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Monday, November 15, 2004

Auntie fish fish ^O^

Phew! My brother's wife gave birth this early morning. I am an Er Gu now. (2nd auntie in Mandarin...) Hmm... after 30 years from now, I will be called Er Gu Po (bad witch). Ai yar~ dun want to think so far first. :P (So, normal post is postponed, for my little nephew. Hee...)

Anyway, so happy to know tat a new member finally comes to our house. Must give him a big muck tonite on the phone. Dun know wat his name yet. Yap, a baby boy. Ai yar~ the doctor predicted he will come out on 3rd Dec, one day before my bd. Everyone at home was hoping tat he come out one day later so tat same bd as me... Ok, the hope was gone now. :P Guess the baby dun want to be as terrible as his Er Gu gua. Hee...

I didn't see my hp today. Until late noon just now. Ee? So many unknown call, hmm... must be from mum. Oh wait... has something happened back home? The only possibility I can think of was "OMG! Lina's giving birth??" So, I quickly called home.

It turned out to be my housemaker picked up the phone. The feeling my prediction will be right getting stronger.

Tella:"Hello..." (My housemaker name).

FF:"Wei... Tella ar? Mana mak mak?" (Hello, Tella is it? Where's mum?)

Tella:"Kakak Ah Hui yar... Mak tak ada. Di hospital." (Sis Ah Hui is it? Mama not in. In hospital.) Hee... Ah Hui is my house name.

FF:"Hospital? Buat apa?" (Hospital? For wat?)

Tella:"Oh, itu Lina punya anak sudah keluar bah... Anak laki wor. Keluar pukul dua lebih malam." (Oh, Lina's baby come out oledi. A boy ler. Come out after 12 midnite.)

Wah~~~ even though I hv known the answer. But still get excited with tat. Heee...

FF:"U bagi tahu mak mak nanti balik telefon saya yah." (Tell mum call me when she back)

Tell:"Ah. Ok." (I know. Ok)

Ai yar~ can't help myself after tat but to tell my 4 lab gangs tat owez hv lunch with me. :P And yes, now fish fish telling u all too. Yippie!!

Went to hv kuppa as dinner in a Korean BBQ restaurant. Mum called tat time.

FF:"Ooi~~ MiMi! Nyi zho Ah Po lor..." (It is Hakka. Means Hi mum, u become grandma lor."

Mama said omost at the same time:"Mushi mushi, fui fui, Nyi pian nyi gu lor..." (My mum never say the moshi moshi rite no matter how many times I teach her. It is owez become 'insect insect'. Heee... Oh well.) (It means Hello, fui fui, u become 2nd auntie oledi lor.)

Then... we blah blah blah for a while only. Hv to stop tat time, cause got frens around. And to call to my hp very expensive.

Mum said Lina's complaining this baby very bad, dun even let her have a good curry feast first before he comes out. Yap, they were planning to go for good Hari Raya curry, but the baby made her mum go into hospital tat morning. Tortured her until midnite before a safe birth.

Really glad the mother n the baby are all ok. Very fast, they r discharged from general hospital and back home oledi when my mum called me.

And I still dun know the baby's name yet. Hmm.

Ok, I'm off. Need to go home to call my from for a while. Ai yah~

Muak! Tata.



At 6:01 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Congratulations to your brother and his wife. ^_^

So how does it feel to be an auntie?

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Nightraveller said...

Hi there, I am Chan from Kyoto, dunno whether you still remember me or not? congratulation to your "upgrade" to auntie ...:p

I am planning to have a blog like you, but how do you paste the texts with pictures? I tried but it seems I can only put on words without 2 or more pictures.

Could you give me some advice?
my email: lixing76@gmail.com

At 5:01 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dennis: Wei, thank u. :) Heee... auntie... hmm, still try to get use to this word. But last nite keep thinking a good name for my nephew, even during my cycling to lab just now. :P

Lixing: Hello, Li Xing, welcome to my blog. Thank u, yah, upgrade to become an auntie liao. ~Auntie~ Yap, of course I remember you. It has been ages I didn't c ur guys. How r u getting on? Ok, bout the picture attaching, I will send a mail to ur gmail then. Wait ar...

At 7:01 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Congrats Fish fish.. on your promotion to an auntie.. :)

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

What...the kid is born and yet still doesn't have the name? The nameless baby... My wife's sister had their 1st child about a year ago. It was a boy, and they named him "Eugene". I liked it, even if he's named after an Oregon city! They live in Singapore.

Uncle Dennis, yep, that's me.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrs Tweety: Thank you. :) My mum will be much more busy now. Hee... meaning less time for her to ask me unimportant questions. :P Last nite when I called, nobody answered phone the 1st time. And 2nd time, mum picked up phone, "Ai yar~ I know it's u liao, call this time. Me got no hand to pick up phone just now... busy feeding baby bottle milk." ff:"..." Hee... not even over the 1st day yet, and she was so busy oledi. Hmm...

Uncle Dennis: Hee... when r u to make urself upgrade more then? :P

At 3:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

auntie fish fish.... gekekeke... :D Your nephew must be so excited, can't wait to get out from his mum's womb to see the world. Maybe he wants to taste the curry rendang himself too! :P Oh, i miss the rendang so much~~~ waiwai

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Not yet, maybe later! So much to accomplish first...

At 5:29 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Wai Wai: Hai hai~~ heee... auntie fish fish here. Yah... I guess my nephew will be super good in spicy stuff... U should see how his father eat spicy stuff. :P


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