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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Blogs Review

^0^ Fish Fish's mood super high today. Heee... after a great teacher like Dennis to teach this IT dumb like me, I finally know how to show links to other blogs in my right side column. :)

Yap, Fish Fish hv been long wanted to introduce the other nice bloggers, but I just dun know how. Dennis, I really owe u this time. Heee... promise to treat u a good meal next time if I meet u and ur wife then. ;)

Ok, so, today's goin to be a list of introduction to the blogs that I am reading now. I am goin to update new links from time to time. So, watch out for my side column for any changes. :P

Here they are, in alphabetical order.

First, Fish Fish very personal link in xanga.com. More to my emotional talks, which I called it kuishinbo_meow. Hee... not a real good name for it. The reason, I register without thinking of blogging in it. But then, decided not to waste it. :P So, just to express some of my high and low mood once a while. No food talk inside. Not regularly updated as Kuishinbo~Meow. Meow~

Next, Fish Fish's Coolest Eat Eat Link.

Aroma Cookery: A blog I started to read lately. By Julia in Singapore. Review bout foods in Singapore, as well as recipes for Asian cooking.

Asian Vegan: One of my favorite blog. Highly recommended. By Dennis, a Vietnamese staying in Oregon with a lovely Malaysian wife who are really good and creative in cooking vegetarian meals. It is a very nice site for a vegetarian like me. And u will be amused by how changeable vegetarian meals can be too. :)

Cheat Eat: Hmm... I like her header "Eat Well Stay Thin". :) Another Singaporean food talks by ST. Nice pictures and good place for looking recipes too. Oh, I love the white pretty creature that she puts on her blog. ;)

Cooknengr: Food blog from a Sarawakian guy who is now staying in LA. Eddie is an engineer who are very good in Western cooking (but, oh oh, no Chinese cooking). Heee... love doing his own brewing experiments. He has a good reviews on the eating outlets he visited in USA.

Jonny Angel: An American guy who knows well bout Asian culture, particularly Korea and Japan. He might look macho with nice tattoo (how fish fish wish she can has one too), but a good refinement when it is coming to food. :) Go to see his garden, u will love it.

Mum Mum Eat Eat: Well, my 1st honour have to be given to this blog. Why? This was the 1st blog that I read. Before this, I dun even know what blog means. Wena has great numbers of good reviews bout eating in Kuching. My home sweet home. Reading her blog really useful for a homesick meowing fish like me. This is oso where fish fish was motivated to start her own food blog too. She is not updating as regularly as before. Got some problem with her pc lately. However, her humorous writing, especially her talks with her beloved granny, can really give a nice time to laugh. Enjoy her writing, u will love it. :)

Obachan's Kitchen: Obachan means middle-aged woman in Japanese. This is a food blog from a Japanese lady who is now staying in Kochi, a nice place in Shikoku area of Japan. A past staying in USA for 4 years gifted her a good English writing bout foods. And yes, u can find good recipes for cooking Japanese food when u r craving for one.

Ono Kine Grindz: Talking bout food in Hawaii. From Western to Eastern, from authentic to blended taste... Yes, Reid is going to give u a very good pleasure of food tours in Hawaii. It's not stopping just there, u can get many good recipes to add to your own cooking too if you want. ;)

Pinkcocoa Tabetai: Ever wonder how will u feel when you go into a choco wonderland? Hee... Pinkcocoa will lead you there. A chocoholic like fish fish. Love anything with pink. A super kawaii young lady. :P I am telling u she is from her writing. She has a very fluent way in writing bout food, especially sweet things. Hehe... a good site for all sweet teeth out there. ;)

Scent of Green Bananas: A blog by Santos from Guam. She hasn't been blogging much lately. I think she is away to somewhere else. What I like the most about her blog are those very nice pictures. She has a very good presentation in food. Go to her blog to have a look, you will know what I mean.

sixthseal.com: Another blog from Sarawakian. Not purely talking bout foods. But I like bout Huai Bin's food reviews. How bout the other reviews of him? "No comment". A blog with a lot of 'surprise' and 'shock'. He did the things that other people dun commonly do, and he is still doing trick by trick. Reminding: Some of the issues he published can be really sensitive. Not recommended for those who hv weak hearts.

she who eats: Chika, a Japanese lady who is staying in Hawaii is writing bout her food experiences. I love the layout of her food pics. And she is very good in writing too. If u know how to read Japanese, another site of hers 一日一膳, more regularly updated than her "she who eats". Not to mention very good in making mouth watering desserts. :)

Umami: A food blog by an Ipoh lady who married to a Singaporean guy and staying there for more than 10 years. In case u dun know, Ipoh is the capital of Perak, a state in Malaysia which is very famous with the foods and pretty gals. Heee... Therefore, u can get a good info bout foods in Malaysia and Singapore from her blog. Btw, she just came back from San Francisco, so SF food reviews are on too.

Ok, now it is time for Jie Jie Mei Mei Stand Out. Jie Jie Mei Mei means elder & younger sisters. Mainly, these are the modern time ladies, no age- nor region-bounded, who dare to voice out their thinking freely. It is still very few. Cause I am just starting to read non-food blogs lately. And yes, I found some of them are very interesting. There are more to come up in near future for the Jie Jie Mei Mei links.

a|p3i | r3n3: She wrote "Dunno wat am i happy n crazying about ;p" in about her. Hee... I guess many of the gals of her age hv the same thinking. Aipei is currently a student in Swinburne University of Technology in Kuching. Wondering if she was one of KFC's student. Hee... Anyway, sweet little gal, with a very cute puppy. ai yar~ envy... This is a blog bout her daily life.

Mrs. Tweety: A Chinese lady who married to a Canadian guy. Got a lovely daughter Chloe, who u can see a good "genetic hybrid" of West and East. :) And yes, she is very proud of her daughter. Busy 2-way with her daughter and business. She expresses her emotions clearly in her blog. Heee... frequently with many !!! and ???.

narcissism is necessary: "Once upon a time, a palm reader said that I was fickle-minded and had an innate hunger for power. Duh, I'm a woman, hello?" Yap, that is wat she wrote about her. And I like it. Tell me, which woman doesn't hv a fickle mind? and Tell u, every woman has a innate power... just that in different fields. :) She is very daring in saying everything she wants. Sure very different from some of my old Malaysian frens back in hometown who are very conservative about 2-way relationship. Need not more to say if u mention the word 'Sex' in front some of them. They will look at you like an alien. I am not trying to exaggerate... but it is really true. So, I don't talk a single word bout this sensitive 'term' in Kuching. Heee... Oh btw, guys, in case u don't know, she got a header of her naked legs. She is attracting more n more guys' reader. Does that attracting ur attention too? Go and see for urself then. ;)

X'tremely ボーットする: A personal blog by Angel, a cute KL gal who is now pursuing her Master in Kobe University. I have met her in person, and yes, she is a very attracting young lady. Smart and considerate. I love her voice. She has a laughing voice like windbell. Go to her site to find out more then. :P

Right, if there is Jie Jie Mei Mei, there sure will hv Ge Ge Di Di (elder & younger brothers). :P And here are the very few starting of Ge Ge Di Di Voice Out. Will come up more then.

Bujak Lapuk Abroad: This blog belongs to Yuen Li, a Malaysian guy who is now working in UK. Seem like he is still single. Good looking. Hey, gals... anyone of u getting interested to know him more? Go to read his blog then. He is updating his blog once in a few days. He writes bout things that happening around him as well as things he feels like to voice out.

The Katana: David Teoh, a Chinese Malaysian young guy who writes anything he likes on this blog. In his blog, u can see a slight influence of Japanese element in it. The word 'Katana' itself means Japanese sword. Not so much pictures inside, but the pictures are interesting. :)

LiewCF.com: Ok, my final blog review for today. LcF's blog. A guy from Kluang, Malaysia. Hmm... I think it should be the Kluang in Johor maybe. Anyway, I like this guy's blog because he says more things with pictures than words. Some of the pics can be really cool~~~ Like the lastest one, 2 babies communicate happily while their parents busy reading their own stuff back to back. And yap, u can get a lot of updated technology news, review of gadgets, softwares from there. :)

Hooh~ my my... it sure takes a long time for me to write these blog reviews one by one. But I am really happy about it. Heee... Hope you all have a happy reading time from the blogs then.

I'm out today. Have been delaying my ELISA experiment a few days. :P Must do it today liao.

Cause tomolo will be a 23km hiking. Yah Hoo!!! Holiday again.


At 5:09 AM, Blogger LcF said...

thanks for the review! :)

At 5:45 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Hi fish fish, you're very welcome, and thanks for the review. ^_^

About the "Scent of Green Bananas" blog, Santos is living in L.A. at the moment. She has a different food blog that she has been updating during her stay there:

Happy hiking! :o)

At 9:15 AM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Thanks for the review.. fish fish.. :)
Sometimes i wonder if it is good.. to review so much of my emotions on the blog or not..too.. ???
I just wish ppl when reading my blog.. don't take it negatively... i'm actually a very nice person. .and not always a psycho.. yer know wat..heheh!!

At 9:29 AM, Blogger benel_is_david said...

Sometime I hit rock bottom with blogging... lack of inspiration. But hey... life still goes on. Thanks for the kind words. Plan to post better when I get my life back in totality.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Dennis said...

Hey Mrs Tweety, do you think maybe it has something to do with your blog title being "MrsTweetyblog a.k.a The Crazy Chinese Woman" ? hehe ^_^

At 7:22 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Heheh..!! Dennis.. if only it was so simple.. :)
PPl here .. are different.. this is a small town.. so they think differently.. and sometimes.. i must say . quite narrowly.. so so sad for me.. but wat to do.. ???!!?? since i am here.. and will have to be here. Oh well.. things are not that bad.. i look forward to enjoying my daughter.. and i see light in every tunnel.. :)

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey fish fish, thanks for taking the time to write this review! :)


At 4:28 AM, Blogger mmulibra said...

Hi Meow,
Just wondering whether you are the member of the Yahoo Groups for Malaysian students in Japan.

or Nagoya Malaysian Students Yahoo Groups

Hope everything is going well with you in Japan. Ganbarimasu.

At 5:41 AM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Hehe, thanks for the mention. :) Hope your ELISAs went well - what were you testing for?

At 9:15 AM, Blogger obachan said...

Hey fish fish,

Thanks a million for including my site in your review :D I’m really flattered.

At 8:57 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

LcF: My pleasure. :) Continue with the cool pics, ok?

Dennis: U r welcome. Eager to introduce ur blog to other actually. Hey, thanks a lot for the info of Santos. I'll go to check that later on.

Mrs Tweety: U r welcome. :) Yes, I do know u r a nice person. Can see from ur blog. Just that, sometimes u might just want to express ur own feeling freely on ur blog (especially in a small town, people r just too free sometimes, love too much to gossip). Well, u can't please everyone. As long u think wat u do is right, just follow ur own rule. Hey, tat's wat ur blog means for u rite? (But there might be too much ! and ? sometimes. Just my personal opinion, hope u won't mind I'm telling u this. I do got critical comments from my frens time to time bout the language I'm using in my blog. Some I follow, some I just stick to my old rules. :P)

ps: I like the "Crazy Chinese Woman". Heee...

David: Hope u get back to ur life soon. :) Up and down turn myself face life with a stronger heart. And I do believe up and down in blogging hv similar effects too. :P Ganbatte~~ ooensuruyo! (supporting here)

Julia: My pleasure. It's a nice blog.

mmulibra: Yap, I'm a member of MIJ. Nope, I'm not Nagoya-gakusei member. I'm in the Kyoto area. Only now I notice u hv a blog too. (oops!) The yellow flower is brilliant. I'm goin to read more bout it later. :)

Yuen Li: U r welcome. My ELISA ran well. *Hoo...* Well, I'm testing on gliadin.

Obachan: My pleasure. I enjoy reading ur blog. :)

At 9:07 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hey fishfish
Thanks so much for reviewing my site! It's a first! *blush* I am so flattered.

Seems like I have been posting about sweet things too many times. I have quite a few normal food that I was supposed to have blogged about but ha! If something sweet comes into my way, I will write about it first :p I only wish I get to have so many yummo japanese food like you!

Thanks for calling me kawaii too hehe.

Righto, let's us keep working hard together in food-blogging! *yay*

Are you heading home for christmas? I am not *sob*

At 10:58 PM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

Thanks fish fish for the nice comment. Wow, it must be scary to laugh and sound like a windchime! God.. ahaha, but guess what? That is my trademark and I have quiet down alot (A sign that I am actually aging!) Btw, r u coming down to Kobe on Saturday for the Raya Celebration?

At 12:43 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Pinkcocoa: U r very welcome dear. Yap, food blogging isshoni ganbarimasho. I love the choco wonderland. Hee... Whoops, didn't even know I am the 1st to do a review on ur blog. Really?

Angel: My pleasure dear. I love ur voice actually. Crystal clear. Hee... u know wat my frens say bout my laughing? A wicked witch laugh. :( They said my voice can be recognized too easily. :P Hey, I put a comment in ur blog, asking u bout the Raya Celebration. ^_^

At 1:05 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

witch laugh!! ahahah... i was labeled the "tickle me elmo" laugh!!! ahaha can be heard from streets away! Regarding the Raya celebration.. check this website :
Click on the Maklumat Lanjut in the Speech Contest Column. Hope that u can make it to Kobe again. And guess what, Kobe Ryugakusei Kaikan is the place I am living now! Lotsa people from Kansai will be here...

At 5:35 AM, Blogger Reid said...

Hi fish fish,

Thank you for reviewing my site and thank you for linking me in your side bar. =)

I like to read your site too. I'm missing Japan. I haven't been back there to visit in 6 years. Hopefully I can get there soon!

At 5:39 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear Reid, u r welcome. :) Glad u enjoy this blog as I enjoy urs. Btw, next time if u come to the Kansai area, and I am still here, give me a call. We must go out for a good meal. ;)

At 6:39 AM, Blogger Kimberlycun said...

hey babe, thanks for reviewing my site :D it's an honour! mwahs love ya blog~

At 6:34 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

kimberlycun : My pleasure dear. I'm addicted to your blog, you know? ;)


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