv ever had. Shoook!! Up to ur brain. Open ur whole nostrils. And it was unbelievably cheap! 3 pieces of oden with 1 drink, only 200yen. Oh my, I was starting to get excited to try the other food liao after I finished the oden. By the time I finish this 1st food I had, Wang Hao has oledi having the 3rd one. She was extremely fast that day. Aiyar~ makezugirai (hate to lose) ff must faster in action liao.

Nose (it is pronounced as No Se) bought a lovely big simmered potato with butter topping. Very cheap price too. Think it was for only around 100yen. I tried it. The powdery texture of the starch and the sweetness of the potato itself was evoke perfectly by the butter. Yummy! But can't take much of this, cause it makes one satiated easily.

Heee... frankfurters are owez hit food in yatai (stall). These young university guys were working really hard to get the frankfurter ready-to-sell. They attracted Nose and Wang Hao to buy one.

Here is Nose with its lovely and juicy frankfurter. Heee... Mori sensei was making fun at the back. Nose said the frankfurter was really good. Highly recommended by Wang Hao too. One for 120yen.

I saw another stall selling frankfurter too. But deep fried frankfurter with batter coating outside. Ok, the business of this stall was not as good as the previous one though.

Heee... I didn't buy the yakisoba, but Nose bought it. Tried them. Good good. Wat attracted me more was the guy that doin the yakisoba. He is cool~ So man looking when he 'cha cha cha' the noodle with his powerful hands. Well go guy~

Wang Hao went to buy Chijimi (Korean pancake). She bought 2 types. I think 1 piece was for 80 or 100 yen. Anyway, she prefered the spicy one. This one taste a bit too sweet for her. I didn't take Chijimi, dun feel like eating this on that day.

Instead, fish fish attracted to another food bought by Wang Hao. The ebi senbei (prawn craker) with assorted topping. It was damn cheap. With the frankfurt, only 150yen. Sawing that, fish fish went to buy one for herself too.

Dang Dang! My kimchi mayonnaise ebi senbei. 120yen. I love it! So nice. The mild spiciness of kimchi sauce when blended with creamy mayonnaise biting with crunchy senbei... Really made me felt so shiawase. Oishikatta!

After so much salty food, I need something sweet. Daichan was having choco banana. Ai yar~ I asked him was it good, he nodded his head hardly. Dun even hv time to answer me 'yes'. Too busy with his banana.

So, I believed judgement of kids on sweet stuff. So went to get one myself. 120yen for one. I ask them, wat kind of combination I can hv, they said any type, as long as the one written on the board.

At first, I asked for dark chocolate with maccha (greentea powder) topping. But when they omost wanted to do mine, I changed my mind. Yap, changed it to half black choco and half white choco, when I know I can do that. ^0^ And sprinkled with maccha powder. That was a very good choco banana. I was really glad I chose this as dessert. The banana itself dun really taste good, but with the effect of choco... ai yar... mamamia!

I like this stall costume. Wow! They really made themself look like a pro yatai owner. So ganbarimashita (working hard). Pour pour pour, sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle and turn turn turn. One by one golden takoyaki (octopus ball) was done. Speed still not fast as the pro one though.

Mori sensei bought one. I tasted them. Surprised me with the good taste, cause it didn't look as good. The taste was even better than most of the takoyaki I hv tried outside. Wow! These amateurs really deserve a good cheer for their good jobs. Hee... it tasted so good that I had a 2nd one.

I decided to end my food hunting by an oobanyaki (gold coin pancake). If u noticed my pics, u will know most of the cooks are guys. Man, was so glad to see finally a store purely of gals dealing food. But... hmm... was a little bit disappointed with the slow motion.

I wanted a curry oobayaki. They didn't hv a well done one for curry. So, needed to wait for around 10 min. Heee... see the right side one? One of them was for my order.

So glad when I got it finally. It was damn cheap. Only 50yen for one. It was the first time I hv oobanyaki with curry filling. My comment? The taste was so divine. The best oobanyaki I hv ever had. Next time if I see any yatai selling curry oobanyaki again, I'll go for another one. ;)

During the waiting time for my oobanyaki to be ready, I stroll around. Saw Mori sensei was buying something in the 1st stall. A stall that selling egg sandwich. Super cheap. Only 100 yen. I wanted one before, but it was sold off. They said no more egg, only bacon. Fish Fish dun eat bacon, so hv to get away with a 'broken heart'. *Sob Sob* My Dan Dan, no more...

FF:"Heh~ sensei... nanka mou urikirette?" (Sensei, isn't they said sold off oledi?)

Mori sensei:" Mm... sou yo! Demo watashi no tameni, special. Saigo no ikko." (Yap, but for me, they made a special one. The last one.) He said it proudly.

Heee.. think I showed a sulky face when I know sensei got it and I dun. But after knowing sensei one was only with bacon, still no egg... heee... mood turned better.

The gals that ran the stall tat day, was actually Mori sensei students. Cheese... lovely pics of teacher and students, isn't it? :) Hee... 2nd stall with gals.

Wow! The last one indeed really special. With bacon of double portions, a lot of cabbages and rich topping of mayonnaise sauce. And it was only for 100 yen. Cheap! I tried the sandwich, yap, very yummy. Now I know why the egg sandwich can finish so fast. Hmm... me should hv acted faster... Aduh~~

The festival had one of the most yummy yatai food I hv ever tried. I was indeed amazed by the high quality of the foods prepared by all these 18, 19 yo young spirits. Need not to say more bout the super low price of the foods. We hv been wondering whether they r goin to earn anything out of that. I didn't even spent 500yen for all the food I've eaten.

Big applause to all of them. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Blogs Review

^0^ Fish Fish's mood super high today. Heee... after a great teacher like Dennis to teach this IT dumb like me, I finally know how to show links to other blogs in my right side column. :)

Yap, Fish Fish hv been long wanted to introduce the other nice bloggers, but I just dun know how. Dennis, I really owe u this time. Heee... promise to treat u a good meal next time if I meet u and ur wife then. ;)

Ok, so, today's goin to be a list of introduction to the blogs that I am reading now. I am goin to update new links from time to time. So, watch out for my side column for any changes. :P

Here they are, in alphabetical order.

First, Fish Fish very personal link in xanga.com. More to my emotional talks, which I called it kuishinbo_meow. Hee... not a real good name for it. The reason, I register without thinking of blogging in it. But then, decided not to waste it. :P So, just to express some of my high and low mood once a while. No food talk inside. Not regularly updated as Kuishinbo~Meow. Meow~

Next, Fish Fish's Coolest Eat Eat Link.

Aroma Cookery: A blog I started to read lately. By Julia in Singapore. Review bout foods in Singapore, as well as recipes for Asian cooking.

Asian Vegan: One of my favorite blog. Highly recommended. By Dennis, a Vietnamese staying in Oregon with a lovely Malaysian wife who are really good and creative in cooking vegetarian meals. It is a very nice site for a vegetarian like me. And u will be amused by how changeable vegetarian meals can be too. :)

Cheat Eat: Hmm... I like her header "Eat Well Stay Thin". :) Another Singaporean food talks by ST. Nice pictures and good place for looking recipes too. Oh, I love the white pretty creature that she puts on her blog. ;)

Cooknengr: Food blog from a Sarawakian guy who is now staying in LA. Eddie is an engineer who are very good in Western cooking (but, oh oh, no Chinese cooking). Heee... love doing his own brewing experiments. He has a good reviews on the eating outlets he visited in USA.

Jonny Angel: An American guy who knows well bout Asian culture, particularly Korea and Japan. He might look macho with nice tattoo (how fish fish wish she can has one too), but a good refinement when it is coming to food. :) Go to see his garden, u will love it.

Mum Mum Eat Eat: Well, my 1st honour have to be given to this blog. Why? This was the 1st blog that I read. Before this, I dun even know what blog means. Wena has great numbers of good reviews bout eating in Kuching. My home sweet home. Reading her blog really useful for a homesick meowing fish like me. This is oso where fish fish was motivated to start her own food blog too. She is not updating as regularly as before. Got some problem with her pc lately. However, her humorous writing, especially her talks with her beloved granny, can really give a nice time to laugh. Enjoy her writing, u will love it. :)

Obachan's Kitchen: Obachan means middle-aged woman in Japanese. This is a food blog from a Japanese lady who is now staying in Kochi, a nice place in Shikoku area of Japan. A past staying in USA for 4 years gifted her a good English writing bout foods. And yes, u can find good recipes for cooking Japanese food when u r craving for one.

Ono Kine Grindz: Talking bout food in Hawaii. From Western to Eastern, from authentic to blended taste... Yes, Reid is going to give u a very good pleasure of food tours in Hawaii. It's not stopping just there, u can get many good recipes to add to your own cooking too if you want. ;)

Pinkcocoa Tabetai: Ever wonder how will u feel when you go into a choco wonderland? Hee... Pinkcocoa will lead you there. A chocoholic like fish fish. Love anything with pink. A super kawaii young lady. :P I am telling u she is from her writing. She has a very fluent way in writing bout food, especially sweet things. Hehe... a good site for all sweet teeth out there. ;)

Scent of Green Bananas: A blog by Santos from Guam. She hasn't been blogging much lately. I think she is away to somewhere else. What I like the most about her blog are those very nice pictures. She has a very good presentation in food. Go to her blog to have a look, you will know what I mean.

sixthseal.com: Another blog from Sarawakian. Not purely talking bout foods. But I like bout Huai Bin's food reviews. How bout the other reviews of him? "No comment". A blog with a lot of 'surprise' and 'shock'. He did the things that other people dun commonly do, and he is still doing trick by trick. Reminding: Some of the issues he published can be really sensitive. Not recommended for those who hv weak hearts.

she who eats: Chika, a Japanese lady who is staying in Hawaii is writing bout her food experiences. I love the layout of her food pics. And she is very good in writing too. If u know how to read Japanese, another site of hers 一日一膳, more regularly updated than her "she who eats". Not to mention very good in making mouth watering desserts. :)

Umami: A food blog by an Ipoh lady who married to a Singaporean guy and staying there for more than 10 years. In case u dun know, Ipoh is the capital of Perak, a state in Malaysia which is very famous with the foods and pretty gals. Heee... Therefore, u can get a good info bout foods in Malaysia and Singapore from her blog. Btw, she just came back from San Francisco, so SF food reviews are on too.

Ok, now it is time for Jie Jie Mei Mei Stand Out. Jie Jie Mei Mei means elder & younger sisters. Mainly, these are the modern time ladies, no age- nor region-bounded, who dare to voice out their thinking freely. It is still very few. Cause I am just starting to read non-food blogs lately. And yes, I found some of them are very interesting. There are more to come up in near future for the Jie Jie Mei Mei links.

a|p3i | r3n3: She wrote "Dunno wat am i happy n crazying about ;p" in about her. Hee... I guess many of the gals of her age hv the same thinking. Aipei is currently a student in Swinburne University of Technology in Kuching. Wondering if she was one of KFC's student. Hee... Anyway, sweet little gal, with a very cute puppy. ai yar~ envy... This is a blog bout her daily life.

Mrs. Tweety: A Chinese lady who married to a Canadian guy. Got a lovely daughter Chloe, who u can see a good "genetic hybrid" of West and East. :) And yes, she is very proud of her daughter. Busy 2-way with her daughter and business. She expresses her emotions clearly in her blog. Heee... frequently with many !!! and ???.

narcissism is necessary: "Once upon a time, a palm reader said that I was fickle-minded and had an innate hunger for power. Duh, I'm a woman, hello?" Yap, that is wat she wrote about her. And I like it. Tell me, which woman doesn't hv a fickle mind? and Tell u, every woman has a innate power... just that in different fields. :) She is very daring in saying everything she wants. Sure very different from some of my old Malaysian frens back in hometown who are very conservative about 2-way relationship. Need not more to say if u mention the word 'Sex' in front some of them. They will look at you like an alien. I am not trying to exaggerate... but it is really true. So, I don't talk a single word bout this sensitive 'term' in Kuching. Heee... Oh btw, guys, in case u don't know, she got a header of her naked legs. She is attracting more n more guys' reader. Does that attracting ur attention too? Go and see for urself then. ;)

X'tremely ボーットする: A personal blog by Angel, a cute KL gal who is now pursuing her Master in Kobe University. I have met her in person, and yes, she is a very attracting young lady. Smart and considerate. I love her voice. She has a laughing voice like windbell. Go to her site to find out more then. :P

Right, if there is Jie Jie Mei Mei, there sure will hv Ge Ge Di Di (elder & younger brothers). :P And here are the very few starting of Ge Ge Di Di Voice Out. Will come up more then.

Bujak Lapuk Abroad: This blog belongs to Yuen Li, a Malaysian guy who is now working in UK. Seem like he is still single. Good looking. Hey, gals... anyone of u getting interested to know him more? Go to read his blog then. He is updating his blog once in a few days. He writes bout things that happening around him as well as things he feels like to voice out.

The Katana: David Teoh, a Chinese Malaysian young guy who writes anything he likes on this blog. In his blog, u can see a slight influence of Japanese element in it. The word 'Katana' itself means Japanese sword. Not so much pictures inside, but the pictures are interesting. :)

LiewCF.com: Ok, my final blog review for today. LcF's blog. A guy from Kluang, Malaysia. Hmm... I think it should be the Kluang in Johor maybe. Anyway, I like this guy's blog because he says more things with pictures than words. Some of the pics can be really cool~~~ Like the lastest one, 2 babies communicate happily while their parents busy reading their own stuff back to back. And yap, u can get a lot of updated technology news, review of gadgets, softwares from there. :)

Hooh~ my my... it sure takes a long time for me to write these blog reviews one by one. But I am really happy about it. Heee... Hope you all have a happy reading time from the blogs then.

I'm out today. Have been delaying my ELISA experiment a few days. :P Must do it today liao.

Cause tomolo will be a 23km hiking. Yah Hoo!!! Holiday again.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Kio University Gakuensai (24 Oct, Pt 1)

The people and the place

Went to Kio University for their gakuensai (campus festival). This is a very new private university in Japan, in their 2nd year. How I knew bout this university was becoz of my ex-professor, who retired from our university this year March. He started to teach in Kio University in April. Shifting from a research field, into a more academic field. He has been joking to me that "Oh~ it has been really a long long time I didn't touch textbook. Goin to be a 2nd stage performance in my life from now on." He said tat the last day he was in school. That's what I like bout Prof. Mori, always hv a positive mind to think brightly about future.

I went with Wang Hao, a Chinese gal in my lab.

We reached the campus exactly the appoinment time. Called sensei, he was still on the way with the other few members. So, I used the time to do some snapshots.

U will see the main entrance of the building once u entered the campus. Small campus, but new n nice.

From the 1st floor, u can hv a very clear view of the campus layout. I like the clock tower. Standing in the middle of the campus, a good landmark for Kio University. A stage was set to let live band be performed for the gakuensai. Heee... those young energetic spirits... my my... u should hear the loud voice they played tat day. :P

Beside the entrance, a reception counter was set to sell ticket and give guidance to guests that were coming for tat weekends.

In the open space of the campus, many stalls were built up. See the crowds that lining up to buy their foods in each stall.

Mori sensei n the others came. We then went to Mori sensei office 1st to hv a look. Small office, but for one person, it is really good.

Attending members on tat day. Mori sensei (sitting), Hayashi sensei (behind Mori sensei, she is our lab lecturer), Daichan (Hayashi sensei's elder son) and Kaochan (Hayashi sensei's younger daughter), Wang Hao (in light pink shirt) and Nose (ex-secretary in our lab, stand in the most right side). And fish fish, holding the camera. :P All 7 of us. For a great food exploitation. But the food talk will only be shown in the next post. :)

We went down to the open space. I saw a few gals standing upstair. 2nd year gals. Only 19yo. Yap, the students in this university all not yet 20, which means they r not yet an adult. So, all kinds of alcohol are prohibited. U wouldn't be able to find any alcohol drinks selling there. But I'm sure next year will be a big change for them. :P

Ok, back to the gals. They didn't really notice me when I first took this pic. Busy with their own talkings. And enjoying looking people at the same time.

Mori sensei said they r his students. Heee... but he mistaken them as 1st year students. Made the gals screamed... "Sensei! How can u forget that we r in 2nd year?!" Cute!

So, I shouted to them: "Hai... po-su" (Ok gals, hv ur pose). In seconds, they change into a camera ready mode. My, sure fast. "Ok, chee~se~". And there they r, with their sweet smile and a very get-used-to peace fingers.

While we were eating, sensei suddenly introducing a young guy to us. One of his student too. Sensei said this guys is Mr. Kio. Dun know whether it is true or not. Hee... not bad looking, but a bit too girlie for me. Yes, I'm not get used to guys that hv their eyebrow being pulled off and drawn like a gal's one. Sadly to say, half of the young guys in Japan nowadays, hv their eyebrows even thinner than gals' one. I miss seeing guys with thick eyebrows. Think tat is very sexy and attracting. :P

We oso went to the hall. That weekends, it was changed into a children corner. Many parents were having fun with their children there. Yap, a very good place for children actually. They hired 2 performers to do children shows for the kids. The whole hall was filled up with the jolly songs of all the parents and children.

These 2 performers actually do their performance too in NHK. Notice the lady? A very pretty slender lady. With a very good voice for opera. Yap, she was an opera vocalist before actually. Was surprised to know that she is a mother of 2 children, with the elder son oledi around 10yo. And no, the guy standing next to him is not her husband, they r just partner. :)

We oso went to the canteen to hv a quick look. Small but clean. Not much people there tat day. Everyone focus was on the food stalls. Hee...

Now now, Daichan was really busy with his Game Boy Advance tat day.

And this is the place where the Kio's students hv their meals.

After we finished eating and looking around, we waited for Mori sensei to drive his car over. These 2 kids... aren't they adorable siblings? Kaochan trying to push her brother away cause he was sharing seat with her. Heee... She was like... "Hmmm!!...Mmmm...!!" and showed a sour face.

But Daichan was naughty enough. He purposedly squeeze more to his sister side...

Seeing tat, I said: "Kaochan, shashin wo toruyo" (Kao, I'm goin to take ur pic..)

"Waratte". (smile...) I said again.

The very next moment... a sweet smile was captured. I like Kaochan. A very sweet little gal. But very strong with her own will. Can see that from a few hrs with her.

Ok, enough for the people and place.

Next, food~~~ yum~mie~

Friday, November 19, 2004

Internet Japanese Test

Hee... I came across Internet Japanese Test while browsing around today in Embassy of Japan in Malaysia. Been quite a while I didn't go up to hv a read on it.

Ee~? Japanese test... hmm... wondering what kind of test it is. So, sign up and tried the test. Ha!! It was really fun. I love it! Been ages I didn't hv so much fun taking test like this. If u r looking for a formal Japanese test like the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), forget bout this site then. The test didn't even reach a standard of JLPT Level 4.

It is called sushi test. Why? :) Cause for every test u hv taken, u r goin to be given one sushi, depending on the mark u score for each test. I hv taken 5 tests today, and so I got 5 sushi now in my sushi box. Heee... Too bad, they r not a real sushi. But for releasing ur pressure, it will be a very good site.

So, for those of u out there, either u r expert or just very beginner in Japanese language, hee... why dun spare out a short time for earning sushi online? ;)

Oh, btw, JPLT will be around the corner in another 2 weeks time. Mina ganbatte ne~~ (Chun Lian, ganbatte~)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cafe Peace (7 Oct)

I went to main campus for a routine monthly sign up. Called Fukumoto sensei a few days before to join me for a dinner. Been quite some time didn't meet up with her. In case u all dun know who Fukumoto sensei is, here is a bit of introduction bout her.

She is a Japanese language teacher teaching in the Foreign Student Centre of Agricultural Faculty in my university. I joined her class for the 1st year I was in Japan, but then becoz of packed time schedule for my study and research, I stopped. But still, we keep in touch once a while for goin out together. :) She has been to Malaysia a few weeks time 2 years ago. Teaching Japanese in Cameron Highlands. And went to Kuching for a few days to home stay in my place. Heee... our frenship getting closer since then. Yap, I would say it is more like a frenship between sensei and me. Just exactly the same age as my mum.

I made on the decision where to eat for this time. And I chose Cafe Peace. Went with Sylvia the 1st time in summer.

We ordered foods different from last time I tried. First, we had spicy chicken sandwich for 850yen (~RM31). Frankly speaking, I would still prefer the soyburger sandwich tat I had. It's not tat this chicken sandwich not good, just my personal preference. This Peace-style chicken sandwich was topped with sweet and sour sauce, served with homemade bread. I just love the bread. Will be my all time favorite. :) This is a healthy and low calories meal. Good for people who want to hv diet. ;)

The 2nd dish came up was this takana pilaf (leaf mustard pilaf). 800yen (~RM29). The word pilaf actually original from Turkish. Takana is a vege indigenous to Japan. And yap, fish fish like anything with tanaka a lot. Yummy yummy. This takana pilaf is a combination of west and east by putting takana into a brown rice pilaf. Well, the taste was good. My only complaint... too oily. Hmm...

We were kind of full when our last dish was served. My, sure shock to see such a big bowl of mabo tofu. I think they used a whole cake of tofu for this dish. By the time we finished this mabo tofu, our stomachs bloated like frogs' one. Oso 850yen. This modified Chinese dish used tofu and minced 'vege pork', and topping with sweet and salty sauce. I like this dish actually, as it was not as oily as the normal mabo tofu. Ok, my only complaint, not spicy enough for fish fish. :P

I ended my meal with an organic carrot soymilk. Heee... it was good. But not the milky creamy flavour of a normal carrot milk tat I had usually. The substitution of cow milk with soymilk made the rich taste turned milder. One of this 630yen (~RM23), a little bit expensive though. As for sensei, she had a big glass of pineapple juice.

After the dinner, I decided to take a pic of Fukumoto sensei to show u all. Lovely madam, isn't she? Tat day, she was wearing a skirt that she had for more than 25 years. My my, she hasn't gain an inch of flesh on her body, sure not an easy work. How I wish I can hv a good maintenance like hers in future. :P Difficult lor... a kuishinbo fish like me.