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Monday, November 29, 2004


When I was writing my 3rd Pt for No Pain~ No Gain~, I got a message in my tag board by a reader who quoted he/she 'Wrong idea'.

Here is the message,

Wrong idea : Miss fish, i hope you do understand that a diet (gone wrong or whatever you said you felt towards a diet then) is not anorexia nervosa. There are vertain guideline about body weight and behaviours before one can be diagnosed anorexic. This is the same for Bulimia nervosa. Throwing up occasionally when you overate is NOT Bulimia N. Just wanted to clarify this before any girls on a " strict diet" reads this and starts diagnosing herself bulimic/anorexic. And i strongly believe if one wants to lose weight and maintain/ not bounce back, a new lifestyle would have to adopted, not a diet.

This was my answer.

fish fish : Hello wrong idea, TQ for dropping by. I would appreciate if u would kindly put ur contact site, or at least an email add next time. TQ. I need to make clear a few things here. First, when I say diet, it is not in term of 'strict diet', but 'well-balanced daily meal'. Try to look for the word of diet, u will get the definition for it. I didn't say I hv AN, I quoted 'omost into a stage of getting AN'. And neither did I say I hv BN. But I did say the binge and purge is one of the BN syndrome, isn't it? To be clarified as BN, that will have to be diagnosed by qualified doctor. The reason why I write these articles in my food blog is becoz I don't want the young gals nowadays to get a wrong way in dieting. Anyway, this is just my 2nd part, wait till I finish all my parts, then I would love to hear your conclusion again. This is my dieting method, it suits me, not necessary means that it suits everyone. I just want to share my experience. Till then.

Yes, dear readers, I just want to declare here, what I have written or going to write for my No Pain~ No Gain~ is purely based on my past experiences. It is my personal story. And yes, it takes a great time for me actually to think of whether to write these articles or not before. But in the end, I decided to write. Just purely because I wish I can share my experience with those who r having the same problem as I was. I hv to go thru all that by myself, it was not an easy work for me at all. This time, I managed to do it, partly becoz of the plan I hv done, and partly of the great encoragement of my few lab mates. And I hope these posts of mine will give courage, strength and confidence for those who wanted to lose weight, and has been fighting with that on and on.

Just take my posts as a reference, ok? What turn out to be successful for fish fish, doesn't really mean it will be effective for you. You have to find the best way to suit yourself during your dieting programme. Remember, health is your everything, without health, u will not be able to do many things. Keep on a healthy diet! Bless you.


At 3:23 AM, Blogger Kimberlycun said...

i've never gone to a doctor and never been diagnosed....but purging up to 8 times a day, everyday for 3 years (heh that's def BN)...well, it damaged both my mind and body. i hardly talk about it coz the memories are still painful, you're right..it's not about stopping for a year or two..it's about making a permanent change. i guess "wrong idea" was just trying to set something straight but he ought to read everything 1st lah. go ahead and write ur stuff girl, whether anyone digest it positively or otherwise is his/her responsibility.

At 4:01 AM, Blogger ~AnGeL~ said...

wei fish fish, angel wanna go on diet too... angel had lovely konyaku tonite with enoki and button mushroom plus hassai and tofu... ahahahah... yummy..but me failed to wake up this morning to climb the hill to school... sigh.. i think i have been overeating since i came to japan... too much temptation!

At 5:56 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Kimberlycun: Dear, 8 times purging in a day?? The most I had was only 4 times, and that was not everyday. Yah, I would definitely say it really sound like BN for ur case. I hope the acidic condition cause by the purging didn't erode ur oral cavity. But to the most, a total disaster to ur mind and body. Really glad u gone thru it. *hugs* U hv my support to continue with a new life. :) Actually I feel happy bout 'wrong idea' voice out. I believe she is a gal. Well, she has her own point. Perfectly ok for her to voice out her opinion from her point of view. Now I know she was even a more serious case than urs before. We ought to give her big *hugs* too. Ganbatte! Wrong idea.

~Angel~: Wei dear, wow! That was really a healthy and good dinner. Fish Fish want one too. My diet lately hv been really imbalance. Plan to back to normal next week. This week too much things for me to settle, pressure! My dateline for submission tomolo. Hey, not really encouraging u to do sport in the morning if u can't wake up early. Actually ur body in early morning, still not get ready well, so doing sport that time was indeed not good. Good time for sport, before dinner or before bed time. Try it... much easier to practice. Hey, watch out for my next post. Goin to talk bout sport. ;) Might up this late afternoon, once I settle my work first.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

hihi fishfish
First, a big big applause given to fishfish! *clap clap clap* I am so proud that you manage to get your eating habit under control espeically after all those unhappy years! It takes a very strong will and mind to do so. I really admire you for this. :-)

Your posts sure echoed many of us out there! Life is harder when you have really slim friends who are constantly on a diet and always commenting on how fat you are.

Seems like we have got an interesting debate over here. ;-) And I have something to say about eating disorder too.

My main point is you do not actually need to be diagnosed by a doctor to be classified as having ED. In fact, most of the sufferers have never gone to a doctor.

An occasional bingeing and throwing up, say for eg every weekend or even after some sort of events that trigger the binge and thus the purge, is considered as ED too.

A strict diet may lead to eating disorder because one becomes more and more obsessive with the food they are putting into their mouth. Your mind is constantly pre-occupied by the thought of food. If you lose your self-control and eat the bad food, a deep sense of guiltiness would soon cast a deep shadow over you and then you would start to think about how to get rid of all the excessive food inside you.

Okie, my comment is getting a little too intense. It's like a ED info session :p *Oops*

One last thing, ED is never really cured. The eating habit maybe normal for now but deep now, the guilt is always there. It can come back anytime when the right trigger comes. o_O....

At 8:20 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. fish, fish.. :)
Write on.. don't worry wat ppl say lah.. :)

At 11:38 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Pinkcocoa: Wei... thank~ you~. *blush* Heee... actually I am really glad I have gone thru all the valley all these years, not only the ED... but more to my emotional conflicts. A long long story... which I only would like to keep it to myself. ;)
Hey, nice writing for the ED. U r rite, ED is never really cured, just like what have hurted u deeply be4, will always remain deep inside u. It really depends on a strong will to get over it. Not to let it evoke again.
My lab's fren cousin, is one of the serious AN/BN, didn't even able to finish her high school. Her lightest weight was 35kg for 168cm in AN. And during BN, she thinks nothing else but food. Her parents spent up all the $ just to cure her. She got normal for 2 years. But recently, becoz of one middle-aged lady that she knows said a phrase " Hey, u look fat..." She denied all the other people saying... And yes, sadly to say, her AN/BN is continuing again despite all the effort her parents has done for her... After heard this story of my fren (when she told me that, she is getting more frustrated), I got really really down. This gal would hv a much beautiful life to go if she can see what a thing she is doing now.

Mrs. Tweety: Thank you. Sure I will keep writing. I dun like to have my work with no ending. ;) In fact, just finish submit an online submission. Hoooh... can relax a bit now. Heee... and yes, I am goin to try to finish writing my 3rd part soon. Wait ar~

At 1:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey fish fish, glad to know that you'll still be posting about our experience. ^_^
3 cheers for sharing it with all of us.


At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooopppsie...i meant to say your experience. =P


At 2:07 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Dear winterx, of course I will. And I've just posted up one. Hope u enjoy reading it too. ;)


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