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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kio University Gakuensai (24 Oct, Pt 2)

Aiyar~ Eyes so blur blur now by hitting too much numbers in Excel. Need to rest the eyes a bit. Heee... time for blogging up the Kio Gakuensai food. Sorry for the delay yar. :P

It was a treat (again!) by Mori sensei. He bought a lot of this coupon, and gave one long list of this coupon to each of us.

I have set my mind on the oden when I had a trial look on the food stalls before Mori sensei and the other came. I saw this HUGE pot of oden. OMG! They sure looked very good.

So, when our food hunting started, I went straight to the oden. Mori sensei was hunting for that too. Yeah!

Heee... see the long hair guy in the middle. Big eyes. I think he looks even more pretty than fish fish. I wonder how much work for him to take care of the long curly dark hair. Hee... the guy that handed me the oden, he sure was funny. Aiyar~ his eyebrows were too thin. *_*

Phew!! My oden. Daikon (white radish), atsuage (deep fried thick tofu) and tamago (egg)... these 3 are on the top list of my oden favorites. The karashi (Japanese mustard) was home-kneaded. The best karashi I hv ever had. Shoook!! Up to ur brain. Open ur whole nostrils. And it was unbelievably cheap! 3 pieces of oden with 1 drink, only 200yen. Oh my, I was starting to get excited to try the other food liao after I finished the oden. By the time I finish this 1st food I had, Wang Hao has oledi having the 3rd one. She was extremely fast that day. Aiyar~ makezugirai (hate to lose) ff must faster in action liao.

Nose (it is pronounced as No Se) bought a lovely big simmered potato with butter topping. Very cheap price too. Think it was for only around 100yen. I tried it. The powdery texture of the starch and the sweetness of the potato itself was evoke perfectly by the butter. Yummy! But can't take much of this, cause it makes one satiated easily.

Heee... frankfurters are owez hit food in yatai (stall). These young university guys were working really hard to get the frankfurter ready-to-sell. They attracted Nose and Wang Hao to buy one.

Here is Nose with its lovely and juicy frankfurter. Heee... Mori sensei was making fun at the back. Nose said the frankfurter was really good. Highly recommended by Wang Hao too. One for 120yen.

I saw another stall selling frankfurter too. But deep fried frankfurter with batter coating outside. Ok, the business of this stall was not as good as the previous one though.

Heee... I didn't buy the yakisoba, but Nose bought it. Tried them. Good good. Wat attracted me more was the guy that doin the yakisoba. He is cool~ So man looking when he 'cha cha cha' the noodle with his powerful hands. Well go guy~

Wang Hao went to buy Chijimi (Korean pancake). She bought 2 types. I think 1 piece was for 80 or 100 yen. Anyway, she prefered the spicy one. This one taste a bit too sweet for her. I didn't take Chijimi, dun feel like eating this on that day.

Instead, fish fish attracted to another food bought by Wang Hao. The ebi senbei (prawn craker) with assorted topping. It was damn cheap. With the frankfurt, only 150yen. Sawing that, fish fish went to buy one for herself too.

Dang Dang! My kimchi mayonnaise ebi senbei. 120yen. I love it! So nice. The mild spiciness of kimchi sauce when blended with creamy mayonnaise biting with crunchy senbei... Really made me felt so shiawase. Oishikatta!

After so much salty food, I need something sweet. Daichan was having choco banana. Ai yar~ I asked him was it good, he nodded his head hardly. Dun even hv time to answer me 'yes'. Too busy with his banana.

So, I believed judgement of kids on sweet stuff. So went to get one myself. 120yen for one. I ask them, wat kind of combination I can hv, they said any type, as long as the one written on the board.

At first, I asked for dark chocolate with maccha (greentea powder) topping. But when they omost wanted to do mine, I changed my mind. Yap, changed it to half black choco and half white choco, when I know I can do that. ^0^ And sprinkled with maccha powder. That was a very good choco banana. I was really glad I chose this as dessert. The banana itself dun really taste good, but with the effect of choco... ai yar... mamamia!

I like this stall costume. Wow! They really made themself look like a pro yatai owner. So ganbarimashita (working hard). Pour pour pour, sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle and turn turn turn. One by one golden takoyaki (octopus ball) was done. Speed still not fast as the pro one though.

Mori sensei bought one. I tasted them. Surprised me with the good taste, cause it didn't look as good. The taste was even better than most of the takoyaki I hv tried outside. Wow! These amateurs really deserve a good cheer for their good jobs. Hee... it tasted so good that I had a 2nd one.

I decided to end my food hunting by an oobanyaki (gold coin pancake). If u noticed my pics, u will know most of the cooks are guys. Man, was so glad to see finally a store purely of gals dealing food. But... hmm... was a little bit disappointed with the slow motion.

I wanted a curry oobayaki. They didn't hv a well done one for curry. So, needed to wait for around 10 min. Heee... see the right side one? One of them was for my order.

So glad when I got it finally. It was damn cheap. Only 50yen for one. It was the first time I hv oobanyaki with curry filling. My comment? The taste was so divine. The best oobanyaki I hv ever had. Next time if I see any yatai selling curry oobanyaki again, I'll go for another one. ;)

During the waiting time for my oobanyaki to be ready, I stroll around. Saw Mori sensei was buying something in the 1st stall. A stall that selling egg sandwich. Super cheap. Only 100 yen. I wanted one before, but it was sold off. They said no more egg, only bacon. Fish Fish dun eat bacon, so hv to get away with a 'broken heart'. *Sob Sob* My Dan Dan, no more...

FF:"Heh~ sensei... nanka mou urikirette?" (Sensei, isn't they said sold off oledi?)

Mori sensei:" Mm... sou yo! Demo watashi no tameni, special. Saigo no ikko." (Yap, but for me, they made a special one. The last one.) He said it proudly.

Heee.. think I showed a sulky face when I know sensei got it and I dun. But after knowing sensei one was only with bacon, still no egg... heee... mood turned better.

The gals that ran the stall tat day, was actually Mori sensei students. Cheese... lovely pics of teacher and students, isn't it? :) Hee... 2nd stall with gals.

Wow! The last one indeed really special. With bacon of double portions, a lot of cabbages and rich topping of mayonnaise sauce. And it was only for 100 yen. Cheap! I tried the sandwich, yap, very yummy. Now I know why the egg sandwich can finish so fast. Hmm... me should hv acted faster... Aduh~~

The festival had one of the most yummy yatai food I hv ever tried. I was indeed amazed by the high quality of the foods prepared by all these 18, 19 yo young spirits. Need not to say more bout the super low price of the foods. We hv been wondering whether they r goin to earn anything out of that. I didn't even spent 500yen for all the food I've eaten.

Big applause to all of them. :)


At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wah, all the food looks so yummy, I was drooling while looking at the photos! I'm surprised that these students ensure their food is of high quality, even though they aren't professionals. Thumbs up for them! :)


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Some of the food there sure has a lot of mayonnaise, especially that last picture! Here mayonnaise is used only as a spread, like butter is.

About those male eyebrows...do young Japanese women like their men to look like women? On some of the pictures, if you didn't mention that they were male, I would have thought otherwise :oP

At 1:42 PM, Blogger Yuen Li said...

Arrrrggghhh!!! You've made me really hungry! :p ;) :)

At 5:18 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Julia: Yap, Julia, the foods were excellent. In fact, in Japan, this was the 1st time I enjoyed Yatai foods so much. ;)

Dennis: Japanese really know how to use mayonnaise in many different way. Lately, there is one commercial on TV using mayonnaise to stir fry mushroom. Heee... making me wanted to try too.

Hmm... I think the young women in Japan do like their men look ladylike in some way. Not all, but might be half of them. And oso, it is a trend to hv gf older than the men. A wife of 10 years older than a husband is not a strange thing here. Heee... there is one TV programme that the gals will help to make up their bf into a gal look, and let the panels to judge. The more point the guy gets, the more money will be awarded. Phew!! Sometimes ff oso 'mouth open wide wide' seeing how 'pretty' some of them can be. I better not say more, making myself feel more shameful only. :P

Yuen Li: Heee... I made myself hungry too when I did this post.

At 8:36 PM, Blogger SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey .. Fish, fish.. :)
I see tat you saw some handsome guys.. tat you may be interested in..?? hehehe!!
All the food sure looked great.. and yummy.. :) I espcially like the bananas and octopus.. those are my favourite. :)

At 11:36 PM, Blogger Kimberlycun said...

ikan oh ikan, you're killing me here!! what secret diet plan u tricked me HaHAHAHAAHha *huhgs*

At 12:05 AM, Blogger Dennis said...

Kimberlycun, the diet plan is to eat a lot of mayonnaise! ^_^

At 12:20 AM, Blogger fish fish said...

Mrs Tweety: Hi dear, yap there r many 'cute' and 'pretty' guys... I like to c, but not interested. They r too young for me. I prefer guys older than me though. ;) Yap, the banana was great!

Kimberlycun: Hello dear, welcome to my blog. Nice to c u here. Hee... my dieting programme... ok, I think I better do a post on that tomorrow for u. Watch out for my blog then, can? I believe many gals out there oso eager to know. Who knows this method might suit u. ;)

Dennis: Er... it's ur diet plan, not mine. Hee... kimberly I'm not responsible for the result if u believe wat he said. :P

At 7:40 AM, Blogger pinkcocoa said...

huh? what diet plan? pinkcocoa sure interested to know! Will wait for your post but dont let us wait until neck long like giraffe, okie?

All the food sure looks yummy. It's so hard to imagine it's students (and so young too!) who make them! Very very well done!!! hmmm I like anything with mayonnaise but aiya, Japanese mayonaise is a bit too sour for me. I like the sweet Taiwanese type ;-) I would like to try to the prawn senbei. Have never seen that before.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger fish fish said...

Hee... pinkcocoa, yap, I like sour mayonnaise. U like the sweet one? Here is a good suggestion for u. Do u know how to make potato salad? Put a bit of condense milk into the mayonnaise when u mix with the salad. Heee... ;)

Ok, I'll try to post up my dieting talk today. My prof was so busy, when he discussed with me half way, he rush out for another meeting again. :( So fish fish can't do much progression for today. Aiyar~ wasted my hardworking until 2am this morning.


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