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Sunday, November 07, 2004

fish fish back in action!!

Ohisashiburi (Long time no c) everyone. After a whole week with my sister for her visiting in Japan, finally sent her off to take airport limosine this morning. Ai yar~ the feeling of seeing ur family off really not a good one. Geee... too sentimental.

Well, I hope she did has a good time with me here. Some disagreement in between, but very fast over. No this kind of sisters' argument for a long time for me, so kind of missing tat sometimes. :P

But now, I hv to get back to my real world... With my studies, research and diet! *Sigh* And of course, blogging... *Yippie*

Will try to do my updating on food topics soon. ;)

Till then. Muck!


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